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  1. Do we know if PV has furloughed any members of staff or players yet? According to a report in The Times yesterday Crewe has furloughed players!
  2. At least with his latest front-bench appointments, some common sense is returning to the Labour party under Starmer's leadership. The country has been crying out for some sensible and more credible oppostion--it is especially needed under this current emergency and into the near-future and the continuing Brexit negotiations. I am personally delighted that all the early signs point to a vanquishing of the Corbinista's failed far-left nonsense--about time too! Thankfully, not only has Kier Starmer won an overwhelming personal victory, but it would appear that the balance of labour's NEC has become much more centrist and the majority of left-wing 'loons' have been jettisoned. Although as many know, I'm hardly the greatest Labour supporter, but I have always maintained that the country needs a CREDIBLE opposition--something that was very sadly missing during the last 5 years of Corbynism. For all our skaes, let's hope that Starmer can build that credibility in opposition.
  3. Defo! Would love to see that cup game against Everton again--that was a great night!
  4. We'll get through this and remember that today is the spring equinox and from tomorrow the days will be getting longer--yippee! To quote a bit of the wartime bulldog spirit........we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again ................................. at Port Vale Park--forgive the last bit but it needed 3 words to scan--sing it and you'll see what I mean!!
  5. National debt is still rising, but under normal circumstances with an equally growing economy and increased GDP this wouldn't be a problem. However, given the current situation and the almost certainty of a global recession, that rising debt could yet be a real issue in the years to come!
  6. Not hypocrosy--just differenet circumstances--nothing stand still--the world and events (as we're now experiencing) change all the time and a good government has to react according to the prevailing situations.
  7. Piffle! We were in the deep doo-do with massive borrowings and no money thanks to Labour's uncontrolled spending. Don't try to re-write history.
  8. Read the figures--from around 10% down to around 2% leaves substantial "wriggle room". It's amazing after all the left-wing crowds' moaning about tight monetary controls, they're now complaining about increasing spending--absolutely unbelievable--or perhaps not, given their totally biased track record previously!!
  9. A lot of it will be borrowed but in a sustainable way--what are you saying? Let's return to austerity?
  10. Bycarsbill


    Even I didn't quite realise how prophetic my post of an hour ago was going to be.....!
  11. They're in a position to do that now because they have managed to reduce the deficit to around 2% of GDP from the near-10% it was in 2010 after the Labour profligate years!
  12. Bycarsbill


    I absolutely agree--it's a sure-fire one-way bet!
  13. That was Richard Burgon and he wants to be the deputy leader--he's an absolute plonker!!
  14. Here we go again....I'm fed up of continually writing this.....but why are we incapable of closing-out a game? We drop so many points with 90 minute and plus goals against us--drives me absolutely potty! Four goals conceded in last two successive matches and 4 points dropped. Hope these aren't going to prove too costly in such a tightly contested fight for top three and play-offs?
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