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  1. That's a minimum requirement! We've clearly lost momentum at the moment and need to get back to winning ways quickly!
  2. After such a positive week in the transfer market and a buzz around the place--what a sad anticlimax today has proved to be! Now slipped down to 9th. A false 'dawn'?
  3. Covalan is a liability--three times sent off so far this season--what the feck!
  4. And we haven't had a sniff according to the BBC stats! New squad, new shape? Same old lack of penetration!
  5. My name is Bond....Barry Bond....doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it? However, it just goes to show, the ones' you least expect...........and it isn't only Owen Paterson and the Tories who are happy to trouser a load of dosh from their parliamentary 'activities'!!
  6. I fear this will show just how old I am! My first visit to Vale Park was in 1953 with my granddad, father and two uncles and I've been hooked ever since! The actual shape & size of the ground has, of course, altered a few times since then, and my only regret is that in terms of atmosphere, because the stands are in relative terms much further away from the playing area than most grounds, anything less than a 20K+ attendance doesn't make for a really 'fearsome' atmosphere. I am old enough and lucky to have been in attendance a few times when the crowds were over 40,000 and the ecitement and noise generated in those games still burn brightly in my memory!
  7. Good tributes, quite rightly earned, given to Leon Legge. Can I also take this opportunity to thank him for his contribution to PV over the last 3 years or so and to wish him all the very best in whatever future path his career takes him--you will be missed Leon. Good wishes for your time at Harrogate--just don't score if you're back playing against us!
  8. Absolutely agree--have we heard an official response from the club to this (continuing) problem? As a few people have commented; this isn't the first time this has happened. So much positive about the club overall, but this is clearly a supervisory/management problem on match days and really needs senior management (Mr Garlick?) to remedy.
  9. That's not necessarily the correct tactics--scoring quickly isn't the number 1 priority--it's a 5-day Test Match, not a T-20 or ODI! One of the biggest problems we still have in Tests is the lack of ability of some of our batsmen to build an innings. Bowling regulations & fielding positions are a totally different kettle of fish for Tests as opposed to the short format games!
  10. Plus the new young chap from Leeds. Many reasons for hope! Can't wait for that return to the league.
  11. That's good to hear and we can look forward to returning to league battles next week. With 2 or 3 games in hand over most sides around us, a couple of good wins and we'll be close to getting back into that top 3.
  12. Sorry, that should read; Tranmere 2-0 Scunthorpe
  13. Newport & Northampton both 1-0 down at half time which is good news league-wise, but Tranmere 2-0 up v Walsall, not so good.
  14. Seems a logical move to me considering that Buttler's keeping hasn't exactly been top=notch and apart from his one long innings in the third Test, he cannot buy a run with his batting. That would leave room to give Ollie Pope another go in the middle order.
  15. Just another of those 'innocent' mistakes--seems to be quite a few of these in the Palace of Westminster!
  16. Whatever the strengths & weaknesss of each individual PM, beneath it all, I do actually agree with Speaker Lyndsey Hoyle that every retiring Prime Minister should be given an honour in recognition of the immense job that it really is--I for one, certainly wouldn't want to do it!
  17. Update, update....from DC's comments today, it looks like some (he hasn't named names) of our injured strikers are back to fitness in time for Saturday's cup-tie. Let's hope so, as Ryan Edmondson is apparently cup-tied.
  18. There's no good comparisons and certainly shouldn't be any sleaze, but Blair's cabinet ministers weren't all squeaky clean during his time in office and what worse 'crime' was there than prosecuting the Iraq war?!
  19. Let's hope so given our injury problems with strikers, we certainly need someone to provide us with a boost!
  20. He may be on Leeds' books, but as he has only played for Aberdeen, Northampton & Fleetwood, it's maybe a bit of a stretch to call him a "Premier League striker" however welcome the lad is! I sincerely hope that he enjoys his time at Vale Park and that he thrives by scoring us a few goals. Good luck Ryan.
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