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  1. 1 hour ago, jjvale_03 said:

    Charging a tenner to get into their first home game really is desperate stuff from a rattled, regressive football club.

    Isnt it normally free to get in? That's what  I've heard from 365 employees!

  2. Recruitment is tough, especially when your standards are high.

    My take is that we have a solid group (largely thanks to the last two windows), and we are now looking to bring in people who will strengthen the group, without breaking the wage structure.

    Those two aims mean you will sometimes get knocked back.

    I’m hoping, and expecting that there will be players coming in to cover the exposed areas of the squad over the next week, but I’d rather wait for the right deal than dive in for the wrong one.

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  3. Refs who are already on the up, such as Jarrod Gillett and Madley, tend to manage games in a completely different way from the run of the mill league 2 guys.

    A lot of the ones I’ve seen in league 2 tend to concentrate on the wrong things (throws from the right place, wanting to stop the game all the time,) generally wanting to impose themselves, but not really knowing how to. The need to impose themselves includes taking every decision themselves, and not using the liners as assistant refs.

    They seem to ref for the assessor, rather than just concentrate on letting the players play.

    Maybe it’s down to the way they are managed…

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  4. Winning one nil at Wolves in about 1995.

    Guppy wasting time at the end with a bit of fun by the corner flag.

    However, this last few months has provided the biggest concentration of great Vale days that I can remember.

  5. Yes. Absolutely. I've been coming to the Vale 'only' since 1989, so I've seen some good times and some tough times, but I've never felt so proud of my club as I was today. 

    Thank you Carol and Kevin and everyone who has worked so hard to make today happen.

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  6. 41 minutes ago, Jacko51 said:

    Pitch invasions are a nuisance but understandable in those circumstances. Singing and jumping about is fine. Attacking opposition players is totally wrong and Vale need to ban for life anyone found culpable. 

    In January, our owners found £50,000 to buy Connor Hall. Now they are going to be fined, probably a similar amount, because some fans chose to goad opposition fans, rather than just enjoying the moment.

    makes you think. Or if it doesn’t, it should

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  7. 7 hours ago, geosname said:

    It's always a little confusing when people 'come out' as though its a big deal when effectively saying its no big deal.

    Why anyone gives a damn about someone else's sexuality, unless they are looking for dome sort of relationship, is beyond me.

    In fact if you went around asking people their sexual preferences you would probably be arrested for some hate crime or other. So why do the news outlets insist on informing everyone who will listen that a footballer or news presenter or politician is gay...... I suspect no one really gives a rat's ass, I know I don't.

    The only consideration should be can the lad play football as well as he thinks he can.

    In an ideal world, nobody would ‘give a rats ass’. However, we are not in an ideal world, and Jake has shown a lot of courage. It would be nice if we all acknowledged that, and wish him well.

  8. Porter, Joyce, Pett, Pilkington (George). All players that make those around them look better.

    Also, one from the current squad, who is a bit of an unsung hero is Ryan Edmondson. Every time he has come on, he's done a job, and he's very rarely been allowed to play in his best position. Good attitude!

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  9. Still great value, and cant imagine this increase putting any current ST holders off.

    Would like to see more done to encourage the occasional visitor. There must be a lot of football fans in the Potteries questioning their options at the moment!!

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