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  1. Not really a fair comparison is it that? A team of 16 year olds against the best side in the world
  2. He did start well actually. Infact most fans loved him.
  3. ? Pointless reply. Nobody is asking for that clearly. But asking for a manager who has experience isn’t too much to ask!!!
  4. Don’t sack a manager if you can’t afford to replace him.
  5. Liked her honesty and I massive thank you for saving the club (obviously) but didn’t like the overall message that once again were letting someone with no experience have a crack at it. We’ve been down this road numerous times and it’s not worked once, infact the complete opposite. The one time we pushed the boat out for a decent manager we got promoted. There’s a difference. If funds are so tight in covid then Askey should have been given the season. Not happy that Pugh has got this full season, basically airing that it’s just a complete right off and we will just see where we are c
  6. No point even discussing this. The manager will be frank Sinclair 100%
  7. You're fast becoming the forum clown PV4L. Give it a rest. You go on at me for commenting on pope, yet your hatred of JA and totally unbalanced view beggars belief. No hatred what so ever. we had lost 6 games in a row you no. The manager Dosent get praise for that! Very surprised you haven’t been filling the forum up in regards to pope yesterday... How is it unbalanced?
  8. Fast fix? Been in this league for years with a far bigger budget than others this season. owners said they wanted higher than 8th so why is the dross that’s been served up acceptable? what progress have we made? We’re a worse side than last season with signings that have made us worse rather than better. Can’t give a manager until the end of the season period; what if we go and lose the next 2/3 games again? one good game and people think we’re going to be flying back into play off contention again.
  9. ‘Miserbale tossers’ As eloquent as ever I see. Did you not notice we lost 6 matches on the bounce one of which to a pub side. I forgot we should all have been jumping for joy during that period!!!!
  10. 3 in 35 games for us. That’s why. He dosent move, Dosent put any effort in and is always offside. At least with Cullen he scored goals for us last season. Style we are playing Dosent help but he has been way off it as well
  11. It’s a football forum you clown that’s what people do.
  12. Yes. He’s garbage. Brilliant Save is pushing it a bit as well. Hes scored what 3 in 35 league games for us. He’s a joke of a footballer.
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