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  1. Irony of all ironies was the fact that the Sky reporter at the game last Saturday was Michael Brown! Bet he had a smile on his face after seeing that show of abysmal defending. I'm not defending Askey, but merely making the point that we have had a number of managers in recent years who many have been pleased we've got rid of, but then we don't seem to have had much luck with their replacements do we?
  2. My worst fears realised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Don't say that! Although I fear you may be right.
  4. Absolutely cracking solo effort by Montano! Come on the lads let's get the third!
  5. Wasn't even Sunday league standard--I haven't seen defending that poor since my son's under 11s team days!!!!
  6. I see that Corbyn's followers were still playing 'schoolchildren politics' with their walkout yesterday at Labour's NEC meeting and have now lost their majority on that ruling body. Whether you like it or not, it looks like Starmer is playing a much cleverer, canny game of politics--the 'Jezza experiment' appears to be well & truly over and becoming consigned to the bin of history!
  7. Although we're good at conceding 96th minute goals, we're not capable of scoring them ourselves when we desperately need to. According to the BBC stats we had 62% of the possession but only ONE shot on target-that sums it up completely!
  8. WTF is going on? This will be 5 defeats on the trot including the FA cup debacle!!!!
  9. An 100 minutes game doesn't help! But you're absolutely right to highlight our abysmal record on closing out games. Unfortunately I've been moved to comment on this on far too many occasions! It should be basic coaching stuff, but under John Askey particularly we seem totally unable to grasp the fundamentals. In 2 successive matches we have conceded in the 96th minute and thrown away 4 points!!
  10. 96th minute for the second week running. What the fecking he'll is going on?!!!!!
  11. As of today, Friday 20th November: I note that despite requests by Labour's NEC, Corbyn has failed to take down the "exagerration" claim from social media! He's such a pleasant, principled chappie who cares deeply for the party isn't he?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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