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  1. Ok fair enough… so you d change the whole system to accommodate Denis when we are well on top with both forwards well in the game with an assist each? i ll leave it with you then… for me this is as good an away performance as you could wish for at a difficult place to go. I think the fact we are second in the league shows we have some aspirations of promotion surely irrespective of today’s result?
  2. There ya go… pretty much as I thought.. no need for any substitute s just keep doing what we re doing…. Surely anyone can see we re the better team?
  3. Think I must be watching a different game…. Vale played well I thought disappointed to concede an equaliser but come on we were the better team in the first half of a difficult away game.
  4. Great pub that…. Always start off there on a Friday night pre covid
  5. I'm always surprised how quickly we want to move away from a system which has served us so well.... and we signed Lloyd as cover for a central striker so surely he should be the player to get a first chance at it in an unchanged formation i.e. as part of a front 2. If he doesn't get in the team now with 2 central strikers ruled out he may as well be sent back ! The other issue is if you don't start with Lloyd then by process of elimination we would be starting with at least 2 of Amoo, Rodney or Politic none of whom can last a full game..... that leaves the manager with a problem because he will automatically be making 2 subs after 50 - 60 mins which restricts his options for changing things if we aren't going well or if there's injuries elsewhere in the team. It should be a cracking game but it will be tough, typically league 2, we have to be physical and come out on top.
  6. correct.... DC didnt play him for football reasons, in the same way as hes chosen to not play him on previous occasions... could it be he doesnt trust his fitness yet or his work off the ball maybe?
  7. Yes he could, but personally I can't see Lloyd playing at all well as a lone striker. Hope I'm completely wrong of course if he does go down that route yep its great having DC as a manager as you can be sure whatever decision he comes to will be on the back of some serious consideration and research... but of if LLoyd comes in for Wilson as the only change then he would be up top in a two with Amoo not a lone striker: I really dont know what he ll come up with for this one, if I was pushed I think he ll keep the changes to personnel and the system to a minimum which would mean a chance for LLoyd I think....
  8. Or DC could keep it simple and just bring in LLoyd instead of Wilson... this allows him to keep the formation that has served us fairly well this season. I don't think he ll trust Politic to start away from home... not sure he works hard enough off the ball for a tight away game where possession will be exchanged every third pass !.... anyway we will soon find out
  9. It was a fantastic game…. Great to see Stockport back at it… difficult night for Bolton they looked to lack physicality but it’s always difficult to judge on a single viewing. I always remember Jim Steele scoring there as we stood on the benches behind the goal on our way to promotion… bloody hell how long ago was that?
  10. Good idea that… we tried it in the bycars but there wasn’t enough of us to get it across the width of the penalty area without it dropping on the floor !
  11. Probably a lot of good ideas stated here, I d be surprised if the current owners weren't aware of some of them and may have even costed some of them. A simple one we could fix for no cost which would be more beneficial to the club and the team is to create a better atmosphere in the ground more in keeping with a club near the top of the league. I thought it was a bit too quiet against Bradford.
  12. Is the view of the pitch from behind the new build houses still ok ?
  13. With respect I am far from stupid… but to get 3 major decisions where linesmen take the lead in the decision making process out of the last 4 (1)v Accrington (2)v Crawley and (3) Smith vs Bradford and (4)the potential sending off of the Bradford player is doing not too bad in my eyes. We d bettter get used to teams are going to come and try everything they can to get a result and if we continue to get 3 out of 4 major decisions going our way then we have definitely done not too bad. apologies for being stupid.
  14. Maybe, however the linesman was in our favour at home against Accrington and away at Crawley both games had the linesman flag for an elbow in smiths face and both were sent off after the ref had consulted with the linesman …. So we haven’t done too badly out of linesmen recently. I thought it was a tough league 2 game… we will have to get used to this if we are near the top of the league including coping with the dark arts of away teams as me coming for a point. I m sure DC and the lads will be upto the challenge.
  15. I thought the ref wasn’t too bad no one was hurt and it is league 2 … physical with no camera s to help him. was a bit weird in the bycars the sun was in my eyes at one point!! We ll have to have these 12:00 kick offs stopped!
  16. Fair enough brother…. Let’s all get to Oldham for three more points.
  17. Don’t let’s be hyper critical of every individual performance or management decision that we see…. All the players and coaching staff are doing great for us and long May it continue
  18. Nope I haven’t said that all … you ve said that not me. We were 1:0 up and needed a central striker to replace Amoo… he went with Rodney rather than a loan player who performed poorly the game before and plays out wide and hasn’t really a defensive bone in his body a perfectly rational decision I think… especially as his parent club is already making noises about recalling him. Then we needed to replace an injured central striker in Wilson and he went with an on loan central striker who almost won us the game rather than a wide player again a perfectly understandable decision if we were 1:0 down it would have been a different set of variables to consider with possibly a different substitution.
  19. Cass is a good prospect who didn’t have his best game today… but he s been great for vale this year. Our problem was Wilson going off it made us use a third sub in s forward position rather than doing our normal switch of bringing Martin’s on for his extra height
  20. But Amoo was playing down the middle in a front two with Wilson. Why would you replace him with a wide player it makes no sense…
  21. But the season doesn’t end on the 1st January….. we will need out own players firing on all cylinders for the business end of the season and we won’t have that if we play a maverick from another club instead of them. In all honesty I didn’t think Politic deserved to come on after his performance against Accrington he was awful.
  22. But Lloyd is a loan player who is a central striker so from a team point of view it was a straight swop with Wilson and less disruption to the team … we were also a goal up and Lloyd is good at closing defenders down making it difficult to launch attacks… . Politic is ace when running at defenders and shooting but no so good at the defensive side of things hence his hooking off against Accrington.. we won’t see much more of him now unless we have a real chance of signing him. No doubt the Wilson injury stuffed a few of our plans up but if we re honest Bradford were worth a point. The lad that scored the goal was great for them he turned the game more than any vale substitute.
  23. He was indeed but he was great through the middle against Accrington
  24. Think Clarke will always favour our own players over a loan signing if they are available and if a similar standard. Politic got dragged off at half time against accy after being fairly anonymous and he doesn’t play through the middle so couldn’t replace Wilson anyway… Clarke will still be working with Rodney come the business end of the season long after Politic has returned to Bolton so it’s kind of understandable he brought him on to replace Amoo.
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