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  1. Because of my advanced years, I am probably one of only a few on here who saw first hand Derek playing at Vale Park. Unfortunately for him, he was around at the time of the famous 'iron Curtain' team of 1953/54 and as there were no subtitutes in those days, his playing opportunities were limited to reserve team matches and stepping in to cover when injuries occurred to the regular first teamers. In a different era, I have no doubt that Derek would have played far more times for PV. Sincere condolences to all his family. RIP Derek
  2. I wish Tom only good luck and good wishes for his stint with Congleton Town. Great servant to PV and I sincerely hope that the club does grant him a benefit match--he deserves it!
  3. I take your first point on board, but I think I might be a tad worried if the second scoreline occurred!
  4. I realise that this was far from a 1st XI line-up, but the match report doesn't make for great and optimistic reading!!
  5. I totally agree with your last paragraph. I wasn't arguing that he should have stayed, just pleased to se those goal stats laid out so clearly as they were.
  6. A bit like the current England football set-up, English cricket is blessed with a plethora of talent. To replace the whole one-day squad overnight shows just how much in-depth talent there is around. Ben Stoke's !third eleven" are currently taking Pakistan apart in the 1st ODI of this series!
  7. Some remarkable stats there, thank you for that objectivity. Apart form his stand-out 2012/13 season as you say, remarkably consistent! I wish him well wherever his next move takes him, Tom has been a tremendous servant and asset to PV over all those years as your figures above show us.
  8. Here's hoping we're both wrong about the penalties!!
  9. Re-reading this 3 matches on and I have not changed my mind--still the same--we don't look like conceeding many, but we don't look like scoring a lot either. However, in fairness, we did get forward more in the first half on Tuesday and Sako & Grealish at least gave us some extra pace and penetration! What odds a draw against Germany and then a defeat on penalties?!!!
  10. A bit harsh perhaps? But it drives me mad that he's so reticent to use the speed he undoubtedly has available to him in the squad. England's set-up and movement is all too predictable. Get into the last third of the pitch, check, pass sideways or backwards...repeat...repeat...repeat! We need to get men past defenders, no wonder Harry Kane is not looking at his best--he's not getting any service, hence the reason he has to keep dropping back so deeply--again all too predictable for defenders to nullify the threat he undoubtedly would pose in the penalty box!
  11. Good job Broady wasn't rested--he's looked the only threat today in a generally toothless bowling line-up. However that being said, in fairness, the New Zealand lads have batted totally sensibly & professionally.
  12. An extra couple of defenders, some midfield and one up front additions--just need a goalkeeper (or two) and we're starting to get there!
  13. Looks like he's had the sort of experience we require and given that he's 6'3" tall--a useful bit of extra height in defence for us (and hopefully for attacking corners/set-pieces). Welcome Aaron.
  14. Spot on with both those comments--here's to some cricket today and tomorrow or we could be heading for what has become a rarity these days..........a drawn Test Match!
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