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  1. Think I was a bit harsh on Whitehead yesterday. He did get in some good positions and was much better than vs Carlisle. I'm not sure he has got to grips with where he fits in in the 4-3-3 system. Plus yesterday we fiddled around a lot. Changing where personnel were playing. Players switching around. Not knocking this, keeps the oppo thinking, but can't make it easy for a new player. Certainly not writing the bloke off.
  2. He's a much better player than he gets credit for in my opinion.
  3. Thought the same. But that is Monty for you. Which is why we love him.
  4. That is true. Credit to the ref that he did not react to the fluke injury with a card. All the best to their bloke for a swift recovery.
  5. He just does not seem to fit in the system at the moment. Not writing him off, but not quite working at the moment,
  6. To be fair mate, it was quickly appreciated that Whitehead had nothing to do with it, It was just an unfortunate slip by their player. Whitehead had a poor game though.
  7. Yeah, it's not been easy for anyone playing there for us this season so far. Feeding on scraps. It's a bit like in the 4-3-3 it's more about laying off to one of the other two than being a "target man". Thought Rodders did okay, but still looks very raw. Theo looked good in the role when he came on. For the first time. But good on them for keeping going in a thankless role.
  8. We got the rub of the green today. Maybe we haven't in the last three league games. Even though we did ourselves no favours either in those games. We were better today, but we haven't really hit our stride yet. Plus the injuries. So eighth at this point in time is okay. I agree we miss the under rated Amoo. He gives us that bit of drive. Thought Fitz was good today.
  9. No one is ranting. Just stating the bleeding obvious that in the last three league games we have played poorly.
  10. I believe that we have played the most seasons in the league without ever reaching the top flight of any club. Makes you feel quite proud in a way.
  11. At least we won. Look after yourself mate. All the best wishes to you. Being ill sucks.
  12. Not a fan but his comments today they were mostly spot on. Both our full backs today were poor.
  13. Sorry mate. It is your business. Hope you get better soon, all my best wishes to you.
  14. toyahw


    Feels good though.
  15. Do you actually watch the Vale Geo? It would be dead easy for you to do so. Do you watch the games? I get the feeling that you do not. That you are one of these who pontificates about the Vale without watching a single game! Were you sat watching Vale vs Crawley today? Paid your tenner. Thoughts on the game....
  16. He was okay but we should have had a couple pennos The Smith one was outrageous. And there was a blatant handball he missed earlier. So it goes.
  17. Both full backs were a bit iffy today. Not bad, but iffy. Burgess was in and out. I rarely agree with Sproson but today I think he called it right. The tried and trusted were really good today. Brown, Legge, Smith, Joyce, Wozza, Conlon. Cullen is a sniffer. Rodders has cult hero written all over him.
  18. For the first time the first game of the season was no problem for me. Stream was fine. But the system for us expats is more mature. All the problems reported by people here have been reported by fans of other clubs. So not people being thick or Vale's fault , just that the system is obviously erratic for ST holders with codes in particular. Hopefully it will be ironed out shortly, so hang in there.
  19. Scroll back to 66 min when there is a break in play. Then flick back to live.
  20. Is everyone sure they are logged in to the ifollow account they made? Should show you in the top right (to the right of "more")
  21. Sorry, it was not meant to be patronizing. More to do with the fact that a lot of official advice is really over complicated and confusing, whereas I thought Jack did a nice job of putting it in a nutshell. That was all. Good work.
  22. There is a difference between information and clear information Rob. What Jacko posted was very clear and from experience. It is clear also that ST holders can download free a programme. It is clear that you can watch the full match next day if you wish. But try to find this all in one place without hunting around. Then it becomes very unclear. So a nice simple guide would be very useful I think.
  23. Maybe you could get Rob to pin your post Jean with its very clear instructions? I also believe that ST holders can download an electronic programme free of charge. Should they wish.
  24. Under the terms and conditions - no.
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