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  1. What. Displace the Lorne St moaners? Get out of here. We moan for our club.
  2. Well Hussey had a shocker last time out, but that was at CB. Benning on his A game is better but he has been very up and down. Probably flip of a coin and Hussey got the nod for his dead ball stuff. Malv has done enough there to keep the shirt for me.
  3. Based on recent form I'd take Benning. Or we have the option to bring Woz back on the right and stick Gibbo over there. Hussey didn't look fit from the off today.
  4. Sure he must be injured. Brought off last game and no way would he be out of the squad otherwise. Based on performances.
  5. Malv did well when he came on so Gibbo Smithy Martin Hall Benning for me. Might be good to keep Wozzer as an attacking option off the bench playing higher up the pitch.
  6. You could also throw in Hall. Smithy edges it for me. A Smithy kind of game, backs to the wall stuff. Plus Smithy plays so much better when he's got another decent defender down his side so he's not having to cover the FB position as well as CB duties (Gibbo today). Stone was terrific apart from some dodgy kicking. That save first half - wow.
  7. He did well. But the assist was Proctor.
  8. I suspect Smithy will be off. Good riddance I suspect many will say. He's done a shift for us never really been appreciated and stuck in a toss team. Time for a change. Gibbo, best player at the club but not much use if you you hardly play, and he's done a few hammys. Which is not good. Maybe we could keep him a long term deal. Worth the gamble for me. Martin is pretty average. Proctor I expect he'll be off. Benning, has his moments but not worth a new contract. Amoo past his sell by date ditto Worrall. Sad to say. Like both on their day. Think we are stuck with a few though. I mean who gave Hurst and Taylor those deals? Nothing against them personally. But I mean if you never set foot on the pitch what is the point? Jones looks like another who looks good on paper. The game is not played on paper. You need men on the pitch.
  9. Last few games we have been rubbish. Played rubbish and got what we deserved. Zip. Do that and you don't deserve to go up.
  10. Well first sell out since 1990? What a joke. Ground looked half empty and sounded like a morgue. Two would have gone down last two passing over their 90 quid. But no room apparently. So they did not. Got spent down the garden centre instead. I know C+K have a massive job on their hands. But please make it easier for us to give you our money.
  11. It's a bit Occam's razor at the end of the day. Players not playing well and since Walker got crocked too light weight in midfield. Loss of confidence. On pitch bickering, never a good look.
  12. Funny that he won player of the season when we were in .... L1
  13. Atrocious? No he wasn't. Add to your list of managers AC/DC. Smithy was the least of our problems. I really do not understand why Vale fans turn on certain players. I could give you a list of who were atrocious. And Smithy was not one. He'll be off to L1 summer.
  14. The pile on on Smithy is a typical Vale. He's the least of our problems.
  15. You think so? Several managers don't seem to share your opinion.
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