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  1. Really sad news. Our best midfielder for quite a while, classy and a consistent performer. Another from the promotion team of 83 to pass away. Can picture him scoring with his left foot to win us a big game at Bury that campaign.
  2. He was superb. We had him and the Chamberlain's as a really handy front three in the 81/2 season. He's the best loan player in my time.
  3. 1974 at home v Bury. Won 1-0 Horton pen at the Hamil end. Like many others, was mesmerized by the ground and the colour as the only pro football I'd watched was on TV in black and white. Couldn't wait for the next game which was the following week and we beat Huddersfield 4-0. Horton scored a cracker but Toney Lacey scored one even better from 30+ yards. We had a decent season and finished 6th but no play offs in those days of course. Remember Blackburn with Gordon Lee returning to beat us and win the championship with a huge following.
  4. 1974 December, Brian Horton penalty at the Hamil end for a 1-0 win v Bury.
  5. No you're right. It was the equaliser, a typical Ernie powerhouse header buldozing the defenders to get there. Mark Chamberlain then got the second running onto the pitch to nick it off their keeper when he wasn't looking and all hell broke loose. Tony Sealy got our third, it was the season before we went up.
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