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  1. As another saying goes; if you want the answer, follow the money. And the IPL contracted players certainly did that pretty sharpish as soon as the Test Match was called off!
  2. Unfortunately it's not going to change any time soon. What's that saying? He who pays the piper.........
  3. I very much like Devante. He potentially has the full package--build, strength and speed. With additional experience and, assuming he has the tough mentality required, I believe he can really go places. However, I'd like Devante to score a hatful more goals during his current contract with PV before leaving for any higher level club!
  4. That's a fair assessment and those people who say 23 isn't young are wrong, certainly in terms of strikers who tend to be more likely to be at the top of their game around 28/29 yrs. He is still learning, and I for one, hope that he's given time at Vale Park to hone up he potential I think he possesses.
  5. How could we concede more goals today than we've done in 5 previous matches? Frustrating!
  6. I don't think I've ever read so much positive comment. Wish I was watching it, sounds like some good football being served up by a 'second string' line-up. Could pose some very nice selection problems for the gaffer this weekend!
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. However I'm on Mozilla Firefox and have been for ages without any problems.
  8. Thank you Rob. Apologies again for troubling you, but as I am once again near to the top of the leaderboard I should like to keep it going and see if I can emulate last year's Number One spot! P.S I've again checked my email in-box and still no new password received from the 3rd party.
  9. Hi Rob, thanks very much for your two replies, I have just tried again and I'm still receiving the ERR_29 error message. I've also tried for a password (for the third time) re-set and each time although it is saying that it has sent a new password to my email, I have not received anything at all! Sorry to be a pain, but if you can suggest anything else I should be most appreciative. Thank you.
  10. Is anyone else having log-in problems to prediction league competition? I'm just getting a message that says: ERR_29. I've asked for a new password and received a message to say that they've sent a brand new one--but it's not arrived! Any advice?
  11. Looks like Darren Clarke did and you and me were worried for nothing. Great win!
  12. What a stoncking win! Well done the lads, up to 10th in one big leap.
  13. You do realise that Proctor is a striker too? Yep, but I still thought Devante would be first choice? Let's hope we can break the goal-drought whoever scores them.
  14. No Rodney? What's this? Totally defensive set-up from the off?
  15. Not the greatest news! Leon has been a big part of the tight defence we've enjoyed during the first 4 games and will be sorely missed.
  16. A really good move by the EFL IMO and well deserved by Carol!
  17. We managed for around 64 mins without him today--keep the faith!
  18. I don't think we've played a team so far that wasn't in the top 7 when we've played them.
  19. Got to play the top side sometime. They've only scored 15 in five games-no problem for our defence and they've conceded 3 today, so no problem!!!
  20. According to the BBC early stats suggest we're getting a battering. 73% to 27% possession and they've already had 3 attempts on goal to our none!
  21. Pope is of course a lot older, so I'd say it isn't such a clear-cut analogy.
  22. You're correct of course and I'm not in panic mode yet, but currently it's hard to see where goals are likely to come from. As I've said before, let's hope that I'm wrong and we net a hatful tomorrow!
  23. If he was that good, Salford surely would not have let him go?
  24. Erm, Rodney? Conlon? Yes, they have in one season only--I'm saying we need a season after season consistent scorer as replacement for Tom Pope. I have high hopes for Devante but after last season's great start he's not yet put one in the back of the net--fingers crossed he clicks again soon!
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