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  1. I noticed their forwards kept leaning into walkers back whenever he went to head the ball, but for me, he just isn't strong enough or seems to relish the battle in that part of the pitch. That's why I think Smith is much better in that role. If smith does move across, who do you then put in at RCB. I'd prefer to see Proctor and Wilson closer together in a front two - which is what Dazzler started with and said he always likes two up top
  2. I wasn't sure if Jones was injured as he hasn't been mentioned, but I did notice he hadn't been on the bench again. I do agree but I think he'd be the best option in replicating what Cass was offering previously. Ideally, you want Gibbo in the wing back role due to his crossing ability, but we also need to accommodate wozza. I think them pair work really well together, so whilst it wouldn't be my first choice, it's an enforced choice to try and get more triangle pass and movement. his distribution is way off but unless he does something drastically wrong, then I can't see him getting dropped.
  3. I agree with the formation just not in a personal positional sense. We were to more effective when we had Cass and Jones being able to carry the ball out and overlap the wing backs - offering more outlets. Smith and Hall are purely just solid defenders but that's why we're tending to go back and sideways rather than forward. For me, and Martin hasn't done anything wrong i'd go the following. Goalkeeper, I don't really have a preference but Covolan did collect a lot of crosses but I rarely saw him actually make a save - Holy, good presence, collects crosses but it's like he's not used to playing on small tight pitches, given his goal kicks go all the way to the other keeper. So my team: Holy Gibbo Smith Jones Wozza Pett Walker Hussey Garrity Proctor Wilson
  4. This is where I think people seem to be missing the point on. If we are offering a top basic salary of £1,850, we know for a fact that not all players will be on that amount. The likes of Hurst etc will be on less than that. However, what we appear to be doing, is making this almost a Sales related environment. This is your basic package but heavily incentivised if you meet these certain goals. To some degree, most clubs work similar to that, but it appears that rather than an individual incentive, it's collectively i.e. bonus paid if we're in the top 7 and therefore each and everyone of you needs to be putting in a performance. Rather than here's £30k if you reach 15 goals Wilson.
  5. How many of those were early season... Saturday 21st August LEAGUE TWO Stevenage1Port Vale1 FT Tuesday 17th August LEAGUE TWO Port Vale0Carlisle United0 FT Saturday 14th August LEAGUE TWO Port Vale0Tranmere Rovers0 FT Tuesday 10th August EFL CUP Port Vale1Sunderland2 FT Saturday 7th August LEAGUE TWO Northampton Town1Port Vale0 FT There you go - that's the start of the season....and using the same amount of games since we lasted scored from opened play.......now bore off.
  6. Absolutely agree with this, other players include rodders. We do have a tendency to want to blame certain players - and it’s not just when we’re not doing so well.
  7. Smithy must have read your comments mate….can you do the same again on Tuesday about the rest of the squad 🙏
  8. Bog standard comment from a lower league player, I don’t really see that as a dig personally. It’s the same as when a player states, the gaffer, the facilities etc
  9. Is he injured do we think, or is it a smoke screen and he's off to join another club before the deadline! I was hopeful we'd be getting him
  10. Trevor Kettle is the 4th Official........at least he shouldn't be able to ruin the game from that role
  11. well, that's frustrating - I was a big fan of Grant during his time with us. I'm hoping he doesn't get booed tomorrow, like previous occasions - as it never seems to work in our favour!
  12. Not to dig you out, but have we really stooped to this level - "Clarke only picks his favorites"...........given your past obvious dislike to Smith, I assume you mean him. Play Hussey centre mid, the Hussey that is famous for his deliveries into the box and probably the sole reason we were in for him. Why would you play Jones, a left back/WB in a Sweeper role? He's 6 foot, whilst still tall - he's not as tall as Martin 6'3 and Hall 6'4 - so surely you'd move Hall to the sweeper role and Jones in the LCB role which he has excelled out previously? Not every cross into a box is reliant upon someone being able to head the ball in, and whilst heading isn't Wilson main attribute, I wouldn't particularly say that it is an absolute weakness. When hussey and benning have played, we don't appear to have great options available for them to move forward - which forces them back and sideways, rather than it being their lack of confidence in making a forward pass.
  13. If that is the case, then I think it's safe to say DC doesn't feel he can rely on Lucas any longer - rather than my earlier thoughts it could be we're just looking for a short term reserve goalie.
