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  1. Bravo, Stones and Otamendi wouldn't get in our team.
  2. If he is fit, yes. But that is a big if.
  3. I doubt it will ever work economically personally. Just stick up some more windmills @lowtech
  4. Nuclear fussion, which is a hydrogen bomb inverted, as of yet only has only produced more energy than you put in on a tiny scale by blasting the stuff with lasers. This is a starting point, but the EU is going with the TOKAMAK. Which is cyclotron thing. A follow up to JET. No one has got more than a few seconds micro-seconds worth of nett energy production out of either. It's one for the future, but not in my life time. And it has been promising for years. But not delivered. So don't hold your breath.
  5. No it won't. Who said that? The problem will really hit the fan after me and you me are long gone. Nuclear fusion, no chance. That really is bull science mate. Works in principle but not a chance in hell of it working out in practice for 100 years or so. And the amount of money thrown at it??? Insane. Can we agree to differ?
  6. And dreaming of hosting Robbie Williams.... How are Nuneaton doing these days?
  7. I think you probably enjoy a slightly better climate. Airco? There is no Big solution. Modifying our ways could do a little to help. We are lucky we can do without a car and just bike around. If you have one use it less. Walk. That is what your legs are there for, Do you good (not referring to you personally here Geo). I read a thing today that in the UK the number of "bags for life" was 250 per household. What! People buying bags for life then binning them? Can't get my head around that, We've lived here years and probably get through three plastic shopping bags per year, It's not hard! Oh and get a weely trolley bag like your Nan used to have, Then you don't need bags, All the rage here, in funky styles. Social death not to have one. You just shove all your shopping in and off you go. It's not hard to change your ways so long as you are prepared to do so. In my experience.
  8. The guy on Jeremy Vine said he has his heating on 18. Ours is 16. And cut down use of your car. We don't have one. Haven't for 30 years. Problem is there is no incentive to do this. In fact it just makes you look a bit of a loser in current society. We only eat meat twice a week max. Are we poor? Absolutely not. We've got more than we know what to do with. It's just a choice of lifestyle. It's not hard,
  9. And behind Page's back. Hooper.
  10. It wasn't just behind Aspo's back. Behind Brown's back. And i'd bet he signed up the whole lot under Bruno. Doesn't matter now. Thankfully we have moved on. Everyone gets things wrong. Me big style often. Manning up and saying you were wrong is a tough ask. But feels good when you do it,
  11. Has Burslem turned into Royston Vasey?
  12. And signing players. Was this ever in doubt? Thank god he's gone.
  13. Queen blasting it out at Maine road kept me up. Just opened the windows and appreciated getting it for free.... Live in town = noise. If you don't like it go and live in Cheshire.
  14. You live in town, you hack it. That is the joy of living in town.
  15. I'd just say... thanks. We'd be out the league without you. Serious question, what is the most important thing you expect from your defense?
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