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  1. Craziest selection I've ever seen,love it , who's your dealer?
  2. The pathetic old git even has to pay money to get attention now.... ultimate Billy no mates,sad man.
  3. Take care of you and yours gaffer,loved ones matter most
  4. For a time in the 80s my dad organised policing at Vale Park. I always knew on his arrival at home if there had been some aggro: he'd be grinning if he'd had a punch up but glum if not! He wore a police cap pulled low at the front and revealing the back of his crown- the paddock sometimes sang,"we can see your bald patch". Miss him a lot.
  5. Agree,felt that he considered everything to be downhill after he left "the big time". Just about to start Pat Nevin's autobiography, could be a little more cerebral,I hope.
  6. I just feel that it's just potato ,potatoe, tomatoe,tomato, let's call the whole thing off. I'm a socialist, RB and FUA are ultra conservative, neither side will ever agree,so why bother?
  7. This thread is pointless. Tory lovers v labour lovers, disagreement as par for the course, complete waste of time. Useless nit picking.
  8. Won't happen cause your prowling cats will have eaten the fish😉
  9. Aguar61

    Kurt Zouma

    Yet another ignorant,pig thick,rich bully. Shameful excuse for a man.
  10. Give him credit,he kept Jamille Matt very quiet which not many central defenders can say this year. A strong performance, good to see.
  11. Apropos of nothing , tomorrow night is the meeting of league 2s best chairpersons...how long since we could have claimed that! UTV
  12. Wind doesn't affect 6 yard passes or 3 teammates going for the same ball.
  13. Right then, today was utter bloody rubbish, without their failure to finish we're have drawn at best. We played bottom of the league and scraped through,big bloody wow!
  14. Mckirdy may have had his moment on Saturday but just think,every day he has to look in a mirror and see that he is a double of Dave Hill from Slade,ugleee!
  15. Agree with all of this but we have to remember that DC thinks in terms of a squad,not just an eleven. The new strength in depth will allow him to rotate with, hopefully,no loss of quality. Pep roulette in Boslem? Wow!
  16. Tricky,yes,but we may yet lose Conlon...hope not. But to paraphrase Woody Allen,as tricky situations go, it's one of the best. I'll take an abundance of riches anytime!
  17. Took us about 15minutes to get in. Of the 2 stewards standing by the gate,one of them was totally motionless and just staring into space,statue like. Finally the taller one asked us to queue at the season ticket door where a guy in front of us couldn't get his phone ticket to scan. No fault of the lady on the turnstile,just poor technology.
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