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  1. Me too... can’t wait for the first home game.... maybe Norman will have developed his unique technique of announcements further still during the lockdowns ‘
  2. 3 weeks to go so hopefully we can get up to speed before Northampton. On a positive note by now in pre season we would usually have at least a couple of hamstring injuries to manage....
  3. Forest are walking we re having to work very hard off the ball... should do our fitness good... hopefully get through with no injuries
  4. Hard work out there for the players chasing shadows at the moment.... it ll do their fitness good if nothing else.
  5. Have you had a bad day mate? Anyway up the Vale....
  6. Mmmm.... will you ignore me also for a slightly different take on things and a very much tongue in cheek appraisal of our season?
  7. I think R Z s comments provide a decent balance really... he may be out in a limb with the sole intention of being able to say “I told you so” if it all goes pear shape ( none of us know if it will or not) but even so a room full of people of the same opinion isn’t healthy: diversity of people (and opinion) is so important I remember being shot down at the start of last season for saying we were too lightweight so maybe some of his comments have an elements worthy of consideration and deliberation. anyway I think we ll be promoted by Christmas and win the fa cup with a semi final appearance in the league cup and auto glass.... we should give the Anglo-Italian a miss though 👍
  8. we ve 17 players at the moment. I m sure we wont sign another 10 and certainly wont sign another 3 centre backs ! I think we ll have 2 keepers, 1 forward, 1 centre back and a utility full back signed by the start of the season, gives us 22 players.... of course if we manage to off load any of the three transfer listed guys we will replace them in addition.
  9. Fair play you re keen... kind of fan this club needs
  10. yep he ll be signing same as was said a few pages back.
  11. Unfortunately for players nowadays there is no close season.... especially if you have something to prove... report into physio... get ya stats done as a baseline... then a bit of electronic wizardly on ya wrist and off ya go monitored every day report back at the end of the week for a progress check... apparently Burgess is tuning in some Olympic standard 10k runs. All differ t now to my day .... and Tommy mac s day 😜
  12. Spoke to him he’s quite open,,, he’s training with us. Actually he’s just moved back into the area ( and not from Australia 😜)
  13. I went round macc s ground yesterday looks good with the plastic pitch.. good luck to them.. by the way james Wilson is almost certain to sign I think
  14. Same here... always remember his old fashioned green goalies top and gloves
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