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  1. 28 minutes ago, Bald Eagle said:

    35 points from the last 18 games = 1.944 points a game.

    If they had maintained that over the entire season = 89 points and would have been champions with that point take.

    Thankfully looks like they prefer another summer of turmoil rather than stability - obviously easier to sell the documentary on that basis!

    I did mean it tongue in cheek

  2. 2 hours ago, JSValiant said:

    Obviously I want and think the Vale can win Thursday and at Wembley.

    But if we don’t get promoted would fans rather lose in the Semifinals or at Wembley.

    Having witnessed the defeat to West Brom in 1993, it is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt after losing, seeing all the opposition   fans and players celebrating etc.  
    Obviously Financially for the club, the Final would be the answer but the disappointment would it be worse ?

    Semis for me. The reason being the manner of the defeat by these in the league took me four days to get over. So I’m not sure how long it would take me to get over a final loss. Fingers crossed we’ll get promoted 

  3. I listened to the first half on RS, heading to Oswestry but then couldn’t get a signal on my phone in getting out of the car. I’ve in the past been critical of Phil Bowers and his commentary but today with Phil Sproson I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a pairing I’d like to hear more often, so I hope Adam Yates is released.

  4. 49 minutes ago, Guitar Ray said:

    I understand times are really tough for some fans but come on we can take 8k to Man City are you trying to tell me over 6k of those are now, for want of a better term, on the breadline?

    Ray, the reason that so many ppl went to the Etihad was that it was the FA Cup, a Premiership stadium and probably one the Worlds greatest teams littered with world class footballers. I’ve called them ppl and not fans because I know ppl who only went because of the reasons I’ve listed above. I know some ppl who got tickets who’ve never been to VP before and haven’t been since. Then we’ve had Covid the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. This game is for fans of PVFC. KOYW

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  5. Santa, it’s always best to invest when stocks are low, but it’s dropping like a lead balloon at the moment, so you’d be gambling on a recovery. World markets are volatile at the moment but crypto is a very volatile market anyway with no safety net, regarding recovering your investment. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    Lol are you on a wind up we will sell out both games and if get Wembley sell 25 thousand ,there's always going be folk who cannot afford and why shouldn't people buy for return leg ,we are two games away from a Wembley final the ones who cannot afford go will be replaced by thousands who have not set foot in Vale park for years .
    Anticipation that's why .
    Pretty negative to think the home leg will be a dead rubber we are a excellent away team and very capable of beating these in both games .
    A Swindon fan wrote on there forum after our 2-1 win they could easily have had 4 (that's Vale ).
    Keep the faith UTV

    No I’m not a wind up merchant, it’s down to disposable income and ppl have to make choices.  I’m pleased that you can afford to do this but others can’t as I’ve already documented. Football is a luxury compared to having to afford household bills and putting food on the table.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Howjy04 said:

    That may be the case P.A. but I’m sure most people would like the option.Unable to access an area ,where your reserved seat is,is slightly strange wouldn’t you say?

    Howjy, yes I would I agree with you. I just surprised that we’re selling so many tickets for the return leg. I was talking to someone on here who says that they can’t afford to go to either of these two games and the final should we get there. A tough decision but that’s the one that they’ve had to make.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Howjy04 said:

    Showing about a dozen tickets left in the Lorne Street.Will that go grey shortly or will  ST holders still be able to get their tickets online?Any announcement from the club re the ‘SOLD OUT’ Railway Stand so ST holders can still get their tickets?I dread to think of the meltdown if it’s not sorted before Sunday night.It does say on the member site to phone the T.O.if you can’t  access ,online,the area you want.Are they serious?Do they know how to answer a phone in the T.O.?

    Howjy. I’m really surprised that so many ppl are buying tickets for the return leg. It’s on Sky and if the result is really poor in the first leg, ppl won’t want to go to the game at VP. I base this on the ppl in general and the Exeter game where after the Newport defeat ppl were offering their Exeter tickets on here.

  9. If what is being reported is correct then staff at Synetics, friends and family of PVFC who don’t attend games, tickets disappearing through the ticket office or official travel then none of these are ethical. I do go on official travel but don’t attend as many games as others, I just pick grounds I’ve not been to before.

