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  1. We had the misfortune to inherit one of the teachers from Holy Jos.

    what a complete and utter facist <ovf censored>.

    A chap at work who went Jo’s in the 60s reckoned they got a leather strap on their arse if they didn’t bind on properly in the scrum. As Ireland proved nothing Christian about the brothers.

  2. 59 minutes ago, hillmanhunter said:

    This is an important point. The rank hypocrisy of The Spanish government cracking down on illegal immigrants and yet turning a blind eye to sellers of knock off sunglasses needs to be addressed.

    None of our business though is it? They’re a sovereign state and can do what they want. Sovereignty only applies to us?

  3. 43 minutes ago, sunny boslem said:

    when have I chose to let unknown men enter our country illegally? 
    I ain’t got a clue what the Dublin III regulation is but I’m expecting a paragraph or 2 on it 

    how many remainers knew what it was before they voted? 

    Asylum seekers can’t  enter the country illegally


  4. 29 minutes ago, Doha said:

    Forget Cambridge Analytica and the US election, the real story here is that Russian GRU disinformation warfare units are running a campaign on social media to discredit Dario. Apparently.



    Some of the comments in that group are utterly insane. One was waxing lyrical earlier about why wouldn't the kids report Bennell. i.e. blaming the victims. There is an awful lot of self-victimisation going on, poor old Crewe and poor old Dario being singled out, and constant personal attacks on Journalists because they don't like the truth. If it was Bolton or Rangers or Blyth Spartans fans doing this my reaction would the same, it's not because it's Crewe, it's the dismissive, deflectory, victim blaming behaviour full stop that is plssing me off.  

    This is Man City’s comprehensive statement.  Bit different in tone to Crewe https://www.mancity.com/news/club/statement-from-manchester-city-fc-board-of-directors-63751576

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  5. “Whatever can be proven about Gradi knowing and notknowing (and beyond Bennell's claims, there is no evidence he did know, despite the Report believing the club probably did know something was wrong),”

    Hamilton Smith raised it with the chairman as an issue. He also raised it directly with Gradi . They did nothing. Compare it to Southampton where the youth team manager confronted Bob Higgins. 




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