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  1. It's not just Smithy it's Gibbo as well. Surely the best for all involved is that we offer them improved terms (within what we can afford), for 2/3 years. With a buy out clause that is not high enough to put "better" teams off. Maybe 10-20k. That way they feel rewarded for their efforts. Have security for the immediate future at Vale. But if a bigger team offering more come in, they can still move on. We make a bit of cash, which we wouldn't make if they just run their contracts down. Even if not market value. I'm sure Carol and Kevin are smart enough to know this.
  2. toyahw

    Brexit again...

    It is a despised organization even here in Europe. What you going to do? Quit?
  3. Why all the talk about Amoo? That is the point. Where is the talk about Worrall, or Atkinson, or Conlon, or Bennett or Joyce. It is obsessive. That is the point. I think I know why, and that is because he is noticeable for some reason. Let me think why? And a stereotype, he is lazy, despite this not being true, Let me think, hmmm. It is because he his black. That is why. He is easy to spot, Easy to pick on. It reminds me a bit of Marcus Harness. I thought he did okay for us. But he got ripped apart on here, Jacko made a good point that he was "noiiceable" with his hair. Fair point and this is why he got picked on. He's doing alright for himself these days. Now I am not saying that this is racism per se. But these lads are under an unreasonable amount of scrutiny. And unfairly singled out, white blokes can be crap and no one mentions it. If you are a black bloke you will get murdered. And this observation goes from way back. Just hope it will change. I'm sure many will say this is a bit Snowflake. And mention a load of our black heroes. But I still think our black players get singled out as hero or zero and lazy. Which is not fair, Rant over.
  4. The guy was miles offside. But as you say, Browny was not to know. Great save.
  5. It was given offside. But that doesn't take anything away from the save. Top draw.
  6. I think that Cullen would be very good in two up front. And don't think it is necessarily dinosaur football. And it would be nice for us to be able to mix it up and confuse the oppo. But, we do not have the personnel to do it at the moment without being over run in midfield. With Jake Taylor and a fit Manny, maybe. It would be nice to have the option. But as you say, simply stick 2 up front is simplistic. But it would be good to have the option to go that way when it is a good plan.
  7. Amoo is not lazy. He is not very good defensively. True. And he tends to run out of puff after 60, true. But he is not lazy. If you bother to watch. And saying so is pretty poor form when it is not true. Let us contrast his treatment with that of Wozza. Nothing against Wozza but he has been very anonymous the last few games. No comments. He runs around a lot. Everything creative today came down our right, Amoo scored the winner. He's a good player for us Amoo and it really annoys me that this kind of unfair treatment might reasonably make him feel, why should I stay. Come June, Give the bloke some credit and some love, Not constant barracking. The analogy with JMW is a good one.
  8. Throw in Constantine as well. It really annoys me, RS go about on about him all the time as well. Which infects the arm chair fans with the idea he is lazy and useless. He's doing a good job for us. How much stick does Worrall get? And what did we create on his side? Nothing against Wozza, but it is double standards. `
  9. Just about. Smithy MOTM . It was an entertaining game. Monty was pulled back/down by his shirt twice for the non-penalty. Why was Doha's screen grab removed? The Cullen one on one was not offside by a yard. Really pleased Amoo scored the winner, he gets undeserved stick for me. They don't make it easy for us do they? Another set of finger nails gone. But our season lives on. UTV.
  10. He's done a really good job. Even if the weirdo doesn't like chips and gravy. All the best Max and thanks for your efforts.
  11. I'm not in the business of slagging our players off, but give him a bit more time to recover John. Like, until the end of the season.
  12. Not if we can't keep some of our better players we won't. Smithy is one of only a couple that could play L1 level. Look at all our signings last season. Only TWO can get a game for us. Amoo and Burgess. Neither are L1 level. On a bad day it is debateable if Burgess is L2 level. Not for the last two games for sure. The rest are nowhere to be seen. Because they are conference level players. At best. And if you keep recruiting conference level players, you are not going to get to L1.
  13. Oh no, come on. I've only had my Smithy Vale shirt for three weeks. Please tell me this is not true.
  14. Smurthwaite generally flogged off our best players in Jan. To be Jan neutral would be an improvement on recent history,
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