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  1. Disliked the strip--but loved the result! Well done the lads. 2 X clean sheets, what more could we ask? Keep it up--up the Vale!
  2. Sorry, you'll have to forgive me, I get totally confused with all these cup competitions as their title sponsor and name seems to change on a regular basis!
  3. Can't disagree with the 5 points Rob. Can only add that Devante Rodney clearly has some incredible pace and that certainly will help to create a buzz with or without a crowd in attendance!
  4. Great result--'Mickey Mouse' cup or not! Well done the lads!
  5. I'll stick to the red wine! Was only quoting factual evidence-honest1
  6. In an equally light-hearted vein, we still don't have any trade agreement with the USA, but even if we do get chlorinated chickend.......and here's where I put on my tin-hat: check the statistics for compilabactor and salmonella infectoions from chicken in this country compared to similar infections in the USA--they have nowhere near as many as we do over here. Just saying.........
  7. Why oh why are we still debating Brexit as if it's not a done-deal? I was personally gutted when the vote went the way it did, but that was 2016. We're now nearing the end of 2020, having officially left the EU on 31st December 2019! Whatever the rights and wrongs are going to be, none of us will be any the wiser for a considerable time, add to which the 'muddying' of the economic waters and statistics due to COVID-19 and whichever side of the original fence you were on, there's no magic 'crystal ball' to predict what may or may not happen. It's obvious from lots of the posts that one
  8. A pretty fair summation IMO. The only thing I would add is that the defence formations in both halves acquitted themselves quite well.
  9. I too thought Rodney looked a handful up front--good physicality and also looked pacey. Missed a couple of sittersirst half but at least got himself in positions to have a go!
  10. A good workout today. I was impressed with Vale's play generally-looked comfortable on the ball and signs of some pace at times. Obviously not a ful-bloodied measurement, but Rochdale are clearly a good footballing outfit and a win's a win even in a friendly! Has given me some hope for the coming season. Thanks for the opportunity of watching Vale live!
  11. No, quite rightly IMO he's been dropped from the England squad. It doesn't reflect too well on Gareth Southgate either as he should have waited for the court verdict before backing McGuire's version of events--clearly the Greek court disagreed and found him guilty.
  12. Congrats and thanks to all volunteers who have helped in these improvements. Let's hope we can get inside the ground before too long so that we can not only see the changes but enjoy them first hand!
  13. Ultimately it always comes down to subjectivity and personal choice and for me, the design is just too 'fussy'. However, I'm an old foggey and it looks like it may well appear to the younger generation. Either way, I hope that the club sells loads & loads of them!
  14. Bycarsbill


    From reading all reports, I don't think it was as a result of either corruption or cronyism, but a clear case of ineptitude and lack of clear-thinking and professionalism on the part of those charged with obtaining the required specification & quantities of PPE!
  15. Not good to lose him for 6 matches, but as others have commented, it's not as if he hasn't done it before, so personally I have no qualms with the verdict nor action taken. I just hope that Tom has now learnt his lesson and from now on lets his feet and head do the talking in a feast of goals between the white posts instead of messing around on Twitter and other social media posts!
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