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  1. If true, sad but not surprising, A fit up to speed Manny is class at our level. But sadly he has rarely been either recently. Since his comeback from injury, he's had his moments. But looked a shadow of his former self. Seems a thoroughly good bloke and all the best to him for the future. What is for sure is we need a Manny type player in the door if he does leave.
  2. I'm such a hunk mate, the local Dutch ladies prey for a Vale win. Then I woke up....
  3. My Christmas Vale sweater and socks have been doing the bizz last six.
  4. Smith was excellent again. He went a bit off when he got a decent hair cut. Keep Smudger from the barbers.
  5. Too be fair, Breadwinner has been been fair enough on Smithinho for a while.
  6. Give it a rest. You lot should get out more, You don't have to prove ancestory. Just residence rights and stuff. Do you live in the dark ages? I'm a bloke from Stoke with permanent residence in NL
  7. He took out British citizenship and ditched his others 1947. An immigrant. So what? Good on him.
  8. Sneaked in? took British citizenship. Fought in the war. Married the Queen. Done good work for charity. We don't need his sort. Anyone who wants to slag the bloke off? What have YOU done for your country? Or anything else for that matter.
  9. I was looking forward to the OGWT stuff. Respect to the bloke. But this is overkill.
  10. Really sorry to hear that Barry. My wife has an hereditary eye condition, that leads to degeneration of the retina. Untreatable. She sees about 15% with strong specs and has a large black spot. Probably how I got to pull her. The lad has it as well sadly. But they work around it unbelievably well. There is an organization here in NL, that are incredibly helpful with this. Advising on working around it. And also providing support. Don't know if you have a similar thing in Aus? Biggest problem for them is not ever being able to drive. Which limits life a lot. I'm sure there
  11. Sadly not a great surprise. Tragic as it is. Not sure how dodging around the facts would help. Probably better to put it out there in the open. No point keeping it secret. Better to be open about this kind of thing in my opinion. Speaking personally, as someone who has had problems, it makes we want to cry for him. But I would rather the truth. Makes you think on in a very sober way. The opposite of wanting to follow that path.
  12. I think fine. Based on today.
  13. Can't argue with a word you say there mate.
  14. Someone should tell DC that if we win, get to see a goal like Wozzer's, it's well worth a tenner. Even if the rest of the game was gash. That was never going to be a classic. We're not that demanding.
  15. Frampton, very good but not great. Not good enough to overcome the size advantage tonight. Also pre-fight his heart didn't seem in it to be honest. Good decision to retire. Let's hope he stays that way. His time has gone. Hopefully he has enough cash in the bank.
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