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  1. Only Port Vale would sign a striker who has barely scored in a year and has been berated by his former club. On top of this we then decide to make him our first choice. What do we really expect? Also, I’m sick of us signing a striker who has terrible reviews and a terrible goal record and us saying ‘Akpo Sodje was slagged off by Darlington bla bla bla’. If a striker was crap at his previous club then it’s more than likely that he’ll also be crap at Port Vale. Just sign a proven striker for once and spend the money.
  2. Another Saturday where I’m coming on here and saying the same things. Another Saturday where I’ve spent 90 minutes moaning and berating the players of my football club. Another Saturday where I feel absolutely drained, annoyed and down. Another Saturday where we are the laughing stock of the city. It stinks of relegation. We deserve more.
  3. I’m sure that Taylor does his upmost to not get involved in the game. He barely touches the ball.
  4. We’ve got it to 3-2 and then been awful. Typical Vale. If the roles were reversed I guarantee we would concede.
  5. Have we won a league game that has Hurst has started? I’m not saying he’s to blame, just an observation.
  6. What’s done is done regarding Askey, no one can change it. He’s no longer the manager so let’s move on. By the time the season ends Clarke will have been in the job long enough. Clarke shouldn’t have a free ride this season, especially if we go down. However, I do agree that we should judge him properly next season. If we go down though, the writing will be on the wall unless we are top by October, let’s be honest.
  7. The biggest worry for me is that we have no identity, no style of play, no shape and no ideas since Clarke was appointed. Askey had his faults but we half knew what we were getting at least. We had a settle 4-3-3 etc. This is just random every week. It’s as if the players have been told to launch the ball up the pitch and hope that something drops.
  8. I don’t think we’ve been this bad in my lifetime. This club just drains the life out of you I’m afraid.
  9. Relegation written all over us I’m afraid.
  10. Would playing Amoo (when back fit) upfront be such a bad idea? He has an extra bit of spark, pace and more technical ability than Rodney. I think he would fit there if we are playing the 5-3-2/3-5-2 formation. The worrying thing is we could play Mills and Fitzpatrick upfront and they’d be no worse than our current crop of strikers.
  11. It’s proved to be total madness that Clarke and Flitcroft were appointed in February, after the January transfer window, after Askey was sacked in the first week of January. All the loan signings were a complete waste of time and does Clarke rate Taylor?
  12. This has club has probably deserved to end up in non league for many years now. We have been a circus off and on the pitch for too long. Perhaps now it is eating away at us and we will get our comeuppance. This post is no dig at Carol either, it’s not her fault, she’s just been badly let down and perhaps a touch naive this season. Not one player, coach etc has been likeable this season. I don’t feel like cheering on any of them, I just spend 90 minutes criticising each player we have. Even the new manager has an aura of being unlikeable. We haven’t looked like scoring in 3 games now. Not one moment of excitement. Absolute zero creativity. Not one bit of quality. Headless chickens who might work hard and show energy but offer zero in the final third.
  13. How many times is Conlon going to smash a volley up the pitch?
  14. Can anybody explain to me how Brisley is a professional footballer?
  15. And why are we suddenly crying for Pope as if he will be a saviour? He’s no better than what we have and that’s the issue. I’m sick of us swapping the strikers every week just to realise that they’re all as bad as each other (bar Rodney). It’s as if we go around in circles. We play crap without Pope so everyone cries out for Pope and then when he plays we are still rubbish and everyone says he’s past it. There’s no service or creativity and that’s what Pope needs. We need to move on in the summer and just pay money for a decent striker.
  16. What’s up with Amoo? I think we miss his spark (on his day). Him, Worrall and Oyeleke are the only creative people in the squad and that’s what we miss. A midfield of Taylor, Burgess, Conlon or Joyce just don’t create anything. Burgess and Taylor just run around without actually affecting the game. Every other team seems to have a midfielder who can dictate play and create attacks.
  17. Could easily end up going down. Never going to score enough goals and we can’t rely on clean sheets.
  18. I’ll judge games as I see them. That was terrible to watch and extremely negative, no one will convince me other wise. That’s not to say Clarke won’t build on this and turn us around. We could look back on these games and say Clarke was spot on. It’s too early to say and I back him to sort us out. However, at the end of the day we were crap tonight (which Clarke has admitted). In my eyes we set up to draw against Stevenage at home.
  19. How did this squad nearly get into the play offs last season? Can any magician or mathematician work it out? It’s alright bashing the squad and bashing Askey but these same players, bar a few, could have gained us promotion. It’s baffling because we really are dire.
  20. God our attendances look poor there. Back to back away wins against Shrewsbury and Crewe and then a 4,900 home crowd.
  21. To think that some fans criticised Grant as well. What a player he was, singlehandedly controlled games. That’s what we are crying out for now. Our midfield cannot get a foot hold in any game. The game just passed Taylor by.
  22. Not having that. Gibbons barely got past the half way line. Conlon has clearly been told to be conservative and hold his position. The back 3 or 5 were ridiculously deep.
  23. It was clear to see after 20 minutes that 3-5-2 actually turned out to be 5-3-2. Added to that we had Joyce playing as a holding midfielder. What disappointed me is that we never changed formation and just stuck with it. We could have gone 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 with 30 minutes to go and actually tried to lay a glove on them. It was as if we actually wanted to draw that game 0-0. Yes we need to tighten up and stop clean sheets but we were playing Stevenage at home, come on.
  24. Conlon’s worst two performances of the season have come under Clarke. On the past two showings I don’t think the style of football will suit Conlon at all.
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