  14. Where has the 'not breaking the bank' thing come from - have I missed something that's been said today? I've heard DC say in the past they have a wage structure and DF say that's why we lost out on Politic but a lot of people have quoted it today - so just interested what I've missed
  15. I instantly thought that too, but then I remember DCs interview and he was asked why he'd not named a youth team goalie on the bench - he basically said that none of them are up to the grade required. So, I guess it could be either a direct replacement for lucas or just a youth/reserve goalie
  16. On what evidence do you basis that on? So every club that gets out of league two, spends above their means do they? No one at the club has said that we can't afford new signings, we're just not signing players that want more money than we're willing to spend. It makes complete commercial sense - it's not difficult to comprehend.
  17. He’s been with us for a season and a half. First season, did pretty well without being spectacular, however so far this season has had a number of set backs. he’s still under contract so unless someone is paying a fee or we’re settling his contract early (highly unlikely) then he’ll be staying put and I for one hope that he can continue to develop with us. He’s still relatively young so why wouldn’t we want to develop him…..but that will mean we will have to accept the inconsistencies in his game rather than just looking for a scapegoat as our fan base usually do
  18. I think Rodney is worth keeping, he's 23 so still has plenty of time to develop within his current contract which runs until July 2023. He's not the finished article but I don't think him nor the club claim that he is. His touch and hold up play is improving - you only need to look at Burton game to see that his must have been an area the coaches are working on with him. Don't get me wrong, I've been frustrated at times with his decision making but that is the purpose of working with them on the training ground to fine tune those weaknesses. Look at Tom Conlon progression (who's now 25 and soon to be 26 in Feb) who was being written off a couple of years ago - players at our level just need a little more time to train and learn from mistakes in games. I appreciate that the greedy league sees young prospects playing fantastic football at 21 but they are few and far between and at our level, they will generally develop at a later stage in their career. With Rodney, he needs to earn his place like everyone but there is certainly a good player in there and one I hope is realised with us rather than somewhere else. He seems to be a confidence player and he does need to zone out the moans and groans that I hear around the ground - I've been guilty of letting out a little moan when his first touch has made the ball run away from him when we would otherwise have been in a good attacking position - but that unfortunately part of the game with fans in the ground that he needs to get used to. His first full season with us, he had no fans in the ground on his back and was top scorer (in a shocking season admittedly).
  19. As much as I would love to see Norwood coming to Vale as a short term option to cover the injuries we've now got to our two main front men, DC puts a lot of emphasis on character - so would he fit within that ethos, given the comments on his off the field issues? just to add, I don't think we'll have any chance of getting him given his current wages but we may have held some funds back ready for January to invest depending on where we are, to try to push us on to gain Play Offs at the minimum.
  20. I re-watched the highlights a couple of times and you could see exactly how it was rehearsed. Watch Gibbo closely, Martin is behind him but Gibbo is watching his owner marker as well as Martins..........as the ball is played, Gibbo runs straight into both markers to block them following Martin running on the outside of him............shithousery of the highest quality.....@Joe B will be very, very impressed.
  21. I think Burgess would be a good midfield backup and strikes me as having the right type of attitude, although he is lightweight. I guess it depends on the type of formations DC plans to play as it could mean despite all his hard work to impress, he may never get a look in.
  22. I'm awaiting Doho's response to this - will no doubt have me stitches
  23. Off topic I know, but I remember when we played Wolves their first game of the season after they got relegated to league 1. The atmosphere was rocking! I can't wait to see us get back to league 1 to clubs that actually bother to bring fans to grounds
  24. I've never seen Tshimanga play, although I've heard many of good word about him (mainly on here) - He seems the perfect kind of target that Peterborough go for and given there past record in fine tuning strikers to get them bigger moves, I couldn't see us competing with them. I know they've just gone to the Championship but I don't think that will see them throw out their model. I would be shocked if we signed him but very pleasantly surprised
  25. caveat***this is not a rumour and purely just for debate on the type of signing I'd like to see: Darnell Johnson 22 year old primarily CB but can play RB, released from Leicester. He had two spells in league one last year with two struggling sides (Wigan and then Wimbledon). From reading his interviews, his attitude appears right - he wanted to learn and develop at EFL clubs - he wasn't content with just sitting in a big club reserves. He has made 22 appears in league one, so whilst minimal in terms of experience, it mitigates some of the risk of signing a fresh faced player from premier academies. Could it be that we're in for this Johnson, rather than Ryan Johnson of Hartlepool. Onto the link - as I say, there is absolutely nothing to suggest we're in for him but he is the God son of Emile Heskey - Heskey praised Carol and the Club, so he could put in a good word 🙂
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