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  1. Wilson spent all game <ovf censored> everything up and then screaming at team mates for his mistakes. Useless.
  2. Poor against Oldham and Hartlepool I thought
  3. Deserved. Vale have <ovf censored> for weeks.
  4. Our big players need to turn up here these are <ovf censored>
  5. Such a cliché, every team in the world are better when they pass the ball rather than lump it up. Not true
  6. Depends if they had been crap for months before last night.
  7. He scored more goals last season than any of our amazing strikers will this season.
  8. Record amount of injuries but nothing wrong with training methods. Come on.
  9. He will score more for walsall than Wilson Edmondson and Harrat combined.
  10. We were top 3 until the other week now play offs look promising. Brilliant!!! Not competed last few games have we dropping like a stone
  11. Same old little port vale - won’t put money out to compete with other league 2 sides yet fans are happy with this. Stuck in this division playing Sutton barrow and Stevenage for years to come.
  12. Apologies I missed the sarcasm. Completely agree
  13. Shock horror. I notice that <ovf censored> Boris has managed to get London in tier 2 though
  14. It’s nowhere near as deadly as things such as cancer which is now affecting 1 in every 2 people.
  15. Because they're doing the same as they did in April. Clearing the decks for the most important disease of them all. Most important disease of them all? Complete rubbish.
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