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  1. Absolutely spot-on. Some people's expectations just don't stand up to reality!
  2. I certainly hope we see more of the 'Grimsby spirit' than that 'lifeless' performance on Tuesday!
  3. I absolutely agree with that. The extra matches played does flatter us cureently, but then the old adage; points in the bag, also hold true--fingers crossed!
  4. Sounds a good plan to me--enjoy your beer--makes a change from being depressed like we've been on match day evenings after results during last few weeks!!
  5. Mine wasn't a prediction, just quoting statistics---6 points off the last play-off place.
  6. Agreed--I'm not getting carried away--only 8 points separates us from bottom two and, as I said, we've now played more games than most. However, points in the bag are always nice to have.
  7. I was just posing the question. Have a sneaking suspicion that Carol may give them a few matches trial--much easier and quicker than recruiting. If I'm correct, let's hope it's successful!
  8. Worrall showed what we've been missing last few games--even managed an assist for the own-goal!
  9. Back to within 6points of play-off place, but played more games than most.
  10. No qualms at all with that statement. I think we're 'on the same page' inasmuch as we both want what's best for the club!
  11. I wasn't demanding anything from Carol. All I was expressing was a sincere hope that the recruitment process doesn't take too long that it creates timing problems for any new manager to achieve the squad re-balancing that's necessary in the January transfer window.
  12. All a bit quiet at the moment. We didn't need to do what WBA obviously did by having big Sam in place almost before Bilic had been sacked, but having made the decision to part company with John Askey, I would have thought that the board would have some replacements in mind? I hope that recruitment process is ongoing behind the scenes and we shall soon get some positive news. If the new incumbent is to have any chance of re-shaping the squad during the January transfer window, he needs to be appointed asap.
  13. Obviously I would love it if he (and for that matter any other PV player) scored more goals, but however you look at it, the fact still stands; check the stats and you'll see he's top of the list for assists in the whole of league two. I suspect his stats would be even better if we had more efficient strikers to take advantage of the service he provides!
  14. Sweet dreams! It's very rare to get a provider AND striker rolled into one--if Worrall was that good, he'd be worth an absolute fortune and not be playing for us!!
  15. But he's provided more assists than any player in league 2!
  16. Tony Pullis is now available--only joking!!!!!!!!
  17. Mansfield's first home win of the season. Teams playing us at the moment must think it's birthday, Easter & Christmas all rolled into one!
  18. As ever, an open, honest and warm message from Carol. As supporters, we all like (me included) a bit of tittle-tattle about what's going on at our beloved club, but obviously within the constraints and rules that a chairperson is governed by, there are things that cannot be publicly shared. I for one trust Carol to keep us informed when there are important things to be communicated. In the meantime, we should probably keep any 'conspiracy theories' to ourselves and be patient for any developments both off and on the pitch. I for one certainly have the greatest respect for all that Carol
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