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  1. Hope we’re not in for him. Whole season out, we already have one Cm coming back from a shocking injury don’t want another
  2. Calm down hun we will announce Ellison next week to make up for this
  3. Kevin Ellison 1 year deal player coach announced next week.
  4. Someone needs do more than stand on the <ovf censored>. Covalon should take one for the team
  5. We’re a better side than these. 3-0 start all 3 subs they changed the game
  6. No idea why we don’t have men on the posts we have every man back got be space for someone on the posts
  7. And the GOAL was a smith mistake. What is your point
  8. So it’s ok for smith because he’s not that kind of player. But it’s ok to criticise Martin? Since when is Martin a ball playing CB. Better than Hall today but we love hall so let’s give Martin more <ovf censored> even though he’s been great
  9. Been excellent for ages. Was great today don’t get why people slate him. Was better than hall today but nobody mentions him?
  10. But you weren't. Non league players, as you claimed, don't finish 5th in the league with one of the best GDs after 46 games Quite clearly was. Did gibbons play well today?
  11. I’d like you to stop calling people clowns for calling it how it was
  12. Vile diving bunch of <ovf censored>. 2-1 I’ll take that from 2 down. We were poor though
  13. Clown? You watching the game you <ovf censored>?
  14. Dreadful. Mckirdy will get <ovf censored> smashed on Thursday If he’s not careful. Charsley off been terrible get some control of the game and try to pass it
  15. Never said you myself, I won’t name them but I know a number of people who get tickets of members of staff and a couple of players in particular that aren’t vale fans. Loyalty system needed based on attendance
  16. Does that include being mates with a member of staff/ player and getting tickets when you don’t even support vale before loyal fans? I now a few who got Exeter tickets that Don’t even support the vale
  17. An impact player that we missed 2nd half of the season. We have no pace or direct runners. Great impact sub
  18. Martin was best player by a mile loads of blocks
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