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  1. It wont be long before they ban us from smoking anywhere inside the ground even though technically we're not supposed to now
  2. The improvements around the stadium are quite remarkable when you consider what state it was in before.
  3. There didn't seem to be any fight in us that game and we were easily bullied
  4. Garrity is surely only going to get better he seems to have stepped up 3 or 4 divisions with ease in the past year
  5. If you're on Facebook some one is playing the audio commentary on one of the groups
  6. They were both excellent balls into the box but that's because they had time to pick there spot. If we can't stop the cross coming in we should at least be making it a more difficult and rushed ball in by closing it down.
  7. His first touch is the problem you can get away with it on the wing when he has a bit more time to control the ball but when you have two centre halves next to you it needs to be better a lot better
  8. I've watched the game again today mainly because I couldn't understand how we managed to lose after the way we dominated the first 20 minutes. We actually didn't play that bad but we stopped pressing them and looked a little lazy at times off the ball. The first two goals we conceded were just sloppy defending from all the defenders and the third Benning just allowed his man to stroll past him.
  9. Who ever it is if he's been here a while training we obviously feel that he's to good to let go even if we don't really need him
  10. Apparently he's arranging friendlies once a month so it fits around what he wants rather than committing to the central league where you have play on a fixed date. So if we've had games Saturday and Tuesday we won't have to then play a reserve match Wednesday.
  11. The thing I find fascinating about R,Z,s comments is that all the reasons he gives for him not being a fan of Clarke's are the very same reasons I am a fan. It's a wonderful world we live in when two people see the same thing but in totally opposite ways. You keep posting R.Z. even though I don't agree.
  12. 6 months he didn't arrive until mid February
  13. Personally I don't understand why your struggling to understand such an understandable situation.
  14. They don't go to the club they are biased at Bradley so in that sense I don't think it will affect the current squad. But I would agree that it's surely best to get them gone
  15. It's what happens with a rich owner their budget is twice ours with half the fans. Madness if you ask me.
  16. From what has been briefly mentioned I think he's got the same thigh injury he had a couple of seasons ago which kept him out for a while
  17. Pay peanuts get monkeys Is a saying most people use. If you are seeing the monkey part of that as racist then that is your opinion only and in my opinion was certainly not the intention of the original poster who I'm sure will now be more careful with how he words things. I will make no further comment on this as I'm a fat white guy who knows nothing what so ever about the subject..
  18. We had also played 3 games more than the teams below us and won 3 games in about 20. There is no denying he turned us around drastically.
  19. It's a very poor league in which we have been extremely poor for years. It's probably going to take a few years to turn us around and make us successful. I don't subscribe to this we are to big for this division just because we have a big stadium doesn't mean we're a big club. As much as we want success now unfortunately it's going to take time I'm not happy with the way we are playing even though we have far better players than last year and I'm not convinced by Clarke but I'm prepared to give him time to see what he can do and not write him off after 6 months
  20. Or did she but then told him that she didn't. Why would she want him as captain after he disgraced himself and the club
  21. I've been thinking the exact same thing
  22. We had to get a ticket for someone who hadn't planned on coming when I asked for the seat next to us the bloke said just sit anywhere and printed off a random seat number
  23. The bizarre thing about all of this is if you had turned up at 3pm you would of been in virtually straight away
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