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  1. Best away days

    1. Maine Road (Kinkladze/Porter)

    2. Molineux 

    3. Galpharm/John Smiths - 2 matches: last day survival and the Dodds/Richards game

    4. Vicky Ground - Van Der Laan and an unnamed player mooning out of the Away dressing room window

    5. Cheltenham. Great real ale and food pub, Pope’s hat trick and that 3rd round draw

    Worst has to be the Day of the Poncho at Gillingham

  2. 8 hours ago, Fosse69 said:
    9 hours ago, Brian said:
    0-0 v Wolves in first game of Andy Jones second spell. Hooked!

    Dean Glover debut game?

    Yes, I think so, but all the fuss was about Jones coming back. 

    Had recently moved to the area, tried S***e first, but the Vale felt right straight away.

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