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  1. Sorry. My point was that if you did not watch the game. If you wanted us out of this competition, you have a different perspective on the game. Everyone is for sure entitled to their opinion. But I kind of find it frustrating discussing it with people who did not watch. And even boast that they did not. Pass comment on the game if you watched it. If you didn't want to pay 10 quid fair enough. But then shut up.
  2. Does anyone else get annoyed with the I didn't pay, I didn't watch, we are better off out of this competition, brigade still spamming the place? If any of the above then shut up. For those of us who did pay to watch, and who did want us to win, it was a poor effort. Not Pugh out. But a poor effort putting all our failings this season on a plate.
  3. I'm bothered about the performance yes. It smacked a lot of our previous failings. The result, not surprised but the manner was the poor thing. Slag off the pizza trophy as much as you like, but it's the only thing we have an outside chance of winning. Fingers crossed, mid-table L2 here we come.
  4. I think they were done by Meedja Studies Students from the University as projects, so this may not be possible currently.
  5. Solid but unspectacular effort from us today. Ball ran for us a bit. Deserved win, very welcome three points. This back and forth bickering between certain posters is tiresome for the rest of us.
  6. Nah, just a sad sense of resignation. And here we go again. It is getting tedious. But you know, this is Vale. We suck it up and carry on.
  7. 1. Brutus 2. Mark Anthony Followed by civil war.
  8. What, talking sense? Stating the bleeding obvious? What did you expect him to say yesterday? We were unlucky? (I also believe he works for the trust not the club).
  9. Good player as he was, his coaching record suggests that would be a very bad plan. Pugh seems to have been a bit sidelined recently. Not suggesting him as a candidate, just seems odd. If Carol decides to pull the trigger, and I don't think she will, we need someone with experience in to keep us up at the moment sad to say. Not a punt. If she does not, these issues Askey refers to need sorting ASAP. Can't get my head around the fact that yet again I'm worrying about us going out of the league. Again.
  10. You can analyze it from any angle you want. But fact is the results are shocking. Performances shocking. Something has to change.
  11. So there is a connection between our community work and a down turn on the pitch? So we were gash because the lads had been busy serving up meals for the most vulnerable? Give over. They were just garbage. Hope the meals are better than what is being served up on the pitch. The two are totally separate in my view.
  12. Do nothing with set pieces, and can't be arsed. And our goalie has got a bit dodgy. Other than that we are alright.
  13. Nail on the head earlier in the thread. It's the club cat. Never team players. Egotistical. Demanding. Probably didn't get fed quick enough and scratched the driver. Just prefer to sleep and do nowt. Bad eggs. Vale Cat Out.
  14. You can't ask that nowadays I only meant it tongue in cheek on the luck front thing. Although luck had nothing to do with it today. I love black cats. We have two. Who are wise enough to do one when Vale are playing.
  15. An extra long bonus edition then? I'll leave it a day or three to avoid breaking crockery.
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