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  1. At walsall he mainly played 4-2-3-1 away and 4-4-2 at home. His main priority is the defence as it doesnt matter what formation you play when you are giving the opposition a 2 goal head start
  2. 12 points from the last 18 games so if we dont improve we will finish on 44 points. Southend have 22 points from 18 games so they would finish on 44 points so we would stay up on goal difference. Now we all know this isn't going to happen as form of teams will change but you've have to admit it's scary stuff
  3. I don't know what he's like as a person so I wont comment but his coaching has to be questioned 2 wins for the youth team all season. No improvement in the first team since he's been with them and the rugby incident. When I've watched training all they seem do is 2 touch football you would think with our problems in defense an ex defender would spend a lot more time doing defensive drills.
  4. Lads the fans commentary would be a p1ssa you should definitely do it
  5. Its 12 points from 18 games so if that form continues for the last 18 games we are down
  6. I watched a bit of training Friday and Gibbo and Brisley weren't training with the group so hopefully the extra week will give them time to get up to speed
  7. I think it's between 2 of 5 teams and we're 1 of them unfortunately
  8. We are going 20th at least when they all catch up so pressure is already on we are just kidding ourselves that it isn't
  9. This was Highlighted 2nd half against southend as soon as he came on we just looked disjointed
  10. Defence is the only thing that has cost us this year we're on course for 60 plus goals scored which is promotion form but we've nearly let in as many as last years 44 by game 37 and we're only on 28 played. They should be doing nothing but defensive drills in training until it's sorted
  11. A deal needs to be reached to cancel the extension so rather than be forced to pay him 2k aweek next season give him 1k appearance bonus this season 18k max. In my opinion he's not worth it but if we play him until brisley is back it's got to be better than crookes
  12. The most worrying thing is the form table if we dont pick up and straight away not just soon we will be level on points with 23rd by match 40. If we get 12 points from our final 18 games like we did in the last 18 games we are down.
  13. We are already in a relegation battle we are just kidding ourselves that we aren't because we are 16th
  14. He can't tackle, he can't pass and is constantly on the edge of the oppositions 18 yard box trotting back when they are on the edge of ours with the ball. He's easily cost us 10-15 goals this season by being out of position.
  15. North and south will probably nul and void but I doubt the one below us will. We could be six points off the drop in 22nd when all teams reach 28 games we need to pick up points and fast. We are going down unless the defence is sorted out
  16. Joe.B. has been bashing on about a D.O.F. for a while now and the day before we announce one he says he's going offline. I think he's really Flitcroft and hasn't got time for us now he's got the job
  17. I'm quite looking forward to this I think it's a great idea to have someone to concentrate on all things behind the football while the new coach concentrates solely on the first team. Plus anyone who applies for a manager job and comes away with a director role is going to be able to convince good players to come
  18. Wouldn't it be fun if there were 3 or 4 candidates there and we all have to phone in to vote for who we want. All money raised will help pay wages and if it goes Tats up in 1 or 2 years time Carol can come on here moaning about how we picked the wrong guy and that she never wanted him in the first place.
  19. The Flitcroft being seen was on this thread the other day
  20. I wouldn't want him as part of my setup he is to close to the players. But if she wants him stay she could move him to the academy so I don't see it being a sticking point for a new manager if he doesn't want him
  21. Derek Adams couldn't make the short list to be interviewed without permission from his club so let's stop that rumour until we know for certain. Apparently Flitcroft was seen going into the club for his interview maybe he doesn't have internet to do a zoom call which is how most first interviews will be conducted so again let's stop with that rumour. What we do know and Carol now knows is Pugh is not the answer so let her get on with the job of finding the right person for the job. Then we can all have a moan about something that actually has happened.
  22. I was saying yesterday I'd put him at right back. He's quick he can tackle, pass a ball, he's got loads of energy and surely cant do any worse than Mills who is constantly out of position.
  23. In reference to the salary cap. If a club pays a large loan fee for a player upfront then the wage contribution can be kept within the cap. Transfer fees and loan fees dont count towards it.
  24. Hurst is not a winger and next year he will take up a squad place.
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