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  1. Lucas, along with Benning, was sitting half a dozen seats away from me in the main stand at Tranmere. He should at least have been on the bench, as he is the best keeper at the club. He is prone to the odd rush of blood, maybe it's a Brazilian thing, look at Allison, he does the odd crazy thing but is still arguably the best keeper in the Prem. Didn't Gibbo say a while back, that the reason that Vale could press so high was due to Lucas.
  2. Cremonese lost their last match! A 2-1 defeat at Lecce. Politic was an unused substitute.
  3. Cooper described as a mystery shrouded in an enigma on the Oxford forum!
  4. Somebody on the Walsall forum saying that Rodney was at the club on Monday, but it looks like their could been an issue, possibly medical. Somebody else saying that he could have been hospitalised laughing after the contract offer got to the wages bit.
  5. No announcement from Walsall yet re Rodney, so the rumour is probably rubbish. They have signed Donervon Daniels, CB from Crewe on a 5 month contract.
  6. Somebody on the Walsall forum claiming that he was told on good authority at today's game, that Devante Rodney had signed for Walsall this morning, and would be officially announced on Monday!
  7. Definitely NOT! It would be interesting to know what his claimed exemption is. It obviously doesn't impress the Australian government. He has choice in not taking the vaccine but must realise that their are consequences. Every country has their own rules and f you don't follow them you aren't gonna be allowed in. If he thinks this is tough wait till he attempts to enter the US. I see that Bayern Munich are not going to pay any non vaccinated player if they catch Covid!
  8. Glad we didn't sign Bostick, I can't stick him.
  9. Eoin Doyle looks pretty likely to leave Bolton during January according to Ian Evatt's latest comments. He is admitting that talks have been held with interested clubs but the most likely move to Ireland has hit a snag with the length of Doyle's contract at Bolton. They are obviously looking for a decent fee which could put off the Irish club as well as Vale for an almost 34 year old. His chances of starting are probably going to be pretty limited after Bolton signed Dion Charles.
  10. Bolton appear to be pouring cold water on the availability of Eoin Doyle. Ian Evatt say's that rumours of his availablity are "speculation". Make of that what you will!
  11. Manchester Evening News reporting that Eoin Doyle is likely to leave Bolton on a free in January. Seems like he may be going to St Patrick's Athletic in Ireland on a three year deal. Might be worth trying to persuade him to give it another couple of years in L2 before finishing his career in his home country. Certainly a proven scorer at our level.
  12. What have you people got against klopp? Have you not seen the touchline antics of Tuchel, Guardiola, Arteta, Conte etc. Klopp is a great manager and has kept Liverpool at the top of the Prem without the bottomless pit that City and Chelsea have.
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