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  1. Have only just got in. Why was the kick-off delayed?
  2. From the look of that pitch, quick bowlers are certainly not the answer in the short term for this last Test in the series. However speed will be essential as a 'weapon' in Australia. The biggest problem during the last Test apart from the pitch itself was the unbalanced look of England's team with at least one batsman light!
  3. I think a lot of folks on here were expecting a miracle-worker not a new manager. The only building blocks are the squad he's inherited and in the short term he can only work with what he's got. The good news is that he has seemingly shored-up the defence and we have 2 extra points that could yet be crucial come season's end! We can only begin to judge the new director of football/manager set up once they've had a chance to shape the squad they want to reflect the style of play they're aiming for. In the meantime, we have to hope for sufficient points from the remaining games to ensure that
  4. Looks like a logical and sensible set-up. Good luck to them all.
  5. I think our new manager and players need to concentrate closely on our current parlous league position. After last night's results, viewing the league table this morning doesn't make for relaxing or good reading. Three teams 19th-21st all sitting equally with 32 points and we are only 19th thanks to a slightly better goal difference! Add to this worry, the fact that Scunthorpe & Stevenage have improved over the last few matches and even Southend has had a mini-revival recently. Thankfully, Barrow & Grimsby are both struggling (although Barrow has 2 games in hand!) and Southend's
  6. Bess is just a young lad at the start of his Test match career. I like the look of him, he's got a lot to offer and will learn quickly the more matches he plays, however the next Test is a day/nighter being played with a pink ball so it will once again be a different set of thought processes as far as selection goes for this one. Depending on fitness issues, could be that England will add an extra seamer and only play with Leach as the front-line spinner backed up by Root and possibly Lawrence should he play. I'm n ot a great fan of day/night Tests, but it's going to be interesting whatever
  7. Like it or not, there is a rotation policy operating and Moen showed much more control with his 7 wickets in this match than Dom Bess did in the last Test. As I said, it was a pity that a Covid infection restricted Moen's contribution to the 2 Tests in Sri-Lanka. He will be back in the bubble for the white ball matches next month and I would expect him to fully contribute in both the 50 and 20 over formats to come.
  8. Apart from your "poisoned chalice" comment, I think that's pretty fair assessment of the situation. I don't think that it's a "poisoned chalice" simply because we now have owners with much business management experience, honesty, integrity and a clear vision for the club's future. I too support you in adding my personal backing to the new management team as a whole--here's to better things to come!
  9. According to The Times this morning, it had always been the plan that Moen would return home after the first two Tests in India. It's just unfortunate that due to his Covid infection in Sri-Lanka he was unable to be considered for either of those two Tests. Apparently he will be returning to India next month in time to join up with the England white ball squad for the ODI & T-20 series
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