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  1. Leon has gone way beyond concerns about clashes with his seizure medication. Whatever he does is his business but spouting nonsense on public platforms is not. He is a conspiracy theorist. He reckons the last uptick was actually hey fever. Anyone interested, this is what epilepsy.org.uk say..... Some research suggests people with epilepsy could have a slightly increased risk of getting seriously ill or dying from coronavirus. Because of this possible slight increased risk, people with epilepsy aged 16-64 were invited to receive the COVID-19 vaccine earlier than people without underlying health conditions. The Association of British Neurologists says all COVID-19 vaccines are safe for people with neurological conditions such as epilepsy. The COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in the UK have met the strict safety standards set by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). So far, millions of people have received a COVID-19 vaccine and reports of serious side-effects, such as allergic reactions, have been very rare. COVID-19 vaccines are not expected to interact with epilepsy medicines. This means the vaccine should not affect how your medicines work, and your medicines should not affect the vaccine. Coronavirus (COVID-19) and epilepsy | COVID-19 | Epilepsy Action But it's all a conspiracy......
  2. The ones who banged out a 90% effective vaccine in less than 12 months, saving tens of thousands of lives, didn't do too shabby.
  3. Why would you want to be slagging off Cullen when he is not our player anymore and it is probably not him?
  4. We've recruited a bunch of donkeys . Plus Mal. who already looks like he can't be arsed.
  5. I think that’s management speak for crap. We were mostly rubbish Yep. Not bothered, friendly build fitness. But we were.... not so bad, first half. Going forward.
  6. Wouldn't mind that myself. Thought he showed signs of being handy for us last season despite limited opportunities.
  7. I wouldn't swear on it, because he can switch to RB which would be odd. But I'm pretty sure he's played there most of the time for us not just under DC. When we played 3 CBs I thought he was usually left, Brizz centre and Legge right. Stand to be corrected as it seems a while ago.
  8. He was good for me in his first season, last season he never looked fit. Disrupted pre-season and never seemed to catch up. The ability is there. Smithy usually plays left side CB.
  9. Absolutely. Fantastic achievement by Cav.
  10. Not as bad as Wilson. Mills was totally awful early on, but his later efforts under DC were adequate L2 FB ones.
  11. Going to be banning yourself there Rob 😉 I know the ifollow thing was an emergency measure for last season, but given how generally successful it was, it would be a shame not to learn from it and grant more access in the UK, with the correct pricing structure. The number of passes sold was way above what I expected, given that ST holders got home games free, as was the cash it bought in. Quarter of a million is not to be sniffed at, even though it of course came nowhere near replacing lost revenue. CG seems to have a bit of a sniffy attitude to it and favour a return to the pre-Covid regime. This seems a shame to me as there is an opportunity to let Vale fans watch more games than they otherwise would have, whilst bringing some extra cash into the club. Win win.
  12. The season pass is ridiculously cheap, at about 3 quid a game. I told them so in the customer survey thing. Probably the first (and only) time I've asked for a price increase. I really don't think it would have much affect on attendances. I'm grateful for the service because I can't go. If I could I would. Half of football is the crack not staring at the TV.
  13. The ifollow season pass came up for renewal about a week ago. Of course I did it. But not with much "buzz" to be honest. More, habit. That's a 150 quid in the club's coffers from me.
  14. Bit like the Lorne St.
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