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  1. I think Fitz has been steady, I wouldn’t say he has particularly under performed and he’s made some vital interceptions or blocks when covering other people’s mistakes. The problem is, he doesn’t really offer much as an outlet on the attacking element. RCG hasn’t had any football league exposure. The club/management may think that he has first team potential but he’s just not ready at the moment. When the team was struggling, would you want to risk putting a youth teamer in - Askey did with Hurst but that was forced upon him due to injuries, COVID and not wanting McKirdy. i
  2. I agree that I’d like to see us utilise youth talent more, but he is only 19 and been sent out on loan to lower leagues club to gain experience - just as prem/champ clubs send theirs to us. I’d be surprised if he was going to be released, especially given the quota for next year. He probably needs to get stronger for the rigours of league football but I feel we’ve missed the attacking outlet that both Gibbo on the right and Clarke on the left offered last season, hopefully RCG can offer that next year as he’s eased into the first team picture. RCG will make mistakes but given he’s home g
  3. On the Scunthorpe game, I thought that Worral had a much better game when he moved over to the left hand side. Given his athletic ability, he also gets up and down supporting his LB - so I would continue to utilise him where he thrived last year.
  4. With the Bruno era I think we could all see from the start of the season that it was going to eventually come crashing down at some point. We picked up results but I’m not sure how, as we were truly awful in most games and getting overran on most occasions. I imagine scouting us for the start of the season would also have played a part - as we were a pure unknown.
  5. I see that someone (highly likely a WUM) has updated Peter Hartley's wiki page first thing morning to say his current club is Port Vale. I can't see this one happening I think he'd be on a lot more than we could offer.
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