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  1. That's the down side of having to share our gate reciets with all 4 teams. We are now losing out on a fair bit of money
  2. We are just not as big a club as most would have you believe. But if it was a Saturday game I'm in no doubt we would of sold out by now
  3. They are netting off the first 2 large blocks of seats at the bottom on each end of the bycars so you should be alright
  4. If you have a loyalty scheme that rewards people who spend money on away tickets then surely that scheme should also reward for official coach travel giving them first refusal. As for loyal fans who have this devine right for tickets We can't even sell 2000 for the biggest game in a generation so maybe we are all getting a bit worked up for nothing. That said the system does need upgrading but im convinced that even if everything was available online there would still be long queues and people moaning.
  5. Brentford 17k seats 70 million. Wimbledon 9k seats 30 million build costs
  6. Here's just a few items. Emergency lighting on separate feed incase the power goes out of which we had none, outside lights, inside lights, cracked or uneven steps & walkways, not enough kiosks & equipment not up to code in the ones we had, not enough toilets & poor facilities in the ones we have, turnstiles condemned or in need of repair, P.A. system, floodlights, advertising boarding the list goes on.. Nothing was done for decades the place had been left to rot for the 20 years before Carol bought it and will take a long time and a lot of money to get it sorted
  7. I asked the police lady this on Monday and apparently because our safety compliance has been so poor for decades the SAG dictate capacity and the number of stewards needed on a game by game basis.
  8. I would imagine we are looking for someone who is better than Smith and more reliable than Gibbo for the same money they will want. I think Smith is an excellent defender but he just can't play football and I love everything about Gibbo but he's been injured for the last 2 seasons
  9. It's being fitted at the moment they have been putting the cables in for the last couple of weeks
  10. I'd like to see Gibbo and Proctor signed up for next year the rest can go. I also expect Taylor Jones and Covalan will be told to find new clubs
  11. 5000 season ticket holders with 1000 tickets available no matter what the club did they were going to disappoint a lot of people.
  12. I'm in the p1zt off camp with this because I'm working on the Monday. But attending fans aren't really a concern for the TV companies . For decades now we have taken the money. And for decades there have been box holders and seaon ticket holders in the bycars who are told they have to give up their seats if SKY come to town. The fact is there probably wouldn't be a Port Vale without SKY and there deffenetly wouldn't be I follow so we just have to take the hit. It's a good problem to have it's shows we are doing well. When was the last time we have been on the TV 3 times in a season?
  13. Can someone tell me who these experienced strikers are that we should of gone in for and missed out on.
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