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  1. A good chance for us to progress, especially if we can adopt that never give up attitude, unlike the other side that we’re capable of, just capitulating. 🤞we can get through the first two rounds then a big team away in the third round. The transfer window will be open and C&K could probably bring in another player if that’s what we need to secure promotion challenge. The player would need to be at least an established L1 player, or perhaps above. This would surely start giving us a vision for the future. I’m also a fan of if it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it and wait until the summer. 
    if it does play out as I’ve described above can we have better control over sales of tickets and vouchers to be issued for the two home games leading up to the third round, not like the MCFC debacle.

  2. 50 minutes ago, Phil1965 said:

    It’s your resident Crewe fan here, looking bleak for us this season, we have lost all our best players that won us promotion two years ago - Ng, Kirk, Pickering, Dale, Wintle. Lowery doesn’t seem to want to play any more and we are relying on loan players.

    Looks like we could be passing you on the way down, but that, as they say, is football! Will be going to Wycombe next week as it’s a short drive for me, but can only see a defeat there.

    Phil, good to see you on OVF. I hope that you manage to turn it around, perhaps a little help from the big clubs in the NW, in January

  3. 11 minutes ago, News Feed said:

    John Askey - AS Photos

    Former Port Vale manager John Askey has been linked with the vacant AFC Telford manager’s role. Askey was sacked by the Valiants at the start of 2021 and has recently been working in an advisory role for former club Macclesfield Town. The Shropshire Star reports that Askey is keen on the role at Telford and […]

    The post Former Valiants: Askey linked with another managerial role appeared first on onevalefan.co.uk.

    View the full article

    Good luck to him.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Breadwinner said:

    Decent player I agree but can he part of a team who take us up 3 leagues .
    I am not convinced he is .
    However is a excellent mid table league player at our level ,let's hope he can along with the rest of this seasons squad delivera top 3 finish if so this love in with be justified if not maybe not

    When you say take us up three leagues are you suggesting that we should have anyone playing for us who could ply their trade in the EPL.? I’d suggest that none of our squad are capable of playing in the EPL, but definitely in L1. If we had a billionaire that purchased the club, how many of our current squad do you think they would keep, on our journey to the EPL. 

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  5. I think I’d be tempted to sell Devante in January if any club comes in for him. He’s reported as being a saleable asset and with Wilson/Proctor being first choice, I’d put Amoo above Devante. I know this will leave us with only three forwards but I think Taylor or Politic could fill the fourth striker role, until the end of the season. Hopefully by then we’d be promoted. This is not an anti Devante post because I have only positive things to say about him for what he did for us last season and I will not forget those dark times, which he pulled us through.
    My thoughts may be a bit radical for some, but any alternative opinions would be great to hear. 

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  6. 21 hours ago, philpvfc said:

    How much do you spend promoting it?

    200 supporters at £10 a head brings in £2000

    Phil, it wouldn’t cost anything, we’d only need to use local media. With being in the top three they’ll be looking for any news coming out of the club, so just keep mentioning the game when the local press or radio are looking for information. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, philpvfc said:

    99% of Liverpool fans have never seen their team live and never will.

    That’s exactly the point that I’m making, so we need to promote the game. It’ll give them a chance to bellow out you’ll never walk alone.  👍

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  8. We’ve only got one game left in this trophy, which is LFC U21 at home on 9/11. LFC supporters like most EPL supporters really struggle and some will never get tickets to see their team play. This due to expense and the different memberships that clubs operate. Hopefully this will bring out all the LFC supporters in Stoke on Trent,who can only dream of seeing their team play and could add a couple of hundred on the gate🤞.LFC supporters can get their ticket online or at PVFC cost £10, so a no brainier for me if I supported them and knew that this was my only chance to watch my team play. Possibly stars of the future, a bit like when we played MUFC in the League Cup, who sent their kids Beckham and co. 
    I think the club should advertise this as not many LFC fans will know about it and it would boost our coffers.

  9. Jake and Tom have been excellent so far and our midfield is far better than it’s been for sometime and there’s strength on the bench as well. 
    If my memory serves me correct we’re we not trying to sign the Orient keeper in the summer or was that just what ppl wanted on OVF. I’d imagine after the abuse he received yesterday then he’s glad he never came to us. I know others have already stated this on OVF, I can only apologise for the idiots who have done what they’ve done and say that these are a minority and don’t represent the majority of PVFC fans our club or our City. 

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  10. Rob, that’s a tremendous effort and a really good time, you should be proud of your achievement. Have you checked to see if you have the record for someone completing the run in a PVFC themed top. 👏👏👏

  11. I’m more than happy with our performances even though it seems that the second half performance doesn’t live up to the first half performance. Obviously the exception being the last five minutes of the game yesterday. Can anyone explain why we seem to substitute Wilson around the same time every game, is it a fitness issue.?

  12. 4 hours ago, Biddulph_PV said:

    I think the Rochdale game was quite difficult to understand and dissect to be honest. I still think that was our best 25 minutes at home so far so, yet we then collapsed like a deck of cards and it’s hard to know whether to credit them (I think they are the best side we faced so far) or it was down to us mental, physically and/or tactically. You will always get more supporters trying to analyse things after a defeat irrespective of whether it’s Port Vale or Manchester City IMO.

    I agree with the comment about the best twenty five minutes. The game changed once we’d scored and players started playing in completely alien positions. Worrall who’d ripped there left back to pieces went into the right back slot and Smith popped up at right midfield. Pleased to say all that nonsense has now stopped. 

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