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  1. If he did have a hip problem yesterday, he certainly didn't show it for the 70 odd mins he palyed--he was brilliant!
  2. A bit selfish! But then I was only 99 off being correct in my entry! Congrats on being so accurate.
  3. You're not getting it are you? Corbyn doesn't just "talk" with terrorists, he positively backs and supports them as is evidenced many, many times over the years--as too, does McDonnell, so for me, in the context of security neither of them is fit to be PM. The one thing we can agree on is that McDonnell is clearly much brighter than Corbyn and for that reason IMO, far more dangerous for the country!
  4. I agree about the positivity--even after that disastrous start. The only negative for me was a crowd below 5000. Hopefully this positivity will lead to more people coming through the turnstiles. Apart from a couple of quiet spells in each half there was definitely a good atmosphere and buzz around Vale Park yesterday
  5. Unfortunately your beloved Jeremy has got too much historical form in supporting many terrorist groups and his recent knee-jerk reactions over Bolivia and the Russian poisonings in Salisbury clearly show he hasn't changed one iota. When countries such as Australia state publicly that they won't share security information with us if Corbyn is PM then we have a real problem. And don't get me started on Labour's and in particular Corbyn's stance on Trident and our nuclear deterrent. Anyone who watched the car-crash interview Emily Thornberry had with ITV's Good Morning programme last week will know just how ridiculous & dangerous it will be to have Jezza as our "Commander in Chief"!!
  6. What's the weather been like up there? Absolutely bucket-loads of rain down here during the last 36 hours , leading to flooded roads and my golf course being closed. I'm planning a trip up tomorrow, is there any question mark over the pich being playable tomorrow? Any guidance gratefully received.
  7. I make some similar points above, and you're absolutely correct in saying that tax increases have always been a "vote killer." And just on pure income tax rates, you are right to say that we are reasonably low down the international league table, but I don't believe you can just look at income tax in isolation. In addition, we're all paying big amounts in VAT, council tax, wine & beer duties, fuel duties etc., and even on things like insurance--where insurance premium tax has crept up (perhaps leapt up is a better description) from 5% to 12% in the last few years--all items that add to our individual tax bills!
  8. I agree with you on this one. And, I suspect there are probably quite a few more people like you & me who would be willing to cough up a little more in tax, especially if we knew it was going to fund essential services. However, it's almost impossible to predicate tax revenues for specificpurposes and unfortunately, general tax increases in any party's manifesto has definitely not been a winner over previous elections!
  9. PR isn't faultless! Most developed European countriesuse PR and that inevitibly means hung parliaments and coalition government. Some would say that our last experience of that between 2010-2015 was far from perfect. And, if you look at the Italians as an example of a PR election system, they've had contless numbers of governments since the 1950s & something like an average of 16 months for the length of each goverment. That's why very little gets done in Italy and why their economy is sliding badly!
  10. The reality is that in this election, as we are seeing so far, "truth" appears to be in very short supply on all sides of the arguments. We're all going to need to use our own nous & instincts to sort the wheat from the chaff in what is shaping up to be one of the most aggressive & nasty election campaigns I can ever remember!
  11. Because IMO on this one you are certainly being one-sided. As someone else has pointed out, if, as you say, Nick Boles is lying then Jeremy Corbyn or anyone else whose integrity Boles supposedly impunes can easily resort to the laws of libel! I'm happy to say publicly that I know Boris isn't always perfect and often a 'stranger to the truth', why can you not accept that neither is Corbyn perfect? As long as you continue to wear those blinkers to his faults you will always see things as one-sided.
  12. You're correct--the first past the post system is far from perefect. However, you may recall that there was in fact a referendum held 5/6 years ago about changing the system and failed to gain enough traction to alter first past the post--so we're stuck with it for the short term!
  13. Personally, I thought it a well-balanced and thoughtful piece that spelled out some of the difficult choices we've all got in our various constituencies. He was quite even-handed I thought. He wasn't exactly 'kind' to Boris Johnson or The Conservatives, so I'm not sure why you're only getting worked-up about the comments relating to Corbyn?
  14. Not the kindest of draws, but a real chance to advance to the 3rd round even if it takes a replay to get there!
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