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  1. Cremonese lost their last match! A 2-1 defeat at Lecce. Politic was an unused substitute.
  2. Cooper described as a mystery shrouded in an enigma on the Oxford forum!
  3. Somebody on the Walsall forum saying that Rodney was at the club on Monday, but it looks like their could been an issue, possibly medical. Somebody else saying that he could have been hospitalised laughing after the contract offer got to the wages bit.
  4. No announcement from Walsall yet re Rodney, so the rumour is probably rubbish. They have signed Donervon Daniels, CB from Crewe on a 5 month contract.
  5. Somebody on the Walsall forum claiming that he was told on good authority at today's game, that Devante Rodney had signed for Walsall this morning, and would be officially announced on Monday!
  6. Definitely NOT! It would be interesting to know what his claimed exemption is. It obviously doesn't impress the Australian government. He has choice in not taking the vaccine but must realise that their are consequences. Every country has their own rules and f you don't follow them you aren't gonna be allowed in. If he thinks this is tough wait till he attempts to enter the US. I see that Bayern Munich are not going to pay any non vaccinated player if they catch Covid!
  7. Glad we didn't sign Bostick, I can't stick him.
  8. Eoin Doyle looks pretty likely to leave Bolton during January according to Ian Evatt's latest comments. He is admitting that talks have been held with interested clubs but the most likely move to Ireland has hit a snag with the length of Doyle's contract at Bolton. They are obviously looking for a decent fee which could put off the Irish club as well as Vale for an almost 34 year old. His chances of starting are probably going to be pretty limited after Bolton signed Dion Charles.
  9. Bolton appear to be pouring cold water on the availability of Eoin Doyle. Ian Evatt say's that rumours of his availablity are "speculation". Make of that what you will!
  10. Manchester Evening News reporting that Eoin Doyle is likely to leave Bolton on a free in January. Seems like he may be going to St Patrick's Athletic in Ireland on a three year deal. Might be worth trying to persuade him to give it another couple of years in L2 before finishing his career in his home country. Certainly a proven scorer at our level.
  11. What have you people got against klopp? Have you not seen the touchline antics of Tuchel, Guardiola, Arteta, Conte etc. Klopp is a great manager and has kept Liverpool at the top of the Prem without the bottomless pit that City and Chelsea have.
  12. Peter Swan - Lots of interesting Vale stuff Steve Clarrdge - Sleeping on the floor at the bookies because he was skint and turning up for training in one black and one brown shoe because that was all he had! The part about John Beck's long ball tactics at Cambridge are interesting also!
  13. I suppose the majority on hear would say I'm being pedantic but England did not NOT lose last night. After 120 minutes of football the match finished as a draw. I would argue that the penalties after the match finished, were to decide who would hold the trophy for the next four years, and whoever "won" the shootout (lottery,) should be called joint European Champions and Euro Penalty Champions. Penalty shootouts are a ridiculous way of deciding a three week long championship. A golden goal with a player from each team being withdrawn every five or so minutes, makes a win much more valid. I would argue that shootouts only have any value in knock-out games and semi-finals, but in a final as the last game, it's a completely false way of deciding a winner. The whole competition came down to to a single penalty and triggered massive disappointment to all fans, as well as soul searching, racial abuse and violence as well as giving three young men an undeserved millstone to carry around for the rest of their career. This isn't just because England lost, I would feel the same if we had won the shootout. I'll now get my tin hat
  14. Walsall sign Stephen Ward from Ipswich. Loads of experience at a high level including Stoke and ex Ipswich captain. Could be a good signing at this level but at 35 not the player he was!
  15. Fantastic performance from Mark today equalling Eddie Merck's record of 34 Tour de France stage wins. Vertually everybody connected to Cycling never believed that anyone would ever get close to Merck's record. Mark has a good chance of breaking the record with stages still available for the sprinter's over the remaining days of the tour. A single stage win in the Tour de France is the highlight of most pro cyclist's career and to win 34 stages of the arguably the world toughest race is stunning. Arise Sir Mark?
  16. I see that Sunderland have released Max Power. Always liked him at Tranmere, only 27 with loads of league one experience. Probably out of reach for us regarding wages, but the sort of player to improve the team, if we could stretch the budget! Also captain at Sunderland so another potential leader on the pitch!
