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  1. Re the goalkeeper situation, am I right in thinking that you can get an emergency loan if you don't have a fit keeper? Not ideal, but maybe we could take the risk of not having cover?
  2. Reading articles on Bristol Rovers suggest they're all over the place with their squad. Releasing 3 experienced players, one who signed a two year contract in June, replacing with Academy kids. Fleetwood's manager saying he got his tactics wrong, and now that he picked the wrong team. We might be playing a waiting game, but the stability of the squad, management and support staff allows us to take our time. Another example of the benefits of long term planning.
  3. Smith's misplaced pass that ended up in the back of the net was pretty special ☺️
  4. Similar thing happened when Connor Hall came in. A mate was following a striker of the same name, playing at Chorley or some such place...
  5. Just caught up. I'm sure I'll have forgotten it all by tomorrow πŸ˜•
  6. Does being under age still apply? If so, he doesn't count.
  7. SFBT


    Yes, the ref almost contrived to spoil the occasion.
  8. SFBT


    What I've loved about this competition has been the spirit that the games have been played in. Open, expressive, fair. Sadly, Germany gave us a glimpse of the future tonight. Full of the dark arts. Horrible team.
  9. SFBT


    I agree. My stand out player is Walsh. Stunningly good midfielder.
  10. SFBT


    And a demonstration of how to play a squad game. Football is past the eleven aside phase. At our level, it's becoming a 16 player game. DC seems to be up to the mark with this development.
  11. It's the general overall upgrading, of everything, that gives the belief that we will get there. Wherever there may be. Improving quality on and off the field. I think it's when placed in that context that critical comments are seen as a bit baffling. Especially when compared with most of the last 20 odd years.
  12. Exactly. Becoming more like rugby union. Maybe the days of anyone playing a full 90 minutes are numbered? Equally, being on the bench may be seen in a more favourable light?
  13. We've got the Rotherham and Stockport games to get some minutes into the legs of the returnees.
  14. That looked a very steady performance for a first game of the season in a higher league. Controlled the game, giving very little away. Given that we are so light up top, that's very creditable. Proctor was excellent, but we can't rely on him to be playing 90 minutes.
  15. Joey Barton's vows to complete transfer jigsaw after Bristol Rovers' defeat to Forest Green - Bristol Live WWW.BRISTOLPOST.CO.UK Gas still building their squad too. Imo, shows the benefit of Vale having a solid core squad to build from, whilst Gas went up with two outstanding and difficult to replace loanees.
  16. 🀠 Just what we need. A striker who lacks confidence and goals. You sell him well 😊
  17. Especially as he takes a few games to get up to speed.
  18. SFBT


    If England win on Sunday, they will have to earn it. I'm a bit concerned about the defence, I thought Millie Bright struggled against Spain, although a physical battle might suit her strengths. I also thought Lucy Bronze, of all people, looked out of sorts. Plus the keeper, for all her strengths, doesn't fill me with confidence from crosses. If the midfield and attack perform again, there's no worries on those areas. Looking forward to another good contest.
  19. Alongside this week's activity, there is clearly plenty more to come. I'm guessing that there has been a phenomenal amount of work going on to secure these signings. All credit to those involved, as we look forward to the final pieces to complete the squad.
  20. But John Smith's? Really? It's dreadful stuff 😊
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