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  1. I would imagine they didn't arrive until Saturday morning and they released them at short notice so that people coming to get shirts wouldn't have to come back Monday. As for the ticket system covid stopped the planned upgrade to that non the less it was still shambolic
  2. They have sold all their tickets apparently so should be a good atmosphere
  3. Go back and listen to that interview again he mentions Pope and his legendary status
  4. I spoke to Mills quite a bit while he was doing his rehab at the club over the summer and he had talks with fyled and he said the money was a little bit more than what he was on at the Vale.
  5. I've found it on Twitter there is a link to the pod
  6. Cullen off injured after 5 minutes for hartlepool
  7. If he does it will be someone like Newcastle town as we are still required to educate him during the week he will probably train with us and play for them at the weekend
  8. He's now released the 2 youth lads on trial apparently
  9. It's already up on the port vale YouTube channel for those of wondering
  10. Good to have you back fellas
  11. I can't comment on recruitment good or bad as apart from a couple of players I haven't seen or heard of them. What I will say is after what Clarke achieved last season with the pile of pooh he inherited if they are only slightly better we should be pushing for the playoffs. There is no denying that we were more organised and more adaptable during games than we have been for years
  12. The strange thing is it was exactly the same amount the year before
  13. I think its more to do with not showing our playing budget to other clubs and agents
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