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  1. Which bit of my post accused you of being a racist? I said you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading racist tropes. 

    Particularly given your role on this site. It gives the impression that it’s Ok. It also shows the club in a bad light.

    if you were an Employee of the club or any major company you could get sacked. It’s well established law in this country.



  2. ……….. Asylum seekers have nothing to do with the EU. Given that they have £35 a week to live on and takes years to sort out their applications is it surprising?

    Some rise in crime does not equate to all immigrants being criminals. Crime also rises in poor areas. 


  3. 1 hour ago, For Us All said:

    The Home Office is about to create 3,000 central government jobs outside of London and the south-east and over 500 jobs will be created in Stoke-on-Trent as part of a new innovation centre.

    BEIS will oversee the growth of 865 roles,meaning 35% of its workforce will be outside of London by 2025.

    All part of the Build Back Better and Levelling Up project.

    The Gershon review first mooted this in 2003. There has been loads of jobs moved out of London since then. Including centralisation of DOJ functions in Stoke.

    Having said that far more jobs have been lost locally from Government functions including DVSA,HMRC,DWP etc. 
    So I would mute your trumpet if I was you?


  4. 11 hours ago, sunny boslem said:

    5 million EU citizens already living in the uk have applied for settled status 

    the government said there was 2.5 million living here when we voted brexit 

    Either more have come here to escape the EU or the government had no idea how many were here in the first place which makes the allegations of racism aimed at people who voted brexit cause of concerns of immigration even more <ovf censored> 


    You are a bigoted little <ovf censored> aren’t you. A lot of these people have lived here for decades paying their taxes. The Home Office has also told people who have British Citizenship and lived here for 40 years to apply because the home office is incompetent.


  5. Over 50% of over 25s are overweight to obese

    65% of over 36 are overweight to obese

    35% of all people over 20 have hypertension 

    That’s a lot of fat people clogging up hospitals and not dying.

    meanwhile the waiting list grows. If Mad Handjob wasn’t such a pillock we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  6. 21 hours ago, Howjy04 said:

    Or persuade people,who have been eligible,to take the vaccine,NOW,especially in places like Bolton and Blackburn.

    Everyone under 36 is ineligible for the vaccine. Those with health issues in that group will have already had it. That’s a lot of people.

  7. The thing with the Indian variant is that (unlike the original strain) it kills younger people.  
    the MP for Bolton has asked for vaccinations for over 16s to stop the spread. This request has been refused


  8. Just now, Regal Beagle said:

    Still amazes me that the best argument remainers have, after they've tried calling everyone stupid racists for the 19,000th time, is to argue that we had veto rights and could have done things differently to the EU.


    Obviously a laughable point, simultaneously arguing how glorious the EU is but also saying that we can just veto everything that makes the brexit argument such a strong case. 


    If we are vetoing things constantly, at what point do you question whether or not we should be in the EU at all?* And look at the fall out on here and in EU propaganda media when Boris declined to join the Eu ventilator scheme. When the medicine shortages lie was used to trick people into supporting the overthrowing of the greatest democratic vote in British history. You will never accept that Brexit won. You couldn't accept the sovereignty argument, even though it's undeniable and you can't accept that we're obviously doing better with our vaccination program because we're outside of the EU now. Barnier and Von der Leyen know it's true. We all know it's true. Deep down I think you lot know it's true as well.


    I called the racist a racist a racist because he made a racist statement.

    Carry on posting your long tortuous posts in complete denial of what is happening to this country 

    Empty vessels make more noise.

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  9. 21 minutes ago, sunny boslem said:


    Illegal immigrants ain’t gone home so I can’t see foreign lorry drivers been forced out 

    There is a shortage cause demand has gone through the roof 




    I apologise you’re not a half witted amoeba. You haven’t  got that much and you’re a bit of a racist <ovf censored> to boot. 
    here’s an article from that famous socialist paper the FT.


  10. 40 minutes ago, jimbo57 said:


    You accepted the Brexit vote ages ago? Doesn't seem so according to your dozens of posts about the subject where you don't seem to be able to stop yourself criticising Brexit at every opportunity.

    It's done, finished, accept it and move on woman.

    It’s not done you half witted amoeba. It hasn’t even bloody started.


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