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  1. Harry Mckirdy still hasn't scored at Vale Park
  2. An historic, and extremely long overdue day. A brave decision and one that deserves praise. 👏🏳️‍🌈 Hopefully more professional footballers now feel comfortable to come out, too.
  3. A few points to note: 1. I didnt think the players seemed to down at the final whistle. They seemed pretty care-free in fact. 2. This seems very minor, but also very telling of attitudes... the drill the players do before the second half with some cones on the touchline; a handful didnt do it properly. If they can't be arsed to do a three second drill properly, when it's obviously done with a purpose, you have to question their current passion. Something has changed in the last few weeks.
  4. It was just me at the back to begin with, but a Thai, who I think worked as a chef there, took a real interest and watched with me on the TV at the back. His colleagues also tried to turn the sound up, without me asking - as the bar had music on - which was good of them. I attempted to explain to the chef that the TV cameras were increasing pressure on the otherwise mighty team in White, and were responsible for the dog dirt performance... and I believe he got it 😂🙃.
  5. Managed to get it in a German bar. They found it for me on a channel just called 'Sky Sports Football'. Shocking first half. Need to keep pressing now for that winner!!
  6. Thanks Santa, I thought it would be easy, worried now. To everyone attending: get fortress Vale Park rocking!!!!
  7. Not yet mate... At least this website's name will finally earn its gravy... OneValeFan in Bangkok!! Will be singing on my own thats for sure.
  8. A hugely optimistic longshot... Is anyone else on hols in Bangkok and planning to find a bar showing the big game tomorrow (evening, local time). It would be good to be a part of a contingent greater than one!!
  9. Gary Roberts at Home versus Shrewsbury would be one
  10. Another question then, am I right in thinking the Valiants currently have the longest tun in the football league without entering the top flight?
  11. Do the Valiants currently hold the record for the longest run without landing in a playoff position? Nearly 20 years 🤔
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