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  1. Absolutely spot-on Rob. For any sensible fan, there's really nothing more to add to to your rational, objective and well-balanced summary. Good luck to the lad.
  2. Confidence has clearly ebbed away at The Britannia Stadium (and away for that matter!) Perhaps if the rumour is true, it will at least make Nathan Smith think carefully before committing to a side that is potentially going to be in a lower division next season!
  3. He's wise to be keeping his own counsel. It's his decision alone on what offer he wishes to take. Like probably the vast majority of PV supporters, I fervently hope that he does decide to stay, but good luck to the lad whatever the final decidion.
  4. What a terrific letter from Carol that sums up completely just how lucky we are to have her and her family/team running Port Vale. Thank you to the Shanahans and everyone involved, including all players & supporters. A fabulous, if unfulfilled and ultimately frustrating season. Here's to 2020/21and even more progress both on and off the pitch!
  5. I like a lot of supporters I suspect, do not want to Nathan leave the club. But if he can get a contract playing at a higher level, who's to begrudge the lad bettering himself? I think Mark Porter sums it up well; whether Nathan stays or goes, all genuine Vale supporters I'm sure, will wish him every success in the future.
  6. Another piece in the 'jigsaw' and really good news. Well done Luke, John Askey & Colin Garlick!
  7. Although I didn't like all of her songs, for me, Dusty Springfield's voice was the best of the lot--sheer perfection in terms of just her voice!
  8. Because as the Brexiteers kept on insisting; "we want to control our own borders" and to do this you need rules and legislation to come in after 31st December. The easiser part is to say it, the harder part to enact a sensible policy!!"
  9. Can't disagree with any of that. There are many arguments for and against the decision, but it is what it is and with all the lost lives to Covid-19 and grieving families these deaths have created, it seems most churlish to complain. But purely on the football front-- If only...........springs to mind. We drew15 games out of 37, the highest in the top half of the division. Only lost 8 (Northampton 13 losses) in at least two of those drawn games we had been holding a lead going into the 91st minute--those 4 extra points if we'd managed to hang on and we'd be in the play-offs. If only......................................................!!
  10. The usual level-headed, sensible comment we'd expect from Carol. What else can anyone say? It's like driving blindfolded through fog currently and so, so difficult to predict with any certainty what the outcomes are going to be! Is this season going to finish? Are all games even going into the start of next season, going to be played behind closed doors? If so, what is the effect on revenue in those circumstances? What expenditure can we therefore afford? And what numbers of back room staff and playing strength will that give us? All clubs, not only PV are facing this massive challenging conundrum. Even knowing the answers to all those questions, it's going to be very difficult to construct a sensible business paln and budget. Not having those answers, makes it a game of guesses at very best and blindman's buff at worst. I've been in business all my working life, have been through recessions, the 3-day week etc., but never seen or experienced anything like this. In all honesty I'm glad I'm not having to come up with these decisions. Good luck to Carol & Kevin--we're all behind you whatever you decide, and thank God it's not Norman we're relying on!
  11. Absolutelyspot-on and well said! I totally agree-thank you Carol & Kevin.
  12. Bycarsbill


    You've hit the nail on the head! This goes directly to the knub of the problem. I, along with most people would like the easing of lockdown restrictions as soon as possible, but a too-early lifting will inevitably lead to a second (or even 3rd & 4th) spike in infections/hospital cases & deaths and resultant additional lockdowns. I believe this would be even more damaging to the economy and peoples' lives!
  13. Seeing some footage of the time he was playing, he certainly deserved his "bites your legs" monica--doubt whether he would have lasted more than a few minutes on the field in these current 'namby-pamby' days, but this gives a false image to a fine footballer with many a silky touch on the park. RIP Norman
  14. Do we know if PV has furloughed any members of staff or players yet? According to a report in The Times yesterday Crewe has furloughed players!
  15. At least with his latest front-bench appointments, some common sense is returning to the Labour party under Starmer's leadership. The country has been crying out for some sensible and more credible oppostion--it is especially needed under this current emergency and into the near-future and the continuing Brexit negotiations. I am personally delighted that all the early signs point to a vanquishing of the Corbinista's failed far-left nonsense--about time too! Thankfully, not only has Kier Starmer won an overwhelming personal victory, but it would appear that the balance of labour's NEC has become much more centrist and the majority of left-wing 'loons' have been jettisoned. Although as many know, I'm hardly the greatest Labour supporter, but I have always maintained that the country needs a CREDIBLE opposition--something that was very sadly missing during the last 5 years of Corbynism. For all our skaes, let's hope that Starmer can build that credibility in opposition.
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