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  1. Stooping low? It’s how every post comes across.
  2. Joyce shot was just a long shot. No way should he have scored. Robinson put what wide? He didn’t have a chance to score? We created no chances. Loads against Oldham but not against Bolton. Bolton were the same they created nothing other than that one lucky effort
  3. Did we create a chance? Shots have nothing to do with it. Did you watch them game? If so please enlighten me on all of these ‘chances’ and no I don’t mean long hopeful shots.
  4. How did we create enough chances to win against Bolton!?!? we didn’t create 1chance
  5. Top talker. Goes in for a job to be manager. Comes out DOF when the interviewers didn’t even want one!!!! Done them over big time
  6. Is that because you think your better than them?
  7. Im shocked there isnt more critism of the manager. Hes been useless. Ecaxtly what all the Walsall fans said he was.
  8. maybe we should concentrate on keeping our league status rather than what clothes the players turn up in!!!! Embarrassing. Focus on now and is actually winning a game of football instead of numerous excuses, too many injuries .... players aren’t fit.... we only have one defensive midfielder.... we don’t turn up in suits. We could be in non league next year focus on that!!!!
  9. Should still be able to register a shot on target against a side in 21st.
  10. We were close to signing him from Bolton. Had a trial with Bradford and leeds as well
  11. Gary Caldwell will be announced next week.
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