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  1. I think your assessment is a very rational one and I would side with you on the assertion that Rayner's words cannot be directly attributable to last week's tragic murder of Sir David Amess. However as an example of irresponsible and potentially incendiary language, Angela Rayner should reflect on her words and next time try to be more level headed and more measured about the way in which she delivers future comment. Disagreeing with the politics and policies of MPs on the opposite benches is all part & parcel of political life. However, IMO she crossed the line in personalising her attack with injudicious words.
  2. Sneaked that point in by the skin of our teeth! As the manager said: sometimes you have to dig in and hope the luck goes for you, as indeed it did last night!
  3. A tough one first round! However, on the positive side, Accrington are currently mid table, don't score too many goals but have already conceded 21 in 12 league games!
  4. P.S. I should have stressed the "FOR SURE" bit, we don't want any additional conspiratorial half-truths please.
  5. Lots of conspiracy theories floating about the Devante situation. Does anyone know for sure if he is on paternity leave, or are we looking at a problem between him and management?
  6. Not panicking. Just frustrated that our early-season tight defensive set-up now suddenly seems to be eluding us.
  7. We may have scored 6 goals in the last 2 matches, but we've also conceded 6! Can we please go back to the boring 1-0 results instead of the pulsating games that are no good for my blood pressure nor dropped league points!
  8. Thrown it away! According to the BBC stats they only had 6 shots and scored from four of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. What's that old blues song say; "if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all"!
  10. I'm still amazed then. And, the way this is going, it looks like we may not yet have had a victory over Sutton.
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