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  1. Anyone saying get rid of Anderson & Broad is nuts. Sure, manage their workload if you need to, but don't install a new captain, then chop him off at the knees by giving him a bowling attack with no experience, and no-one to offer a sounding board to for opinion. Stokes needs to be able to embrace that x-factor role that he has now in my opinion - bat 6, bowl enough to impact when required, but not too much, and not try to do too much. That will give him the headspace to be able to cope with the rigours of being the captain. Try and make him do too much and he'll be ruined, and out altogether in 18 months.
  2. I don't know why I bother, but still. Increasing the military budget is not foreign policy. It's actually got nothing; nada, zilch, to do with foreign policy - unless you think foreign policy = invading other countries. Foreign policy is about having a coherent philosophy, strategy, and execution to your relationships with other countries. It's executed through diplomacy, trade agreements, collaborating with partners with similar objectives, and occasionally, through the threat of military intervention. The American obsession with military and the enormous military-industrial complex which creates jobs/money, and lines the pockets of lots of big companies is what drives the expenditure. Trump likes to think he is some kind of strong man, so loved to talk about the military, wanted parades like China/North Korea, etc. That's all there is to it - nothing else. Trump doesn't have a coherent thought in his head, and isn't interested in any kind of policy, let alone foreign. If the budget was cut in half, which it probably could be from an actual military perspective in terms of requirements, it would have an enormous impact on jobs, etc. The problem now is that the investment is so large, such an industry in and of itself, that if you reduce it, it screws up the existing investments. Particularly love the way that you talk about Biden - one of the most centrist in the whole Democrat party - and 'his' 'progressives', as if they are not critical of much of what the government does. You do know what progressive means, right? Looking/moving forward, not back.
  3. September 2020 Boris Johnson bans cabinet ministers from using the word 'Brexit' | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK December 2021 Civil servants have been BANNED from saying 'Brexit' | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
  4. I want this just to royally piss off Joey Barton.
  5. Love listening to the pod, especially the grades. For the last few games have really been enjoying: Jonny - describes the player's game, gives a grade. Second person - "I agree - can't really add anything to that." *Proceeds to talk for the next 2-3 minutes about said player.* Can't believe that inplayman's tip of the week isn't Jonny to say: "I love Harry Charsley. I just love everything about him." (which I assume also means his facial hair!?)
  6. If you freeze frame it on 22 seconds, when Charsley is going past him, his right arm is out, and it looks like his hand may have come into contact with the Hunter's face. Completely accidental, very light, embarrassing reaction. But if there was contact, it gives him a reason to give a free kick if he thinks was an impediment in any way...
  7. 4.5hrs one way, 4.5 weeks in the doghouse. A small price to pay...
  8. Boys, re. possession data, I remember hearing Duncan Alexander from Opta once talking about how they measure it only from the number of passes, not duration or anything like that. So you can play 10 quick passes between the centre backs, and it would count the same as a 10 pass move that forwards, sideways and backwards. It's one reason why Barca's possession stats always looked so crazy - yes, they did have more of the ball, but the quick 1-2-3-4 type passing added a padding effect to it.
  9. It's games like this that will determine where we finish in the league. For me, it's must-win, and absolutely, not-lose. Broadly, you would think we will have similar results to the teams around us against the bottom half - and we can't rely on teams dropping points. If we can win against those around us, it has that double effect, particularly while we still have 1-2 games in hand on most. I'd still rather have points in the bank than games in hand, so the sooner we can get on a winning run and get back up in that top 3 mix, the better. Their games seem to be pretty tight and low scoring. Hopefully we can nick it.
  10. Some (slightly edited an hour later )thoughts for you on the game fellas. You would have to consider it 2 points dropped, after being a goal up. Until Angol came on, Bradford were pretty dreadful going forward, Vernam apart. Their midfield was non-existent although they were effective in stopping us playing. We used the ball poorly, particularly in forward areas out wide, and especially on over/underlapping runs where opportunities were ignored. We had a couple of decent long range efforts, but not much in terms of clear cut chances. Robinson probably had his best game for Vale. For us, Gibbons looked one of our liveliest players, looking to drive forward at every opportunity, but wasn't involved much in the 2nd half until late on. Worrall was very quiet but grew in influence as the game wore on and helped. The midfield didn't seem balanced to me today - Conlon clearly had the class, but didn't get it enough in the right areas to consistently hurt Bradford; when he did, he made things happen. Pett was tidy, but that's all you could say, and Garrity had one of those days where his energy was evident but didn't bring any returns. For them, Threlkeld should have gone for those 2 fouls, in the first half, and then really, the whole game changed once Angol came on. The first thing he did was be aggressive in a challenge with Jones, and that set the tone - Bradford suddenly had a focal point to play off and they made the most of it. Good header for the goal, Covolan could never have saved it. Smith's mistake really - not only did he give it away with some strange outside of the boot punt, he then chased out to try and close down, was still nowhere near, and wasn't in the middle to deal with the incoming cross (which was decent). Wilson's goal was fantastic - great turn and pass from him out wide, then sprinted 60 yards to get on the end of some comical defending. The subs clearly struggled, but I didn't really blame them to be honest. Taylor was energetic and trying to get involved in the game, but once Wilson went off, we seemed to sit deeper, and just launch it forwards at Lloyd and Rodney. Neither did much, but they weren't exactly offered great service, one excellent Worrall cross fizzed across the 6 yard box aside. At first glance, I thought Conlon's through ball to Lloyd for his great chance was slightly behind him to be honest, and his first touch took him back in to the defence. At least with the competition, Politic will be straining at the leash next week. Regarding the ref, when the crowd got on his back late on - the keeper's challenge on Rodney was clumsy rather than malicious. He knew he would probably get Rodney on the follow through, but Rodney slightly slipped into it, and it probably made it look worse than it was. The Canavan elbow on Lloyd after was worse - the kind of sly dig that is deliberate, and that you couldn't get away with in the Premier League with VAR, but you can a lot at this level. If Bradford are in the playoffs come May, Adams deserves to be Manager of the Year.
