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  1. I know I m getting old.... but am I the only 1 who finds it slightly sad that the majority of fans comments around this games (and indeed other games) discuss issues not directly related to the game and the result - (whos got more fans, whos fans are the loudest, what people have said on twitter pre and post match etc etc) . The focus should be on a fantastic performance by the vale in particular the master stroke below which was a brilliant call by DC and his team. > Drop Martin and introduce Gibbons into the right side of the back 3 despite his lack of fitness and his inexperience in playing there. He bought some much needed legs to the back 3 but the effect upon Worrall was Lazarus-like... i havent watched the game back on TV but watching live on the night I thought Worrall was MOM for me, back to the form he was showing when he had Cass behind him.. Just shows how good decision making from the management can influence a game. Unfortunately all the game details seem to be swamped these days by "other stuff".
  2. Not sure I agree... I thought the ref had a decent enough game and was fair from what I could see. He could (and probably should) have booked Charsley earlier than he did then turned a blind eye to Gibbons leading with his arm and made a sandwich of Williams head with Wlsons back. Also the first booking was for a Swindon player for trying to delay a throw in ! As an away team in front of 12,000 home fans I think the ref was ok and we couldn't have expected much more.
  3. in reality he wouldn't have got double figures... hes just found a niche where he is happy and having a stand out season just like popey did for us under adams what seems like many years ago. Mckirdy is playing well and good luck to him... but this really is an exception to the rule where he is concerned.... if Swindon do go hope watch for him to be out of the team by the end of the season and return to League 2.
  4. I don’t think proctor or Wilson will be up front for us by Xmas time next season…
  5. Almost sure it ll be the first option you ve shown !!
  6. Don’t forget Wembley is going to cost a bomb too 🤔
  7. I can’t make it until Saturday… anyone know the opening hours of the ticket office this Saturday?
  8. Well its not really a matter of winning, its a matter of money. We offered Legge plus a fee to Harrogate with a pay rise for Conner Hall... its easy to spot better players at other clubs but more difficult to make the transfer happen unless the club is backed by a wealthy owner... we are really fortunate in that respect.
  9. Not that disastrous. he wasn't given much choice but to move on.... he's not daft though he didn't move house, travelled up there every day, he kind of knew the writing was on the wall in terms of his Harrogate "career". Be interesting to see what he does next possibly non league... anywhere where the ball is in the air a lot he ll be fine for another season I think.
  10. This will be a hard game.... Oldham are a great little club fighting for survival with a more than competent manager. 6 games and 18 points to go means there is still time for a few twists and turns given how close it is at the top.. The teams that go up will be the ones which overcome he inevitable setbacks they have between now and the end of the season. Its important for us fans to remember that its now a 6 game season and a poor performance and/or result in the first game doesn't mean the rest of the season is over ! For what its worth I can kind of smell a 1-1 draw.... but I ve everything crossed for a Vale win. Either way I ve been and brought Lidl's finest whisky ready for the weekend and Easter period, I think it will be needed !
  11. Best ever. RIP Warney. I ll miss you. See if you can make it turn up there in heaven you did everywhere bloody else !
  12. Are we mid table then? Must have missed something
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