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  1. Absolutely Jean, class. Didn't get the rub of the green today (good for us) but a credit to the game.
  2. It looked pretty good. Should those of us who saw it report to have our memories wiped? Honestly, are we going to sell one less shirt because of Glen's photo? Just view it as a teaser for the next teaser. Can't understand the fuss.
  3. I believe the icb clips also work outside the UK Rob. https://www.ecb.co.uk/ Fingers crossed for the final.
  4. We actually haven't lost the first game of the season since 2004. So we're certainly due one without need for wrist slitting.
  5. Come on this is really boring. You don't agree with the guy. We get that. You have made this very clear. Childish. And very boring.
  6. A useful headless chicken. It will indeed be interesting to see how he gets on. Let's hope it is not a "car crash" for him with the Don's. I reckon he will do alright there.
  7. Time will tell Ernie. Time will tell. I have some sympathy with your point. But stopping banging on about would do your credibility a world of good. Let us see how it goes.
  8. Rob, with all due respect, shouldn't this thankfully be in Port Vale past?
  9. In that case I apologise. Askey seemed to put a lot of faith in him last season even rushing him back from injury. But is it time to take the burden off Pope? sure it is. But do we have the personnel at the moment to play a fluent front three all with goals in them? I don't think so. So as will all managers the approach will be pragmatic. Their career is on the line. This is something I often think people forget. Managers are going to buy crap players, play players out of position, have favourites. It might look like it from the outside, but I doubt it is ever the case. Their head is on the block. This is particularly true of Askey, who does not have Mr Evil to blame if things go its up. Lloyd, well I can see both sides really. The match against us last season he had bulked up since with us. Harder to push of the ball. Good left foot. But did he look better than Hannant on the day. Not really. Looked like he didn't have the pace for a winger. So I suppose that it is whether you are looking for an upgrade on last season's squad. Probably not. Could he do a job, probably at the same kind of level as we were last season. Probably so. Amoo is an odd one. He's an out and out winger. He certainly tore us one at Cambridge. But not one of a front three, from his own words. Maybe this stuff with Askey going 4-3-3 is a bit premature, and he'll use a system to suit the players available. I hope so, because that is the way to go and being predictable just suits the oppo. Either way, all the best to them all and let us hope for a better 2019/20 than the last few years. The new owners, and us long serving fans certainly deserve it.
  10. Oh here we go again. Pope bashing already... Pope will be the first name on the team sheet under plan A. Who you going to put up top instead? Sorry, second. Brown first.
  11. Makes you wonder, why not do halves? Sounded like a decent work out. Good to see Manny getting in the yards pre-season without incident. The lad at left back. Could he come into the reckoning?
  12. What, he didn't pay the wife he shagged of the bloke who kicked crap out of him?
  13. Whitfield has ability no doubt about that. Can he do anything with it for the team is indeed the problem. Personally I think he has managers tearing their hair, or what is left of it, out because he lacks tactical discipline. If he's not in the game enough for his liking he goes looking for the ball and wastes loads of energy running around like a headless chicken. But there is something there to work on at least, if he stays.
  14. Askey himself said he played Manny when not fully fit because of his importance to the team. A full fit Manny is a class act at this level.
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