  11. Dave, I understand the point that you are trying to make, and this is a little off topic from this thread, but please try to consider this: The view that you seem to be taking - that British involvement in other countries during the colonial period, was overwhelmingly good, i.e. the examples you gave (Law, government, infrastructure, education, medicines), is looking entirely through a British telescope at it. In doing that you, you are making the assumptions that: 1) linear progress towards Westernized conceptions (i.e. how you view these things) of things like law and govt was inevitable, and Britain "just initiated it". 2) The people subject to these changes in these countries would find them to be favourable to them. Which is clearly not the case. Colonial and indeed post-colonial history has shown over and over again that access to much of the above didn't necessarily make life better for ordinary people. To give an example of what I mean - it would be wrong to claim that there was no system of law, or government or education in Africa prior to colonial times - it just looked very, very different to the systems that we were used to in Britain at the time. It was relevant, and specific to the lives that people led at the time. Why need formal 'laws', if there are known and understood informal traditions that form a substitute that work just as well? Why need medicine to treat certain illnesses, or diseases, if some of those diseases didn't exist in the first place (i.e. they were imported there)? At a base level, it comes back to the "my law is better than your law" which is entirely the basis of colonialism. At best, a paternalistic "we will bring civilization to the uncivilized", at worst, a naked power grab. Anyway apologies to all for sidetracking.
  12. Well I for one am just glad that, as a result of getting Brexit done, with all of the myriad of opportunities that have opened up to Global Britain, that the conversation has moved on from forriners...
  13. Tolerance and respect, the well-known bastions of the right wing. Free will in individual actions, the well-known enemy of conservative and libertarian philosophies. It's like watching a dog, trying to bite its tail.
  14. What are you talking about? Priti has been very strong and condemnatory in her language, appointed someone as the Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, and considered the use of wave machines to repel boats. I can't believe that hasn't done the trick - it was very clear to everyone, and that includes refugees who don't speak English, that Brexit means Brexit.
  15. I'm sure Liz Truss will be straight on it, once she's sorted the cheese problem.
  16. Like every Republican president prior to 2016. Like every Republican that ever voted against party lines. Like any Republican who ever thought against party lines. Like any Republican who doesn't think that all Democrats are leftist, wokeist, Social-Marxian hippies who will eat your babies, steal your houses, ban your BBQ's, and make Mr Potato Head transgender. You know, standard stuff.
  17. Yeah, out of everything that the government is doing, the encouragement of people to be vaccinated is probably the one people will associate most with dictator-like behaviour, that sounds about right...
  18. Do you know how the Australian system works? In practice, not in theory. Not in a "they have a points based system, that sounds reasonable" kind of way. I'm genuinely interested to know. People, particularly those who advocate it, seem to cite it as an example of a good system without any evidence of whether it works, is good, bad or indifferent.
  19. What does that prove? Even if he wins, all it demonstrates is that within a narrow, legal intepretation of 'lockdown' vs whatever it is that he is claiming, that he is able to prove something, other than he is against lockdowns. It won't send anything tumbling, given that he will be arguing within German law, not something universal. Lockdowns aren't implemented to satisfy the courts, they are implemented to try and prevent unnecessary sickness and loss of life.
  20. I wouldn't put too much stock in the McKirdy decision - it make much of a difference to be honest - it's just a body in the squad, and only for the last 8 games. There is Bob hope of him being here next season - he isn't the kind of player that Clarke will tolerate. Anyone who doesn't think there is going to be an enormous upheaval in the summer is just not paying attention. * Loads of out of contract players * Underperforming squad * It's the first window to start constructing the new world order under Flitcroft and Clarke * History of Clarke ripping things up * The way he plays (multiple formations, even within games) demands a flexible squad makeup * The state of the COVID/post COVID player & contract market I would expect there to be 7-8 new starters the first day of next season.
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