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  1. Howjy04,yes, sadly,it's Scooby. Morris Square gang from years ago .
  2. Sorry, but all goodwill has evaporated from 99 % of the fans. Even his most loyal ones are deserting him now .He's nothing more than an attention seeker. The damage to Port Vale is at the critical point now.To think ,if his original 5 year plan for Championship football had succeeded, we'd probably be playing the Lardies again now. We can but dream!
  3. I posted on what was said on radio stoke on Friday. I'm certainly not one of those supposedly in the know! I'm just a loyal fan of 60 +years.
  4. So, if Port Vale Football Club no longer exists, does it mean the covenant doesn't exist, as football purposes cease?If so, nice one Norman, you've stitched us up. You'll have the land that the stadium is on for development. It only protected the Norman Smurthwaite investment and don't be fooled by the statement of his protecting Port Vale!
  5. Exactly! Isn't it strange how he's kept his mouth shut, for a change, prior to the transfer window closing. How convenient for that £400, 00 that he was never going to give any manager. He's elusive to the media who've been trying to get a statement from him and he suddenly appears and starts his campaign against the fans. The fans are 100 % behind the players and whoever manages the team at the moment. We've done it before, when Micky Adams assembled his team and they played for nothing. Companies House makes interesting reading, as he's either dissolved all companies, or he is the sole director. We must all stand together for the survival of Port Vale FC and hope a new buyer comes along, even a consortium! !!
  6. How convenient to give that statement. Let's have one now for the promised £400, 000 that never happened! !!!
  7. Thanks for that as I was never taken in by all his bull xxxx about protecting the Vale.
  8. Can someone please clear up the situation regarding the 25yrs covenant that the council activated when we came out of administration? My fear is that Smurthwaite separated the ground to protect HIM and not Port Vale. If no Port Vale, he's got the land! !!!
  9. Didn't he do the same with Brown too?
  10. For the new signings that £400, 000 will bring?
  11. Sir Gobalot! That's what Spunkers called him years ago and how true! !
  12. He won't budge until all the Hughil money is in his arse pocket plus any other dosh he can make from future transfers. Surprisingly, he decided to continue with the club when he realised West Ham were in for Hughil.The sooner he's gone the better. Just take a tour of Vale Park and see what a dump it's become too.
  13. I have no doubt that the fans will get behind the team on Saturday. The hate is towards the owner ONLY. We must all stand together and hopefully the Supporter's Club Meeting tomorrow will be well attended. Maybe they come on board too! !
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