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  1. The fact that we were so lightweight today will surely give DC much more clarity & food for thought about his squad requirements for next season. Let's hope he can obtain what we clearly require!
  2. I think it would be a pity if he did go, because injury-free there's no doubt he does add something to the squad.
  3. Let's hope that the 3 subs are going to inject some much neded impetus!
  4. What I like most about DC and his press conferences is that he is measured, rational and openly honest. I sincerely hope that this proves to be an appointment for the long term.
  5. Can I just add my small contribution of thanks and congratulations to Carol, Kevin and all the gang at Vale Park Towers--you are all magnificent and deserve every accolade. Well done to everybody concerned.
  6. Totally understand. I'll take the 2-1 win with good grace and a smile!
  7. Get in my son. Come on the Vale! Pity there isn't another dozen games left we could be champions if we carry on the current hot streak!
  8. Thank goodness we're no longer having to worry about such issues!
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