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  1. PHEEEWWW in by the skin of our teeth! Good result for another 3 points, but far too tight again. Despite all the chances we're creating, we're just not putting them away--seems not to matter whichever combination up front is tried. However on the plus side another cleen sheet and now only 3 points off seventh position!
  2. A fair summary. we're a half decent side--the emphasis unfortunately on the 'half' and as you say we will end up around the 10th-12th position by season's end. There will be of course the usual doom-mongers calling for the manager's head, but we all need to be realistic and remember just how bad things were during the previous two seasons. Let's enjoy what we've got, ride with the ups & downs and hope that by next season's campaign we really will be promotion contenders. But I for one, would have snapped your hand off if, at the beginning of the season you had offered me a solid mid-table prediction!
  3. I admire Tom on the pitch immensely, both as a player and as a life-long fan, but sadly (especially after such a fantastic record-breaking goal at the weekend) I cannot condone the irresponsible and naive Twitter comment he made in the early hours of this morning. I know he has now deleted the original, but whatever the circumstances (over exuberant celebrating perhaps?) he should be giving more thought to his postings before pressing the 'send' button. Whether or not he realised it would appear antisemetic, only Tom will be able to say, but it has certainly (and not surprisingly, given current sensitivities surrounding this issue) been interpreted as such. I suspect that because he quickly deleted it, he probably did realise he had overstepped the mark! I hope he really does learn from the uproar this Tweet has now created. Because he has previous form for unwise Tweeting, sadly, the FA are now investigating him again, and I think that another ban is going to be the end result. Think on Tom, you're certainly a well-loved icon on the pitch, but such mindless, ill thought-out tweeting currently prevents you from being a good ambassador for Port Vale off the pitch. Please, please, for your sake and the club's, think on more carefully next time.
  4. Good for you! Let's hope that Vale get a second one with a replay at Vale Towers!--Live commentary on Radio 5 Live
  5. Of course, what better time to get drunk--happy new year--post less, live more-get a life!
  6. It was a riposte to your post at 16.54hrs on 31st December--you must try and post less, but remember more!
  7. The Tory's didn't have an overall majority in 2019 and yet Corbyn still couldn't overturn that!
  8. I think the actual result was a denial of that. The electorate very clearly didn't see Corbyn's aims for big government and ideological experiments as even partially attractive and it seems to me that if Labour now persists (as it appears to be doing) with a 'continuity Corbyn' leadership candidates then it will continue to put off many more voters than it is likely to attract!
  9. Disappointed! But to put that into context, it's a sign of our improvement that I am disappointed at 'only getting a draw.' hard to think that would have been the case over the last couple of season, when a draw would have produced a big sigh of relief! However, I do suspect that we'll look back on the slippages against Mansfield & Macclesfield and think that was 4 points dropped. I hope they don't prove to be decisive come the season's end!
  10. But if Labour believes that it's only about Brexit then they are well & truly sunk for a long time to come!
  11. At least there's some direction, whether you or I or indeed anyone else agrees, it is at least clear-cut. Unlike all the pot-pouris of a wish list ideas that Labour presented to the electorate! We all know that Boris does play fast and loose with the truth at times, but Labour has to work out why the majority of the population was still prepared to believe in Boris rather than Corbyn & Labour's fantasy project!
  12. As Allan Johnson the Labour former Home Secretary said; "Momentum are just playing student politics" and it seems that a big chunk of the Labour activists rather have 'purity of ideas' rather than be in power. One day they will perhaps wake up to the fact that to enact any ideas at all you have to be in power. As Johnson says--purely student politics--they're not about policies, only ideologies!
  13. Good grief! What's happening? I'm having to agree with you on this! However reading the double-page spread in today's Sunday Times about Labour's machinations over the leadership processes and rules, it looks very much like they haven't seemingly learned any lessons from the good hiding they've just been given at the election and the left factions and the Momentum crowd are still probably going to hold sway and try and elect a 'continuity Corbyn'!
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