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  1. As much as I would love to see Norwood coming to Vale as a short term option to cover the injuries we've now got to our two main front men, DC puts a lot of emphasis on character - so would he fit within that ethos, given the comments on his off the field issues? just to add, I don't think we'll have any chance of getting him given his current wages but we may have held some funds back ready for January to invest depending on where we are, to try to push us on to gain Play Offs at the minimum.
  2. I re-watched the highlights a couple of times and you could see exactly how it was rehearsed. Watch Gibbo closely, Martin is behind him but Gibbo is watching his owner marker as well as Martins..........as the ball is played, Gibbo runs straight into both markers to block them following Martin running on the outside of him............shithousery of the highest quality.....@Joe B will be very, very impressed.
  3. I think Burgess would be a good midfield backup and strikes me as having the right type of attitude, although he is lightweight. I guess it depends on the type of formations DC plans to play as it could mean despite all his hard work to impress, he may never get a look in.
  4. I'm awaiting Doho's response to this - will no doubt have me stitches
  5. Off topic I know, but I remember when we played Wolves their first game of the season after they got relegated to league 1. The atmosphere was rocking! I can't wait to see us get back to league 1 to clubs that actually bother to bring fans to grounds
  6. I've never seen Tshimanga play, although I've heard many of good word about him (mainly on here) - He seems the perfect kind of target that Peterborough go for and given there past record in fine tuning strikers to get them bigger moves, I couldn't see us competing with them. I know they've just gone to the Championship but I don't think that will see them throw out their model. I would be shocked if we signed him but very pleasantly surprised
  7. caveat***this is not a rumour and purely just for debate on the type of signing I'd like to see: Darnell Johnson 22 year old primarily CB but can play RB, released from Leicester. He had two spells in league one last year with two struggling sides (Wigan and then Wimbledon). From reading his interviews, his attitude appears right - he wanted to learn and develop at EFL clubs - he wasn't content with just sitting in a big club reserves. He has made 22 appears in league one, so whilst minimal in terms of experience, it mitigates some of the risk of signing a fresh faced player from premier academies. Could it be that we're in for this Johnson, rather than Ryan Johnson of Hartlepool. Onto the link - as I say, there is absolutely nothing to suggest we're in for him but he is the God son of Emile Heskey - Heskey praised Carol and the Club, so he could put in a good word 🙂
  8. I think Fitz has been steady, I wouldn’t say he has particularly under performed and he’s made some vital interceptions or blocks when covering other people’s mistakes. The problem is, he doesn’t really offer much as an outlet on the attacking element. RCG hasn’t had any football league exposure. The club/management may think that he has first team potential but he’s just not ready at the moment. When the team was struggling, would you want to risk putting a youth teamer in - Askey did with Hurst but that was forced upon him due to injuries, COVID and not wanting McKirdy. if we can start to pick up points and ensuring we’re not dragged into a dog fight, they may give him some game time.
  9. I agree that I’d like to see us utilise youth talent more, but he is only 19 and been sent out on loan to lower leagues club to gain experience - just as prem/champ clubs send theirs to us. I’d be surprised if he was going to be released, especially given the quota for next year. He probably needs to get stronger for the rigours of league football but I feel we’ve missed the attacking outlet that both Gibbo on the right and Clarke on the left offered last season, hopefully RCG can offer that next year as he’s eased into the first team picture. RCG will make mistakes but given he’s home grown, I think fans will be more patient with him as he adjusts.
  10. With the Bruno era I think we could all see from the start of the season that it was going to eventually come crashing down at some point. We picked up results but I’m not sure how, as we were truly awful in most games and getting overran on most occasions. I imagine scouting us for the start of the season would also have played a part - as we were a pure unknown.
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