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  1. The fact is we aren't going to know how good Clarke is until he's got his own players because like a politician he will blame the last guy in charge for the mess. I'm not happy with the way we're playing but his job is to make us hard to beat and keep us in the league
  2. The thing is as boring as it may be if he can get us 3 or 4 unbeaten by drawing hard to watch horrible games it will lift the confidence of the squad and hopefully set us up for some better performances and wins
  3. They interviewed his No. 2 for his job whilst he was still at the club so I'd say there was a definite breakdown between him and the board
  4. Warsal sold his best players and as he has already said he had a less expensive squad so maybe he did his best with the budget he had. Time will tell how good he is but on the plus side he knows how to get out of the conference if we do get relegated
  5. Anyways back on topic we conceded 5 goals the last time we play orient and Stevenage. We have conceded 15 in the last 7 games his first job is to stop us leaking goals. I'm not certain he's the right man for the job but who is. He has got a hell of a job on his hands just to keep us up and I'm afraid that's going to take some ugly and cagey performances. And let's be honest if professional footballers on a grand a week plus cant play in different formations it's time to pack in
  6. These have won 3 of their last 4 away games so it's going to be a tough one
  7. Southend were quite good tonight a lot more organised than when we played them
  8. Looking at March's fixtures I'm thinking we will be in the relegation zone going into April
  9. Well its 3 nil now so I'd imagine it will stay the same
  10. Do we start to panic now or do we kid ourselves a bit longer. Southend are actually playing alright
  11. We let 15 goals in the previous 7 games before he came in so we had to tighten up at the back because although the best form of defence is attack the best attack won't score 3 goals a game unless they were playing us.
  12. I actually thought the video analysis they did at orient at half time and after the game was a great idea
  13. What I don't get is the arrogance of us Vale fans at times myself included. We are moaning about a draw with poor crappy little Stevenage. I'm afraid we need to accept that we are no longer in the championship haven't been for decades in fact 2 out of the last 3 seasons we've barely clung on to our league status and I'm not yet convinced we're going to stay up this year. It pains me to say it but at the the moment we are poor crappy Port Vale and teams that play us expect to beat us.
  14. It is depressing but it's also the reality of the situation. We have been giving goals away and it needed to stop there's been no point in attacking teams and scoring 3 when we've let 4 in. I'm more worried about us going down this season than I was under the Aspin era,
  15. He hasn't played 15 games in the last 2 seasons. Minutes played this season is 840 so that's about 9 games
  16. There's some pace in that front 3 tonight
  17. I've enjoyed listening to him sounds confident in his own ability isn't afraid to call people out or praise them. Seems to analyse the little things which can make a big difference. He's certainly motivated me so you would assume the players are up for it a bit more I just hope he can start getting the results we need
  18. I think trying to guess the team is going to be fun with Clarke in charge. I can't see Wozza making this one unfortunately so maybe a chance for Monty
  19. I wasn't sure about these podcasts at first but I'm really enjoying them now so great work gentlemen. In reference to Hurst he's not a winger and he isn't league quality yet and next year he'll take up a squad place so for me he's one to let go in the summer and Brisley is still injured so that's why he wasn't in the squad but he's another one who should go aswell
  20. These have only lost twice in 13 games and both of them were to Exeter so it's not going to be as easy as the table predicts it will. But I'm still saying we will win this by a couple of goals.
  21. I can see us scoring a few today I just hope we don't let more than a few in
  22. The 11 he had out today didn't have Monty or Legge in it but I don't know who was playing where as I didn't walk past until late . I wouldn't be surprised to see Hurst at left back from what I did see though
  23. Clarke has worked with him before so its probably just someone he can trust
  24. At walsall he mainly played 4-2-3-1 away and 4-4-2 at home. His main priority is the defence as it doesnt matter what formation you play when you are giving the opposition a 2 goal head start
  25. 12 points from the last 18 games so if we dont improve we will finish on 44 points. Southend have 22 points from 18 games so they would finish on 44 points so we would stay up on goal difference. Now we all know this isn't going to happen as form of teams will change but you've have to admit it's scary stuff
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