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  1. He was on trial at Bolton and they wouldn't pay the wage he demanded so i doubt we could afford him
  2. How the club is run now i dont think we bank on anything until the money is in the bank. I also would of thought we would of lined up replacement if we were expecting him to go. As gutted as i feel for Gibbo the one positive to take from it is he might stay another year now
  3. Up until November I would of said Pett was by far our best and most consistent player. But I agree he's lucky to be keeping his place at the minute
  4. I've been saying this for weeks. There's no way we haven't tried to tie down the soon to be out of contract players we want to keep it just doesn't make sense to be so switched on with signing new players yet let existing players contracts run down
  5. I dont think we are ditching him I just think we are coming to terms with the real possibility of losing him
  6. They are being knocked down because they are unsafe
  7. I would say that it was always the plan if we were in amongst it come January get some experience in to push us on
  8. Those turnstiles are unsafe and are being knocked down. The place has been left to rot for the last 20 years and it's going to take a long time and a lot of money to get it right
  9. We were after that Ben Williamson who signed for Cheltenham
  10. He was fighting in the dressing room (with the midfielder whos name i cant spell) that went to Stockport recently
  11. I think his reported 4k plus a week wage will be the main sticking point for most clubs regarding Doyle
  12. I would imagine our top ten league two budget is no where near the top ten national league budgets.
  13. Amos is now out of contract and I've not seen anything about it being renewed so i would imagine we could be in for a wingback
  14. 500k to a million i reckon but realistically I have no idea how much it would cost to buy the leagues top scorer from a team above you in the league. I don't see any chance of it happening at all
  15. The amond rumours started when ale and vale podcast were making suggestions of players to sign so i doubt that there is anything in it.
  16. The EFL are telling clubs even if a player is not vaccinated they do not need to self isolate
  17. For me without a development team of 18-21 year olds the academy is pretty pointless they just aren't ready at 18 to be playing league football and the ones who do will leave for a bigger club. We need to be hunting around the lower non league's for the young tallent that has fell through the cracks but has potential to develop. The problem is it will cost about a million a year and there's no funding unlike the 600k we get for the academy system which ultimately provides cheap players for the big boys as we have seen in the past
  18. That's a possibility of injuries where as at this moment in time we actually have injuries
  19. He can't get minutes because he's injured or coming back from injury and has been playing catch up all season. For me he's a replacement for conlon if or when he leaves.
  20. I would imagine we will use the January recall / return clause to end his loan.
  21. It went out by about a foot I was right by it and couldn't believe that the linesman gave it.
  22. We cant say the club don't listen anymore they have now set up a Twitter account for the academy We’re getting there - March report from today will be online tomorrow and updates of games will be on @PVFCAcademy going forward.
  23. Watching little Gibbo blocking off their big defenders made me laugh this morning. Definitely straight off the training ground
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