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  1. Wouldn't argue with anyone else. We were pretty woeful, but got a point.
  2. Not sure I understand why Scot Brown should be dragged into it. Good player for us. Kept us in the league. We move on.
  3. Anyone seeing Cov on football focus will want him to succeed. So far I would say, okay. Not great but not bad and most of the poor goals have other factors. Like the unnecessary free kick and poor wall yesterday. I'd certainly stick with him. When he arrived I wonder if he felt he had an el loco persona to live up to? Thankfully that has gone, he's looked calm recently.
  4. A major plus for me today was Mel B when he came on.
  5. I agree, i don't give a fig whether he is likeable or not. If he does the bizz that is it. End of.
  6. Sure, that is fine. He's doing a great job. Long let it continue. Really enjoyed today's game.
  7. DC is very passive aggressive in interviews. He is not a likeable person on the face of it. But as he says, it is about winning games of football. Which we did. So good luck and all the best to him.
  8. I'd still be tempted to keep Dennis the Menace as a super sub for now.
  9. I don't think their were any? Just people watching the game and chuffed we won.
  10. Thought Smithy had another good game today. I'll get me coat.
  11. Lacklustre first half, without looking in much trouble until we shot ourselves in the foot again. Barnstorming start to the second half, with the changes, changed the game. Just the kind of reaction we needed to last week. And just the kind of result we need against a pretty decent team. Great to see Benning looking more himself. UTV.
  12. All the best to him. He kept us up, had us on the cusp of the play-offs. Things went wrong for whatever reason and he couldn't turn it around, so time to go. I wish him only success for the future.
  13. Exactly. And that is no criticism at all. Not just winning his headers but getting serious distance on them which takes pressure off second balls. He would have helped no end Saturday (although at the end of the day we did ultimately shoot ourselves in the foot). A horses for courses plan is probably the way to go when he's back fit.
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