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  1. The gods are smiling😁let's hope they continue to a week on Saturday!
  2. Sensible timing too--by the start of next season, it will most likely (and hopefully) not be an issue and there may even be some other braver players who follow this lad's lead. It really shouldn't be an issue at all!
  3. As I said previously, as far as potential is concerned, that's a judgement call for a manager.
  4. That last sentence is exactly the point I was making a couple of days ago. If he wasn't good enough, fair enough, but if there was some potential (and clearly there is with 23 goals this season!) then why didn't the management get more out of him and keep him as a part of our set-up?
  5. The only question I'd like answered is; was McKirdy shipped out for playing reasons or, because of an attitude problem? If it's the former, (after all, he hadn't exactly set Vale Park alight) then for my money that's acceptable, if it's because he was a bit of a handful in the dressing room, then in my book, that's an abdication of management responsibility as I always feltthat he showed some good promise--and no, I'm not just saying that now, I did genuinely feel it at that time. However, I guess that's the nature of football--some players will inevitably 'slip through the net' occasionally at whatever level.
  6. I too, was disappointed--he appeard to me to be a natural goal-scorer (an I'm not just saying that in hindsight). However, there were rumours about his attitude within the squad and that's a call, only a manager can make as to whether or not any disruptive element outways potential to offer a team goals. His contribution in that department to Swindon this season, is undeniable!
  7. What does a "good" result look like? 0-1 would be a brilliant start to the semi-final. 1-1 probably what a lot of us might expect? 1-0 not a disaster, but loads to do and very nervous Vale supporters in the second leg! My prediction? 2-1 tomorrow and 1-0 at Vale Park meaning extra-time and possibly even penalties---blimey, even more squeaky-bum time to come! What are others' realistic predictions? Come on you Vale!
  8. I'm personally delighted with Brendan McCullum's appointment as coach to the Test squad. I've always liked the way he played his cricket, conducted himself and was a positive force in both Test matches and the shorter format of the game. Having said all that, his only coaching experience so far, has been in the IPL and Twenty-20 format. Let's hope that Brendan can instill a greater sense of purpose, enjoyment and positive performance from our Test lads, we badly need some excitement and better results this summer!
  9. Point taken Rob 😄but the rumour is........that we'll either be in League One or League Two next season 🤣
  10. Surely this is just plain speculation--until we know which league we're competing in next season, I can't see how messrs Flitcroft & Clarke can know what sort of playing budget they're working to?
  11. I'm totally aligned with robf's opinion piece on the Lorne St., stand completion. As a contributor to the original fundraising iniatative, does anyone know exactly what the figure is for the total raised so far?
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