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  1. Gary Roberts at Home versus Shrewsbury would be one
  2. Another question then, am I right in thinking the Valiants currently have the longest tun in the football league without entering the top flight?
  3. Do the Valiants currently hold the record for the longest run without landing in a playoff position? Nearly 20 years 🤔
  4. If Askey leaves I hope the club looks at both male and female options for a replacement. There have been no female managers in the professional male game as far as I am aware which is shocking. The club's profile from such a move would be significant, and not only would the club go down positively in history, it would almost certainly receive other boosts such as additional TV revenues, and an increased female fan base both immediately and with future generations. An empty covid stadium could be good timing as well, for such a landmark appointment. Food for thought.
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