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  1. The C and ts are right. A team full of C---ts. Fill in the blanks.
  2. If he was 5'4'' that would be pushing it. That's why I remember him. Shortest Vale player I've ever seen.
  3. Wikipedia has Phil Roe down as 5'10'' ???????
  4. This place is much better. I avoid Twitter and Facebook personally. Because their opinions are a bit daft. Of course it is their right to do so. And only my own opinion. As an overseas Vale fan I would just like to say we are doing our best for our club. I an sure that you appreciate that.
  5. Me neither. You can look at the stats and think, "well I don't see it myself, but give the guy a go". I think most Vale fans are fair enough to trust the manager (now) and get behind the guy. There were exceptions in the past, players slated and binned before they'd even set foot on the pitch, but most of those doing this seem to have fallen by the wayside on here. If it is Rodney, he didn't pull up any trees at Salford, but that is the worst kind of club for a young player to be, One that is trying to buy itself success. I'd be happy with it.
  6. toyahw

    Black Lives Matter

    Starkey made some outrageously offensive comments about mining communities back in the 1980's. Basically saying that their destruction would be for the general good. That they were brutal, and the men always beat up their wives and kids. He's been on my ignore list since then. Ignorant pig. Amazed he's got away with his pig ignorant opinions for so long. The man is a disgrace, and has been for decades. Not just in regard to race issues.
  7. Dior went out on loan and did well. Turner went out on loan and did jack. The lad is from Biddulph, rooting for him. But not good enough. As JRC says, had moments - but not enough. Sadly.
  8. The disappointing things would be two fold. One is if he goes to a club that aren't really a step up from us. eg. Burton, Crewe, Stoke. The other is that we get no fee. Surely it would have made sense to agree a contract a while ago with a low buy out clause. Gives Smithy a bit of security, but doesn't hinder him moving on and makes the club a bit of cash. Maybe we tried? That would seem to me to have been the best thing for both parties.
  9. toyahw

    Joke thread

    Apparently when Germany brought in their furlough scheme, everyone was paid within three days. They didn't want any painters looking for a new occupation (courtesy of Dutch TV).
  10. Three seasons mate, can't remember him being bested by a striker. Got a good leap on him. All elbows and stuff but gets away with it. The master of fouling and getting away with it. Which is a skill. I really hope he stays. If not, so it goes. At the end of the day, it is interesting what Pope says about him. For an attacker he's a right pain.
  11. Very true Sage. Very true. Would not argue with a word you said there mate.
  12. I don't want to bash the guy mate. I'm not a boo boy. I hope it all comes good. But on the evidence I have seen he's lacking in all departments and to be honest a conference player at best. Now please do not get me wrong, I would love him to be a great success at Vale. I'd love to have eat my words. But I would not have him pencilled in as a direct swap for Smithy. Brisly can come in there as he showed. But we'd need a solid bloke to come in next to Legge as cover. Can be done. But Crookes is not that man at this time. In my opinion.
  13. No he isn't. The only vaguely decent games I've seen him play were under Aspin as the left of three CB's. I'm not writing him off. Maybe he'll come back better. But based on his Vale performances to date I wouldn't be betting my house on it. A long shot. Definitely not one to rely on to walk into a decent team.
  14. No chance,. He's rubbish. He never found his way in the first place. Bloody dreadful LB and no way capable of playing in a two at CB. Totally duff in the air. Maybe as one of a three at a push? Seen all his games mate and I don't like to say it but he is one of, if not the, worst players on our books. Based on past performance. He's really bad at everything to be honest.
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