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  1. Johnson looked pretty good in one of the pre-season friendlies, can't remember which, when he had a lot of time. In the league games he's looked a bit slow in anticipation rather than slow slow. Martin has been okay. Maybe not as commanding in the air as you might like from a bloke of his height. Benning, a bit inconsistent. He's had his moments good and bad. Looks a bit like he's not quite worked out his role yet. Being up the pitch when he should be back and vice versa. None are anywhere near a write-off yet.
  2. One those days when everything went right. Credit to DC and our players and our supporters. No negatives, Just one to enjoy,
  3. Smithy had a good game. Kept their dangerous forward pretty quiet. I'll get me coat.....
  4. Gibbo was terrific when he came on. Looks just as comfortable on the left as the right. Really hope he stays fit because he is a right asset for us.
  5. We never looked hopeless. We were under the cosh for 5 minutes of the second half. That was it Start of the second half we did, doesn't matter if we are brilliant for the other 85.
  6. What a crazy game that was. We edged it. Managed to look hopeless and brilliant. Garrity great again and Cov for the first time got us the points with a couple of great saves. No one less than 7/10 worked their balls of. The faithful in good voice. Thoroughly enjoyed that.
  7. Why am I watching adverts......
  8. Scratching your head is not a meltdown. Could be a stroke of genius.
  9. If it's three at the back, why replace Martin with Cass? Cass doesn't look like a CB to me, more likely RB in a four? Interesting selection to say the least. Let's hope it works.
  10. As DC says, it is all about winning games of football. Today was shambolic. And we lost.
  11. It is no replacement for actually going to the game. But in these days where for many reasons people simply can not go, the restrictive attitude about it makes little sense.
  12. There are others on here who have more experience than me with this Mr Burslem as it is not actually a problem for me. e.g, TJHValiant for example and I hope he does not mind me mentioning his name. Let me make clear I'm not encouraging T+C breaking here. But yeah, if you want to go but can't, why not be able to watch the game and send a few shillings the club's way?
  13. i-follow is always available for league matches. Sat I believe it is available in the UK as it is international weekend. Costs you a tenner. Other weekends it not strictly allowed in the UK, but is abroad. So this does not affect me. But, there is a way around this which is using a VPN, which you can download. Most of the decent ones cost a small amount a year. The VPN basically puts you through a server abroad. So makes it look like you are abroad and or hides your true location. There is nothing illegal about using a VPN. WRT i-follow you would technically be violating their T+C's, maybe. I don't actually remember filling in my address when I renewed, although it would be fine in my case. It appears to me that i-follow are at this time hardly bothering with regional restrictions as it is so easy to get around. Could change. But if you go by this route you are not defrauding anyone. I have the same problem all the time trying to watch cricket from NL.
  14. I guess it is the usual disappointment of losing. Oh well. We go again Sat
  15. I find it kind of strange to get attacked so much for supporting my home town club. From abroad, Hmm. I respect your opinion mate. I'll think on it. I do not hate anyone BTW. Hate is a very bad word. I think we are doing okay actually.
  16. Hmm Well I'm a Vale Fan, Without disguise. christopher,paul.lowe@gmail,com if you wish to speak. And please do not call me a <ovf censored> fan. I may be many things. But you don't hang around Vale for fifty years just for the crack.
  17. Being accused of being a stoke city fan? That takes some serious time with your shrink to deal with.
  18. !!!!!! Get out of here, no one hates Stoke more than I do. Good move for him. Suits all parties, I mean just don't say that. Ever ever. Ever. Ever. I mean just don't.... Outraged. Never ever ever say that about me ever again. Vale through and through mate. What do you think I was doing this evening? Watching the Vale. That is what.
  19. Give it a rest. Played most of our unbeaten run. "appalling"?
  20. Good luck to him. He's gone to a much better club that will probably go up.
  21. I just don't think the pile on is justified Santa, Joe B and his fan club going on like he's the worst player ever at Vale. Was he great for us, no. Have I seen a lot worse. Yes. And it is kind of funny that you can't criticise new signings, but piling in on him is okay. I just don't like it. On a human level. No doubt I will get murdered for this.
  22. The bloke is a human being who had a contract with us. That is not a nice thing to say. I wish him the best. I don't get the hate.
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