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  1. You never know Maybe if Clarke had come in early January that could of been a possibility. I'm just relieved I'm no longer feeling like I did a few weeks ago
  2. The council own the pitches behind the ground
  3. We all love tom but the reality is hes played 750 minutes or 8.5 games so far this season so with his high wages it probably works out about 12k a game. These are the sort of things Flitcroft will be looking at
  4. The fact they have only won 3 games in the last 2 seasons tells us they are no where near good enough. If that was the first team we would all be screaming for investment in the coaching staff. And this is what is happening here. Plus when you look at it in real terms 3 coaches have left and 4 have come in so we only have one more than before the difference is the people who have come in a far better
  5. It's going to cost millions especially if they build a dome for indoor pitches but there will be grants and other sorts of funding available as it will be under the foundation. It will also mean that there's no lost training days during the winter and it will provide an income all year round from hiring the pitches out at night. As for making it a special occasion for the players I don't see how it would make a difference but we will see.
  6. If it produces just a couple more Hugil type windfalls in the next 5 or 6 years it will pay for itself. Plus once you get the reputation of developing players to sell on to championship teams more good players will come
  7. Just incase you missed the full 18 minute interview. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09bpj26
  8. Yeah I meant Wrexham not walsall. Bit of a senior moment there from me
  9. Hes got his UEFA pro licence amongst others but he's studying for some sort of best manager in the universe qualification aswell.
  10. Crookes can't pass a ball was at fault for goals at Salford and Bolton having said that I do agree that he has improved. The problem is the new improved version is still terrible. 20 man squad means 5 players have to go just to get to that level as Gibbons will count next season. So for me at least 12-15 need to go to bring in 7 or 8 good players
  11. Great day out that was they had to put extra trains on as we all met up at longport and just seamed to pick up more and more vale fans every stop then by the time we got to Chester I think it was. There were to many of us.
  12. To me it feels like we are gearing up for a development squad apart from Crosby who replaced Kevan the new coaches are all centred around youth development and I wouldn't be surprised to see an U23 team pop up in the next year.
  13. After watching walsall tonight I'm not that worried they are awful if anyone is going to get caught it will be them. A couple more wins and we should be safe
  14. They've probably spent half a million on the stadium over the Las 2 years why have people not moaned about that
  15. Things going our way so far southend are battering walsall but I'm sure they will be down to 10 men after a shocking tackle so that might stop them winning
  16. We've been rotting for 20 years and although it seems like a lot of staff it's probably not we are a professional football club that has had 3 or 4 blokes looking after the whole set up
  17. This guy is his new boss the idea is to oversee coaching at all levels so everyone is on the same page.
  18. Monty and Brown are the only 2 that should get contracts and only 1 year deals they would be good squad players that you know can preform. The recently renamed Manny when fit is the hardest one for me because he is such a great player but he hasn't been fit for 3 years and if he goes on to have a good career somewhere else I'd be happy for him but we have wasted enough time and money on him. As for the improved players like crookes they are still not good enough to be first team players which means they are not going to seamlessly slip into a better team and do a good job. We need a better fi
  19. The problem with the reserve games is it's men against boys today would of been a far better work out and I'm pretty sure it's quite easy to arrange games against other teams.
  20. Only a bit nervous I was sat with my hands covering my eyes
  21. As daft as it sounds one more win will probably see us stay up as southend are only averaging a point a game. But what we really need is a strong finish just to lift the spirit of us all
  22. He will probably play 4-3-3 tonight as they play 3-5-2 like Cheltenham the problem is we let 3 goals in that game and although we scored the defence just isn't as solid as it should be to play that formation hence why we're in this predicament in the first place.
  23. I don't expect anyone to get a new contract and I think a few will be transfer listed. No matter which league we are in.
  24. Even though it won't have any affect on the outcome of any teams games I've had the same thought but grimsby play walsall soon and they are giving away points so the last thing we need is them getting a couple of wins in the next few games. It's all down to us to get the points unfortunately our form over the last 4 months says we wont.
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