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  1. Calm down man. You don't like Pope. We get it.
  2. I think Askey himself said you play a system to suit the players, not vice versa. Hope he follows his own advice Sat.
  3. You kind of wonder why now they decide Manny needs an operation? Don't get me wrong. I'm not slagging the bloke off. He's just the kind of player we are missing. But I was told by a surgeon friend of mine that if you have an op on this kind of thing it doesn't cure it. Just stops it getting worse. Don't shoot the messenger. I love Manny to bits and wish all the best, But I fear his future as a footballer is unlikely. Hope not, all the best Manny.
  4. I agree with all your points mate. But I didn't think Worrall had a bad game as such. Just the most screwed over by the whacky system. Just wasted as "the point of the diamond". Couldn't get in the game.
  5. As Kevan says, based on Sat no one could moan about being dropped. But on here, it always goes back to bashing the usual targets. Smith, Gibbons, Pope. I'll tell you what, there were equally bad performances*. By players that never even get a mention here. We have a glaring problem. Just youtube how many goals we concede down our left. We do not have a left back. Crookes is makeshift in that position. It is clear as day. We haven't had a proper left back since I can't remember when. Which makes us very lopsided. In defense and attack. *Thought Smith had a good game myself.
  6. Isn't that a bit sexist? Agree or not with Jean but she know's her stuff.
  7. In my opinion mate, Smith and Legge are fine at CB. Our problem is more at full back and a system that defends as a team.
  8. Always makes me ironically smile when people want Smithy dropped. Most consistent defender we've had for years. The only one not to drop a bollock for any of the goals Sat. But yeah, let's drop him. RS are very anti-Smith for some reason. He's decent and the least of our problems.
  9. As I saw it, system-wise, they were playing three at the back and getting their width from their wing backs. We were dead narrow in midfield with the "diamond". Which was the worst of all possible worlds. Our full backs got over loaded when they were coming forward. And had no options in front of them when we had the ball. Plus individually we were lethargic and poor all over the pitch.
  10. I don’t comment after games but I’ll say on behalf of the players the fans were absolutely different class today and as a team we produced our worst performance of the season! It wasn’t good enough and you all deserved better! Hopefully it gets put right over the next few weeks
  11. Plus they weren't owned by an asset stripping toss pot for seven years.
  12. Maybe marginally improved. But today was really poor.
  13. You can analyse from whatever angle you want. Fact is we were rubbish and well beaten. Macc are better than us. That simple. And that is where we are at.
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