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  1. Can't understand why Vale game v Carlisle isn't on Sentinel site yet, 1742 .Stoke game is .Sentinel is garbage just lately. CUT AND PASTE JOURNALISM 🤔
  2. Technical issues??? Simple.....2 turnstiles were open at Bycars and Railway, open more turnstiles!!!! That might help.
  3. Tom Conlon is not going anywhere.A gem of a player that's staying here!!
  4. I remember the great day in the Wycombe marquee 🤗🤗
  5. Bolton have. They held a press conference earlier
  6. Exactly. The Hamil End seemed to be sorted, by the vast numbers in before kick-off
  7. That wants sending to their manager,as it's a disgrace.
  8. I went ballistic at the time ,with the linesman ,on Lorne St.Cheating at it's best.He was a tool throughout the game.Worse tha the idiot on Tuesday night.
  9. Try Dimensions,£1.20 for 3hrs😊
  10. Tom ain't going anywhere!He loves it at Vale😊
  11. That's a worry,as many fans gave up and went to the pub or home.
  12. Which stand as both Railway and Bycars were chaos today with long queues?🤔
  13. Shocking queues at Bycars and only 2 turnstiles open,is a joke.Thankfully we were in Lorne St.
  14. Excellent news. Wow,to think we beat them at Millennium Stadium all those glorious years ago.How times have changed!!
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