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  1. With a lying Prime Minister flaunting respect for law we lose what little respect we had left in the world. Just wait for the country to realise the con trick that has been played on them.
  2. You don't have any sick relatives or friends?
  3. Well worth it not to have Murdoch News until he gets his way.
  4. Barnier`s only power is his mandate from the EU, which they can change at any time if they think non-members should have all the benefits of members
  5. Carrying out more tests in poor densely populated areas that cannot afford to isolate will find more cases. Maybe those areas become immune before the rest of the country? Just a thought.
  6. Community clusters is the solution not a bunch of clowns in London. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/06/a-centralised-system-will-not-help-areas-in-the-north-most-at-risk-of-covid-19
  7. Will we ever have an adequate testing system? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/04/covid-tests-running-out-in-north-east-england-gateshead-as-cases-surge
  8. Left of the Far Right covers a lot of people, so hardly a term of abuse nowadays.
  9. They have just calculated they need 29 more lorry parks similar to the Kent one, planning permission not required, some in the Midlands. Need another oven or two for that.
  10. Best dealt with at community level, not by a centralised for profit faceless disaster..
  11. I thought schools are now relatively safe with spacing, bubbles, masks, rotas etc although as usual Covid-19 testing will be a problem. staying away from Grandparents could help.
  12. Safer than football grounds apparently.
  13. The chances of Hoyle getting a peerage seem to be getting slimmer. Starmer knows schools are safe, his children have been going to school though out the pandemic, another trap Johnson fell into.
  14. I would not know. The important thing is how effective it is.
  15. The only aspects that are of sufficient concern, is there a law relating to hair colour?
  16. A long journey but one they will make, hopefully one day to play again in Burslem
  17. Treating someone unfairly as identified in law, because of sex, colour, race etc
  18. I would definitely never employ anyone without an interview, nor with extreme political views which would affect the reputation of my business. Does not matter to me whether they are gay or not, but then I am not a football manager. If I was I would ensure that it was acceptable otherwise i would be discriminating, the world moves on.
  19. Changing the situation from general to precise explains why players don't come out.
  20. Explain the situation and the job is his if he wants it
  21. Advise him of the working conditions and the job is his if he still wants it.
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