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  1. Not sure I agree... I thought the ref had a decent enough game and was fair from what I could see. He could (and probably should) have booked Charsley earlier than he did then turned a blind eye to Gibbons leading with his arm and made a sandwich of Williams head with Wlsons back. Also the first booking was for a Swindon player for trying to delay a throw in ! As an away team in front of 12,000 home fans I think the ref was ok and we couldn't have expected much more.
  2. in reality he wouldn't have got double figures... hes just found a niche where he is happy and having a stand out season just like popey did for us under adams what seems like many years ago. Mckirdy is playing well and good luck to him... but this really is an exception to the rule where he is concerned.... if Swindon do go hope watch for him to be out of the team by the end of the season and return to League 2.
  3. I don’t think proctor or Wilson will be up front for us by Xmas time next season…
  4. Almost sure it ll be the first option you ve shown !!
  5. Don’t forget Wembley is going to cost a bomb too 🤔
  6. I can’t make it until Saturday… anyone know the opening hours of the ticket office this Saturday?
  7. Well its not really a matter of winning, its a matter of money. We offered Legge plus a fee to Harrogate with a pay rise for Conner Hall... its easy to spot better players at other clubs but more difficult to make the transfer happen unless the club is backed by a wealthy owner... we are really fortunate in that respect.
  8. Not that disastrous. he wasn't given much choice but to move on.... he's not daft though he didn't move house, travelled up there every day, he kind of knew the writing was on the wall in terms of his Harrogate "career". Be interesting to see what he does next possibly non league... anywhere where the ball is in the air a lot he ll be fine for another season I think.
  9. This will be a hard game.... Oldham are a great little club fighting for survival with a more than competent manager. 6 games and 18 points to go means there is still time for a few twists and turns given how close it is at the top.. The teams that go up will be the ones which overcome he inevitable setbacks they have between now and the end of the season. Its important for us fans to remember that its now a 6 game season and a poor performance and/or result in the first game doesn't mean the rest of the season is over ! For what its worth I can kind of smell a 1-1 draw.... but I ve everything crossed for a Vale win. Either way I ve been and brought Lidl's finest whisky ready for the weekend and Easter period, I think it will be needed !
  10. Best ever. RIP Warney. I ll miss you. See if you can make it turn up there in heaven you did everywhere bloody else !
  11. Are we mid table then? Must have missed something
  12. Great point against a lively and tricky Harrogate… every one in the play off zone is starting to stutter a bit… unbeaten in 9 jostling for position in the final bend…. All to play for… a point bc a Colchester and win our next home game and we ll be almost in that top 7. Utv
  13. That’s the spirit… agreed 37 minutes before kick off and we are still in it !
  14. Maybe it’s a good thing we have tightened up defensively… we aren’t going to get many games where we score more than 1 if Proctor is out for a few games…. Up to the youngsters up front to work with Wilson and do us and their future careers some good ! utv
  15. Yes it’s a fair comment….. but in sports there’s always a chance someone can step up…. Just can’t see who in terms of goals in our team… looks like launching into my second whisky of the night already and all that’s happened is that I ve seen the team news utv
  16. Each to their own I suppose... but pathetic Stevenage managed a 0.0 draw at Swindon, beat Walsall 3.1 and only lost 1.0 away to Tranmere after having the majority of possession (much like they did at Vale). They have a manager who has been at League 1 level with numerous league 2 play offs and a couple of promotions. So I wil certainly celebrate the beating of this pathetic team 🙂 I was a big Cass fan from the start but he's gone now hence perhaps one of the reasons behind our slight change in emphasis....
  17. I m not sure your first statement is entirely true although I agree entertaining football helps.... to me a successful team will pull in more fans than an entertaining team... a successful team will have more opportunities to play "big" top of the table table games with larger gates where the outcome is important to the final status of the teams involved than merely entertaining teams where their opportunities of big games and bigger gates are limited. By definition winning teams will move up the leagues and have the chance of playing larger clubs with larger support again creating opportunities for big games and larger gates. If Vale had lost 2.3 to Stevenage and lose 3-4 to Harrogate followed by a thrilling 4-4 draw at Colchester resulting in us dropping into more of a mid table position than play off challengers would we get a larger crowd for the Crawley home game than the 2-0 win over Stevenage and hypothetical 1-0 victories over Harrogate and Colchester would get us? I suspect winning the games will attract larger crowds than entertaining losses. Quite often at our level entertaining and winning games dont go hand in hand. We arent Liverpool or Man City. I think currently we have made a decision to be hard to beat and rely upon some flashes of good play (our second goal against stevenage was a marvelous move) to turn draws into wins. Perhaps there will be a time to become more expansive but at the moment I feel we are in the pack jostling for the best position on the final bend. UTV
  18. Some good points it’s all about opinions… 1. Brad Walker is too slow on the turn to play there for me…in fairness he had an awful start missed his tackle for a booking in the first minute then missed his first header….against better opposition I think he d be exposed 2 agreed 3 agreed 4 I think Holy is the better keeper and settling into the role nicely 5 not going to get an extra body in midfield easily playing 5 at the back 6 I think the standard is ok most teams trying to play football even Stevenage today moved the ball around nicely but had little threat utv
  19. Big game today… a win would make those draws seem a little more palatable and worthwhile…. Won’t be a big crowd or great game ( it ll be a battle more than flowing I think) so we need to do our part like we did against FGR. utv
  20. Use science to assess the players …. Unless a player is showing signs of fatigue and a resultant increased risk of injury then play a strong team and let’s see if we can progress … there’s always the option of easing back in training.
  21. Ok fair enough… so you d change the whole system to accommodate Denis when we are well on top with both forwards well in the game with an assist each? i ll leave it with you then… for me this is as good an away performance as you could wish for at a difficult place to go. I think the fact we are second in the league shows we have some aspirations of promotion surely irrespective of today’s result?
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