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  1. Yeah, watched it myself after getting home from the game yesterday, such a likeable person [emoji41][emoji106]
  2. There is a team by the name of... Deportivo Moron in Argentina..
  3. I had this problem earlier this year when i had a trouble with 'Chrome' about "cookies" i had to log out altogether then go back and accept all "cookies" then i was back in.. [emoji106]
  4. I have just logged into mine with no problems, so i don't know what to say, sorry.. [emoji53]
  5. Cracking little Ale House is Johnny's.. [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  6. Yes... 3 is my prediction [emoji1696][emoji1696][emoji1696]
  7. You beat me to it there, was just thinking exactly the same [emoji106]
  8. Sign for Macclesfield or Vale?[emoji481][emoji481]
  9. I think he's packed it in altogether.. But i wouldn't swear to it! [emoji41]
  10. That worked out well [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  11. Like Vinny Jones on Paul Gascoigne all them years ago.. [emoji2788]
  12. Done it.. Conlon's goal should walk goal of the season, never mind the month! [emoji41] [emoji106]
  13. Excellent post Jacko.. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji41]
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