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  1. I'd asked the kids to be quiet and was stood with a beer waiting silently and couldn't believe it when they just kicked off
  2. I believe there are people at the club eyeing up his job and micro managing him so it may not be down to his incompetence
  3. I think the owners are aware that season ticket sales will be a lot lower next year and even if its just for next season we may have to accept that the cheapest option is the only option where the manager is concerned
  4. Back on topic now. I'm not a fan of this give Pugh until the end of the season idea because if it doesn't work out then finding a new manager and him assembling a team is going to be a little to rushed and I fear it will mean writing another season off
  5. This year will be a tough one for season ticket sales and I think its going to affect the club massively I also don't think we will be fully allowed in for the start of the season even with the vaccine
  6. They won one game all season and the only team below them in the league were Bury who didn't play a game. There was nothing strange about it
  7. Like joe I've been saying for a while now that we need a development squad but it's easier said than done and will probably cost close to a million a year but it's obvious that we are struggling to get the youth players ready to step up to the first team. 2 in the last 5/6 years ijust isn't good enough and needs to improve. As for keeping players Brown, Visser, Joyce and Monty I think a 1 year extension poss. Brisley. Hurst one for the future although I'm not convinced he's a winger the rest of them should go Whitehead, kirdy and Robinson try offloading. As for the rebuilding of the squad I'm
  8. I think we should keep Visser and get a young keeper as well next year and ship him out on loan in the national league to get some experience.
  9. I'd be surprised if Robinson hasn't been signed by someone by next week
  10. Kirdy needs to work harder no matter where he plays or what system he's played in. Attackers need to defend in the modern game once he accepts this he will be a very good player
  11. Nobody wants popey to leave but it's got to happen at some point. I think he's got 1 more season in him but certainly not as one of the clubs top earners as he is now. I think he would have to accept a massive pay cut if there was an offer for him to stay
  12. As I have to much time on my hands due to being furloughed I looked at this yesterday he's played the equivalent of 6 games all season so far.
  13. He was drinking a lot and tweeting things he shouldn't even though he knew it was wrong and then he wonders why he lost the captaincy and wasn't being picked. That's what I took from that interview.
  14. There's only Pugh who is officially first team and they'd probably just move him to the academy
  15. I think he had to play the team he did if not to rest players for the league to at least see if they were also not playing well for Askey or they were just poor players. He now knows. And for me Crookes Whitehead and Robinson should be nowhere near the first team after their performance last night
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