    Having supported PVFC since mid seventies all this is just because we’re going through a rich vein of form. It won’t matter whether we’re promoted or not, a dip inform which will happen will see the normal service resumed. 
    Whether we get promoted or not I’ll still be having my normal ten game ticket, which the club don’t recognise as showing any loyalty to the club. Ppl know if they’ll be having an ST or not yet 10 game tickets haven’t gone on sale yet and I struggle to understand why this is.
    At the end of the day we’re Port Vale with a small number of fans and that suits me just fine. KOYW

  10. 15 hours ago, JSValiant said:

    Try and get Jake Caprice from Exeter, best attacking left wing back in League 2 and he is also  right footed.

    We could keep swapping him and Gibbo over during games, it might upset some League 1 defences, fingers crossed.


    I agree he does look really good, perhaps too pacy for us. He’s in contract and perhaps the boat sailed for us signing him when he was at Tamworth.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Walka003 said:
    1 hour ago, Raveninblack said:
    I’d like to see Smith Gibbons and Worrall given new contracts, Stone is a number 2 to Covolon,
    move Jones and Hussey on, try and sign Edomsone and Cass and we’ll have that Haynes feller

    I'm pretty sure Smith will be gone, definitely if we don't win the play offs. Gibbo not sure given his injuries he might stick around if we go up. I agree with the rest of your post, but I think Covolan will go. There’s teaching someone a lesson and then there is totally ignoring him, we even brought Holy in. I think Covs time is up if we can find better.


  12. 1 hour ago, boslemportvale91 said:

    Oofft. Can feel the anger in that message.

    Going off Watford record of sack the manager after a few months, I can't see Edwards lasting long sadly. 

    Huge risk going there. Especially with Watford fans angry at the board already and expecting to bounce back up next season.

    FGR only limped over the line because of us, yet three months ago they were a country mile in front of all other clubs. Just my opinion which is the same as Boslems they’ll be sacked, if they aren’t top of the league after 10-12 games. Still they’ll get their contracts paid up. Sounds like they’ve approached them illegally, breaking all rules. An investigation should start and if this is the case points deducted as they’ll be able to afford a fine, as it would be of great magnitude.

  13. 17 minutes ago, hillmanhunter said:

    Did you weigh that up against the money we made/saved from being a member of The EU?


    HH, thank you for sharing the article. I have my doubts about this and have no doubt it’s been penned by a Remainer. We now have a global platform to operate from in relation to trade and any deals that we strike will mean that our business partners will not have to pay a subsidy to the EU. Obviously the less ppl involved means that there are less ppl to skim off a cut for their involvement. I think it’s far too early to say if it will be a big success or big mistake. I was working on at least a decade, before we get any indication. Interesting article though.

  14. I voted for Brexit to be a sovereign nation and so as we don’t have to financially support all the countries that were allowed to join the EU, when those in charge knew that the figures around their GDP were falsified. Then you get countries which couldn’t afford to pay their loans so we’re lent more money at a greater interest rate. So how will they ever repay the loan. I’ve never known a financial institution use that business model, they normally repossess everything and declare you bankrupt. However I do have to ask the question where is all the money that Boris was telling us we were going to save if we left the EU.?

  15. 20 hours ago, Playa Amodores said:

    You don’t have to be there to support, it’s a bit like church, you don’t need to be there to pray. Well done anyway. KOYW. 👏👏

    TJH. I’m only a ten game ticket holder as if I purchased an ST that I have in the past it doesn’t work out as cost affective. I struggle to get to midweek games and some Saturdays I’m not available either. This season I’ve attende 13 league home games, two cup matches and one away game. So I don’t put half the money into the club as you and many others do. 👏👏. When my ten game ticket ran out I purchased the last three home games in one visit to the shop. I was served by a female with blonde hair who told me that I wasn’t known to the system. I enquired if she was spelling my home address and name correctly and she told me that she was familiar with the spelling of my surname as we share the same surname. From this I’d already decided that things weren’t going to plan, but decided to enquire as to when the Walsall away tickets were going on sale knowing I would get a ticket for Exeter. I could have asked a ST holder who doesn’t go to away matches to get me one but that’s not fair on those who do put more money in than me and deserve a ticket. I was shocked when she replied,

    ’You’re just general public anyway, you won’t get one’

    I don’t know if this is the females normal nature or was having a bad day, still no reason to speak to me the way she did.

    I agree that ST holders should have a gold service, but I think that ten game ticket holders should perhaps receive a better service regarding away tickets. This is taking nothing away from those who can’t make the ten games for whatever reason so go if and when they can.

    I hope they do something regarding admission prices especially for ST holders with the Swindon game, so that you and others can attend

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