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  1. Mr Danish there is no doubt about your loyalty and commitment to the club you get on a plane to come watch matches and spend a hell of a lot of money with the online shop. But you are focusing on the word and not the sentence its was addressed to fans who kept their money in the club which is season ticket holders. Carol has repeatedly praised the loyalty of fans like yourself buying shirts and other products including match passes for ifollow. The next time you are over and at Vale park I will meet up with you and I will give you my scarf because I know your loyal you know your loyal and the
  2. Have we ever released all the out of contract players before
  3. I think they have done all they could afford to do without putting the club at risk financially. If they were refunding people for the product on offer not being value for money then I want my last 5 years season ticket money back because it wasn't even value for the money when we were there watching it. I think we all knew that this years purchase was more of a donation to keep the club alive. We practically begged her to buy the club the least we can do in my eyes is not begrudge her the £60 extra we ended up paying.
  4. Personally I don't think there will be enough names on it to call it a list we need to start from scratch and with 16 players out of contract now is the perfect time to do it.
  5. I think he mightl transfer list Robinson along with Whitehead and I wouldn't be surprised to see only Rodney left out of the forwards
  6. Only Scott brown for me all though I'm starting to like Guthrie but not so much as to offer him a contract. Brisley has been solid in the unbeaten run but we need better.
  7. We need a first team centre half who can pass a ball aswell as do the dirty job like Legge and then as you say a young lad as back up plus Legge if he's staying to sit on the bench and played only when needed
  8. Monty aint doing himself any favours is he I think he's a gonna as for Brisley excellent again today but if Legge is staying we don't need him we need a better player who can pass the ball
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if people like joyce and Monty have those appearance clauses in their contracts like Legge to automatically extend for another year.
  10. Surely they are planning to send him on loan to develop because he's way off a promotion team standard even as back up
  11. He's no where near ready to play league football yet as was mentioned before he has no end product but the lad has come on loads this year and if we get him out to a club in the league below he will come good.
  12. Amoo as back up would be ok
  13. Once the winning streak ends and it doesnt matter if he rocks the I think we will start to see contract extensions offered to the very few he wants to keep
  14. If you look at minutes played he did 14 games this season and 4 the season before. If he's on a couple of grand a week thats 10k a game he's good but not that good. This will be the issue with Pope as well he's working out about 15k a game or 50k a goal this year and this will be the kind of cost to benefit ratios that we will be looking at now we are doing things in the correct manner.
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