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  1. I bought ticket for Burton today not showing on mine either
  2. I remember Lol running on the pitch with an old bladder filled with water and a sponge. When he got to the player it was nearly empty
  3. Would that be the <ovf censored>
  4. Who can go in very important pigs lol
  5. Class club class fans.Hope you nail it next season. Good luck
  6. 2 hours for me still haven't got through
  7. Logged on at 9 o'clock got through to pay at half past 10 then system crashed went up to ticket office 3 in the queue
  8. Go on ifollow port vale buy match pass £10
  9. What an excellent post. Thanks
  10. Singing it at the end at Salford last night
  11. Looks like the referee tomorrow likes dishing out cards
  12. Anyone remember when we played Arnold away in the fa cup?
  13. Deepest condolences to you and your family Gaffer
  14. They all were [emoji106][emoji106]
  15. Remember that one myself. Sawn in half
  16. Plenty about the other team I notice [emoji107][emoji107]
  17. Well done and congratulations Carol you deserve it [emoji106][emoji106]
  18. Yes and they were rubbish on Monday night
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