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  1. I would say we're losing 25k for an average home game up to 60k when teams like Bolton come to town. On the other side of the business they are losing about 30k a year just from the driver awareness courses that haven't happened let alone all the conferences they hosted on a weekly basis
  2. I think we all knew that we weren't going to get to games for most of this season and my concern was that we would only sell 1 or 2 thousand season tickets. The fact we've sold 4k is not only fantastic it should also mean the club can pay the Bills we might not be able to do a lot of the stadium and team improvements we would of liked but we should be ok. On the subject of premier league money I dont think they should give us anything it will only come with terms and conditions that will be favourable to them. Just because we have great owners doesn't mean all clubs have and would anyone have
  3. I don't usually buy the shirts until they go on sale at the end of the season but this year I decided to use the money I'm saving at the kiosks to purchase the new kits. I just hope I drop a size by not eating all those pies
  4. They were taking pictures of it yesterday with the players so it won't be long before we all get to see it
  5. Something a little bit different than usual so I've been told
  6. There is no way of doing it without upsetting people. Who gets priority and how can the club possibly do it in a fair way when 3000 people are going to miss out.
  7. It won't be of any financial benefit to the club if they only let 1,000 season ticket holders in plus you will have 3,000 disappointed fans. I personally think that they should sell tickets for the test games at least then it will be a little bit of income for the club
  8. I can usually watch the game again on Sunday but it wont let me play it. Is anyone else having this problem or just me
  9. The full backs get done most of the time because of the system we play. The one with Fitz where brown had to make the save was because he was in the middle out of position covering for Smith who had pushed forward to cover midfield so he then had to get over to him by which time he was already running at him with the ball. We are definitely vulnerable down the wings but I think it's mostly down to the way we attack in numbers
  10. You do have to pay him now via PayPal before you can watch
  11. Robinson in place of Cullen would be my only change from Saturday. I think the front 3 could rotate seamlessly then throughout the game Robinson and Rodney have done it a little already. Last season I was cautiously optimistic this season I'm genuinely excited
  12. Let's just hope him and Monty get on better if he signs
  13. He's 21 so won't affect the squad limit
  14. Phil Bowers has just confirmed on Twitter that mckirdy is training with us
  15. Funny you should mention him as there was a new player training today who was named Harry with longish blonde hair
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