  17. This country, like every other country, does have a massive debt and this government despite being in power since 2010 has not reduced the debt, even pre covid, in spite of debt reduction being one of it's key promises. The UK debt of more than £2 trillion will never be paid off, If governments had to live within their means nothing would ever get done. For all the financial problems the country has, white elephant projects such as HS2, current estimates over 100 billion, but could end up being massively more, are still going ahead. I would argue that it makes more sense to reward health service essential workers along with other front line public sector workers a decent salary commensurate with skill and experience to encourage young people to join the NHS, Police, Fire Brigade and Teaching professions etc. Other countries such as Australia treat their health workers far better than the UK. My daughter's best friend moved to New Zealand after qualifying, and stayed there for ten years before moving to Australia, and now does a similar job in a Sydney hospital earning twice as much as my daughter for less hours. The problem is that Boris Johnson has always favoured vanity projects, Boris's Garden Bridge, his bridge/tunnel between Scotland and Ireland, Boris's Bikes (or should that be Ken Livingstone's) and Boris's Airport Island. As somebody who worked at Manchester Airport for twenty five years, oh how we laughed. The Tories will never adequately fund the public sector. Maybe they could take it out of the £350 million per week for the NHS.
  18. Available overtime??? As previously mentioned my daughter has been doing fourteen hour shifts. She regularly has to stay up to two hours beyond that because she has to hand over the ward to the next person in charge. This means going through each patient's condition, as well as paper work that has to be completed. Anything beyond her alloted hours is unpaid. She regularly works an extra ten or so hours of unpaid work per week. Also if someone calls in sick she has to stay on to cover for them until a replacement can be found, all unpaid! It's not a job you can just walk away from when the bell goes! She cares deeply about her work and the NHS, but you can only take so much of being under valued. The job was hard enough before the pandemic but for all the weasel words of praise from this disgusting Prlme Minister, a 1% rise is an insult. They are taking advantage of the front line health workers, who are putting their lives at risk every working day. I am not downplaying the tragedy of losing your job, or having your income cut. I have been made redundant in the past from a management position, after twenty years in what I thought was a safe job, so I know how hard it can be, or the value of other public sector workers Police,Teachers etc. Do not devalue these people or you are storing up up a major crises in the future. The government has the power and the money to give public sector workers a decent wage. They choose not to!
  19. My daughter is a senior ward sister on a critical care ward and has been in nursing for over thirty years. She has been working fourteen hour shifts for nearly twelve months coping with inadequate PPE, staff shortages etc. She is completely exhausted physically and emotionally but gets on with it! She has too try and supervise the student nurses that have been drafted in too cover for the shortfall in staff, as well as doing her job, which at her level is highly skilled and technical. She has had enough and has decided too leave nursing when things are back to something like normal. She is not alone, many of her senior colleagues who have the same qualifications and experience have also had enough. Their is going to be a massive shortage of senior staff in nursing and no one there to train the newly qualified nurses! It takes a three year university course to qualify and you only really start too learn the job once you start on a ward. A 1% pay rise is an insult and exactly what my daughter forecasted months ago. All this will do is encourage more staff too leave the profession and less young people to apply to become nurses. As regards not being able to afford a decent pay rise, it's amazing how the government managed find a billion pounds for the DUP when they needed them to stay in power! They can always find find the cash for important things! For several weeks she had to stay in hotel near the hospital to isolate from her husband and three children and at the end of this month it will be exactly a year since I actually saw her!
  20. It seems that Dominic Cummings bolt hole in Durham was built in a conservation area without planning permission. Also it's not registered for Council Tax. Apparently Durham Council are investigating! More rules that don't apply to him?
  21. Oops! That should have read breaks not brakes.
  22. My wife has recently had three eye operations and was finally discharged last week. Amazingly her surgeon didn't suggest her driving 30 miles to test her sight! Good job really as I didn't have a potentially sick child available to go with her. The sooner Cummings goes the better. Johnson has to show some leadership and get rid and do some work himself, instead of relying on Cummings running the country while he slopes off for another of his frequent brakes!
  23. The only statement Cummings should make is "I RESIGN".
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