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  1. He was at the game though... I'm also intrigued by the notion of resting him after a full 90 minutes on Saturday. On the surface, it seems most logical to have brought him off early on Saturday when we were two up. I keep hearing that it's a squad game with replacements available to slot in...
  2. Possibly naive of me, but I'm wondering whether we are deliberately conserving energy as there are so many games. Why bust a gut at 2-0, when there's another game on Tuesday night? Still a third of the season left, all to be played in a 10 week spell. Needs careful management.
  3. Hopefully building a solid foundation for the run in
  4. Totally agree about Cass. One of the few ball carriers in the team.
  5. Maybe they're missing Connor Hall. I've just read his wiki page, 28 years old, having risen steadily through the leagues. Also played in midfield, suggesting that this is why he's comfortable on the ball. Seems like an ideal acquisition.
  6. You're bound to be right. Eventually! You're just ahead of the game 😉
  7. Not a game to get you out of your seat, unless you were going home! We faced the latest masters at killing games of football. We were poor first half, but grew into the game. We matched them for endeavour and work rate. No mean feat in itself. It's easy to see how they're the masters of the 1-0 win. In some ways I wish I hadn't bothered. In others, I'm pleased that I saw some serious hard work and guts, in what was a very stern test. It certainly wasn't pretty though!
  8. Obviously I'm guessing, but I think he's still concentrating on bedding the team down, and not ready to take risks against decent opposition. I think we played Carlisle at a good time, so were able to take more risks. If we can stay in touch over the next few weeks, we might kick on.
  9. Some thoughts We look solid, difficult to break down. We held our own in a stiff test against a team who are doing well. Tom Pett was superb in keeping the ball in very tight situations. Good to see Nathan Smith developing his game as RCB. Wilson was ineffective. A tough game, where we often looked stretched, but came through. I think the two teams cancelled each other out.
  10. I've always thought that I'd love to sit in the Railway, in a stand both closer to the pitch and with a much steeper rake. Assumed I was being ott, but if there's any possiblity of this happening, let's develop the narrative.
  11. I think it's worth thinking about the actual match watching experience too. It's a bit of an ask for youngsters to sit watching a game for 2x45 minutes. When I was a kid, most of my time was spent kicking plastic teacups around in the footwells, occasionally checking out what was happening on the pitch.
  12. Wow! 😳 Thanks for sharing. It's a massive area. Shame there aren't any grants available.
  13. Really good performance imo. Very high energy, which knocked FGR out if their stride. As has been said so many times, this type of game suits us so much better than when teams come to spoil and sit in. It was a very good team performance, with Hussey looking class, Wilson silky, Garrity everywhere,the back three looking solid. Woz and Walker gave there all and more. Both looked to be carrying injuries late on. Edmundson did very well too. I never felt comfortable, as, even in the first half, FGR persisted with their playing it out from the back, and expected them to have a spell. We stood up very well to the post half time barrage. I thought it was a very good game, with the pitch and ref taking centre stage in the final analysis for their poor quality. It's going to take some doing to maintain those levels with so many games coming up...
  14. Equally spot on. Compare now with 12 months ago. The progress is incredible.
  15. Strangely looking forward to this one. I love it when we're pitched up against a side that are going well. Whatever the outcome, it's another game in the rebuilding process, and I'm fascinated by that regardless. A win would be nice though 🙂
  16. I think that centre half is an easier position to quickly bed in to a new side. You're facing the play, so can see everything, it's a position where you can keep it simple and build from there. As long as you do the basics, everyone is happy. It gets more complex the further upfield you go, and expectations are higher too.
  17. Of course, the upside is that the opposition haven't got much idea about how we will play either 🙂
  18. I'm left with a feeling of sadness about Rodders. On first viewing, I got very excited. There have only been a few highlights since then, for whatever reason. I should know better! 🤔
  19. Tend to agree with this. DC talked about the same yesterday. There's alot of blending to be done at a time when the ideal would be stability with a bit of ooomph added.
  20. I'd almost forgotten there's a playing side to the operation!
  21. I was referring to other factors that I've seen mentioned on here. Thanks for your clarification 🙂
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