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  1. Nah, he flapped at a corner and got lucky with the bounce off his chest that didn't fall to any one. We all want Cov to succeed, nice bloke. But it is not working is it? That said - we were just total garbage today.
  2. Easy claim but for some reason he led with his foot up high and kicked McKirdy in the chest, totally unnecessary and totally a red/pen.
  3. Someone (will not quote) said they put out a weakened team. Not according their forum. They reckoned they put out a strong side. Thought we had a good go second half and 1-4 flattered them. Woz was the best player on the pitch.
  4. Yeah he came in and did a job, very good player. Gave me a lift down Vale as he lived in Biddulph just round the corner. Sound bloke, good player.
  5. Not a great, only one real season, but a handy signing at the time and sold on at small profit. Big Ron Futcher 1988/89 promotion season.
  6. The Swindon manager said McKirdy is an odd ball and has to be treated as such. He didn't fit at Vale, fair enough. But they seem to be getting a tune out of him. Good luck to him.
  7. He's looked alright every time I've seen him.
  8. Going back to the original question I'd throw in Scott Brown at the time. After the goal keeping shed show we'd had I swear only he kept us up. Time for him to move on no argument about that. But at the time a life saver. Woz, not too shabby a signing. Legge has done a job. Amoo. Just talking about recent past signings, not recent signings.
  9. How did Bezza get the RS gig, and how did he manage to avoid swearing on air? Are these postponements helping or hurting us? Is DC too wedded to five at the back? Like JA was with 4-3-3? Who was our best signing? Does Jake Taylor have a future at PV? Why was Whitehead recalled? Do we expect to lose any in Jan? Where should we be looking to recruit in Jan?
  10. On the plus side, Wilbutts Lane chippy is shut until after new year. But should be open for the re-arranged fixture.
  11. toyahw


    It is a game of Russian Roulette at the moment Leeds. Who knows who has got it right? Time will only tell.
  12. The comment above that he ran the show vs Liverpool U23 is bang on the money. Time, space, slow paced game. In the hurly burly of L2 he's not been up to it since he came back I'm afraid. Not a dig, just not cut out for it at this time.
  13. toyahw


    Caution is not fear. A calculated decision. I'm not scared, if it takes me out so it goes. Depends on individuals' circumstances. If I was a single bloke or just a couple I'd be down there (well if I could). But if I'm a family man mixing with a lot of family later, some of whom are otherwise not so great health wise. I would think twice about it at this time.
  14. toyahw


    That is very much the case and on a hiding to nothing. The English government I think tries to do the bare minimum to keep restrictions minimal. But when you have SAGE (sic) members screaming doom in the press it is a brave politico who chooses to ignore. And, believe it or not your Gov have largely followed their (often very duff, I've read the SAGE minutes) scientific advice. Here in NL we without doubt have Omicron all over the place (close links with SA for a start). Cases and hospital numbers are currently falling. We were already under an effective 17.00 curfew. Then out of the blue Sat they basically shut everything down. Back to everything other than food shops shut. Again. At the press conference they basically said "we don't know much about Omicron but we've shat our pants anyway". And brought these Draconian restrictions in until 14 Jan minimum. Only time will tell which approach is best. I'm no kind of anti-vaccer or covid denier. I appreciate that these are difficult decisions. And lockdowns do work, bang everyone under essentially house arrest and there won't be much spreading. But on the other hand people deserve some kind of life even with associated risk.
  15. toyahw


    Speaking as a bit of an expert on this. Computer modelling, particularly when done by biologists, is quantitatively worthless mainly. You have to have a decent understanding of the problem (they don't) a decent model (they don't), reliable code (they don't) and extensive back testing (they don't). This Ferguson tit - how he gets away it just reminds me why I quit science. Not to weigh in on any side of the debate. But data in -> crud model badly programmed not back tested -> garbage out. Computer modelling is great when you have a well defined problem with smart people dealing with it. An ill defined problem with idiots on the case?
  16. The problem is we have a lot of players who are just not good enough. Even a second string Aus team are humiliating us. But we don't even get the best out the thin gruel we have, to give them a game. . Now it is just a feeling of sadness, we can't even give them a game.
  17. VAR is crap. All those bloody pundits crying for it for years like it was some golden bullet. Just creates more of a mess. The problem is, unlike cricket, the laws are not absolute. "being in control" "unnatural arm position" "interfering with play". All totally subjective. That is why I'd rather just leave it to the ref for all his/her fallibilities. And get on with game. That is/was the joy of football. Fast paced get on with it.
  18. He could maybe be sacked for misconduct but the legal <ovf censored> would cost, outcome uncertain. Easiest thing is deregister him to free up a place and say good bye end of the season.
  19. All the best to Barry and his family. He has been immense here with his cheerfulness and guess the crowd gig.
  20. I find it ironic that VAR was supposed to remove controversy from football and ends up creating more. And slowing the game down and taking the spontaneity out of it. Newcastle got humped because they are crap, not VAR. Wolves Chelsea I never woke up. Spuds Scousers fair result, good game, whatever.
  21. In his profile he has player for Port Vale and links the club site. At the bare minimum he should say, if he is going to post controversial stuff, professional footballer, these opinions are my own. No way should he be linking his ramblings with the Vale in any way. Surprised he's got away with it for so long to be honest.
  22. toyahw


    Yeah, great it is over here in NL. Not. Wait for the riots tonight. Didn't even manage to get a hair cut before they slammed on the brakes. Even schools shut until mid Jan. Football behind closed doors. Everything shut. To quote Rutte from his press conference "Netherlands is shut". Plus side, we already had our Christmas shopping done. All the best to you all and your families and as good a Christmas as possible. I suspect you lot have this coming up too...
  23. toyahw


    Based on pre-covid death rates it's easy to estimate quite accurately how much this definition overestimates actual covid deaths, because some people would have died anyway, and that yields an overestimate of 13%. On the flip side, it underestimates because anyone who died from covid but was not tested within 28 days prior to death won't count. This underestimates by about 10%. So the figure from this definition is a quick and easy method that gives a very reasonable approximation to the true number.
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