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  1. Politic back to Bolton?
  2. Thick racist <ovf censored> used his real name didn’t you Callum ?
  3. Which bit of my post accused you of being a racist? I said you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading racist tropes. Particularly given your role on this site. It gives the impression that it’s Ok. It also shows the club in a bad light. if you were an Employee of the club or any major company you could get sacked. It’s well established law in this country.
  4. It does little credit to this site or to Port Vale to have a “Super Moderator” repeating RW falsehoods which promote racial hatred. What next are you going to supply bananas so we can throw them onto the pitch? you should be ashamed of yourself
  5. ……….. Asylum seekers have nothing to do with the EU. Given that they have £35 a week to live on and takes years to sort out their applications is it surprising? Some rise in crime does not equate to all immigrants being criminals. Crime also rises in poor areas.
  6. Bang in line with his ignorance the opposite is true. https://migrationobservatory.ox.ac.uk/resources/briefings/immigration-and-crime-evidence-for-the-uk-and-other-countries/
  7. The Gershon review first mooted this in 2003. There has been loads of jobs moved out of London since then. Including centralisation of DOJ functions in Stoke. Having said that far more jobs have been lost locally from Government functions including DVSA,HMRC,DWP etc. So I would mute your trumpet if I was you?
  8. You are a bigoted little <ovf censored> aren’t you. A lot of these people have lived here for decades paying their taxes. The Home Office has also told people who have British Citizenship and lived here for 40 years to apply because the home office is incompetent.
  9. Over 50% of over 25s are overweight to obese 65% of over 36 are overweight to obese 35% of all people over 20 have hypertension That’s a lot of fat people clogging up hospitals and not dying. meanwhile the waiting list grows. If Mad Handjob wasn’t such a pillock we wouldn’t be in this mess.
  10. Perhaps you and your Brexit loving chums could come up with some? I would expect at least 10 not including Sovereignty, Control of our borders and the avoidance of Tax.
  11. Everyone under 36 is ineligible for the vaccine. Those with health issues in that group will have already had it. That’s a lot of people.
  12. Unless there’s a mass vaccination for everyone you can forget next season.
  13. Johnson and Sunak deliberate herd immunity strategy that killed tens of thousands
  14. Here’s a job for the Brexit lovers. Finding out the benefits
  15. Manny hasn’t missed a game since he left us. Perhaps he’s cured?
  16. The thing with the Indian variant is that (unlike the original strain) it kills younger people. the MP for Bolton has asked for vaccinations for over 16s to stop the spread. This request has been refused
  17. This Twitter thread goes into great detail about the Indian Virus. At this rate there will be no crowds next season
  18. I called the racist a racist a racist because he made a racist statement. Carry on posting your long tortuous posts in complete denial of what is happening to this country Empty vessels make more noise.
  19. I apologise you’re not a half witted amoeba. You haven’t got that much and you’re a bit of a racist <ovf censored> to boot. here’s an article from that famous socialist paper the FT.
  20. It’s not done you half witted amoeba. It hasn’t even bloody started.
  21. Right so all the European truck drivers have gone back home because of Covid. Provide an article confirming your <ovf censored>.
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