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  1. Oh dear!Can't believe this subject is getting so many negative posts.I will never slag off any of that Micky Adam's team that played for nowt, initially,then performed a bloody miracle getting promotion. Tom Pope included.
  2. No surprise with that Sjoke badge on the building🤔
  3. Bradford should be too,but look how they got on tonight v Harrogate 🤔
  4. Spot on,he even blamed Clarke for a mistake that he was nowhere near.


    Johnson tells us tonight that he arranged meetings with Liverpool officials today and had great dialogue with them.🤔Strange,as they've just been responding on Radio5live that they were contacted 10 mins before the meeting,therefore impossible for them to get from Liverpool.What a bloody farce!!!
  6. Thats more like it FFIDG,far better than your last post about closing club down.Some very good points here about certain players not performing to the level we expect.The newbies are not really good enough at the moment but time will tell.Gibbons was getting loads of abuse on here and by Sproson last season,but look how well he's performed prior to his bad injury.I am still puzzled by that McKirdy signing as he's done nothing to inspire us .Time to step up lads!!
  7. They all get enough freebies and hospitality out of football🤔
  8. Crewe are treated differently in everything they do 🤔🤔🤔
  9. No surprise with that Sjoke badge on the building🤔
  10. After the last performances, Vale players should be aware of this and really up the tempo that's sadly missing at the moment.I would revert to 4-3-3 with a team that will push on.Otherwise feed them cold outdated pies😂😂😂
  11. McKirdy will turn out to be another one who thinks he's bigger than the club I'm afraid. Another big time Charlie!!Hope he proves me wrong.
  12. Since 1972 to be honest🤔😂😂😂
  13. Oh dear that is not the type of comments we need.Never mind, you can no see how much Smith was missed today.The season is 46 matches so give them some slack.
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