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  1. People talking about win percentage as a reasonable indicator of whether a manager is suitable or not - it doesn't make a big difference to be honest. Football managers nearly always get sacked, because they've gone on a bad run, which in turn affects their win %. When they are winning it improves, when they are losing, it decreases. Anything above 40% is pretty decent, over a career - that's 18 wins in a 46 game season - throw in a few draws and you are top half every time. There's not much difference between 35 and 40% win ratios. Carol has her criteria - she will decide at the en
  2. There's obviously different ways you can play it; and it depends on the other players available to you, right? How attacking are your fullbacks, where does your width come from, do you mainly attack centrally or from wide? The Liverpool front 3 are world class players with great chemistry, so it looks seamless. We can't decide who the main striker is, which side Worrall should play, whether Amoo will play more than 3 games in a row, whether Monty is a winger or fullback. Askey prioritised system over players; to me, I can't understand why he didn't look at a 3-5-2/(or even a 3-4-3) to be
  3. I would love the Cowleys, but I think there is Bob hope they would come here. They surely are set for a Championship/top end League 1 job. I would imagine that they are the perfect type of manager that Carol would like too. Colin Garlick mentioned not having a specific type in mind, and I think that is right, but surely they will be looking for someone to come in to build a project, not just a quick fix for 12-18 months. The contract for Rodney is an example of that longer term thinking/planning that has gone on, so you would imagine that would be at the forefront of the minds of those ma
  4. It's a funny thing when you think about it - people should be careful what they wish for. At the back end of last season, we seemed to have a great team spirit, with a solid, core group of players leading the club in the right direction. 9 months later, with most of the same faces still there, they no longer appear to be playing for themselves, the manager, or the shirt. If the manager has lost the players trust, or if there are people downing tools, or scheming, with the intent to get him out, then there is 0% control they have over the next appointment, so I always wonder what
  5. I'd be one of them. The odd player from non league is fine but we don't want to keep bulk buying them, we need to sign more professional football players. Lots of non-league players are professionals now. Doesn't really matter where they are from, as long as they are good enough/the right ones.
  6. It must be so much harder to be a lower league manager than a Premier League manager. I've thought that for a while. It is very, very difficult to organically build a side. You mostly inherit a bunch of players slapped together with the previous manager in mind, on shortish term contracts, and anytime you do manage to jigsaw a side together, you then lose 2-5 of them, regardless of whether you get promoted or not, at which point you have to rebuild again. You don't often have the ability to hand out 3-4 contracts knowing you can keep players for that long. Results are key, but supporters want
  7. Have you seen Barcelona recently Jean!?
  8. Fred has been unfairly maligned to be honest but that is a different conversation. The point about substitutions is an important one - particularly this season, it's more important than ever. There is a weird situation where a shortened season puts more pressure on squads, and requires more rotation to maintain freshness, but at the same time you lose that coherency if you chop and change all the time. And yet during a game, you need to make more changes, which is even more counterintuitive. Subs are game changers, they need to be impactful, to change the game to play on your terms
  9. There's a definite Den Perry vibe to it...
  10. Stokes is such a huge loss all round - batting, bowling (5th seamer...!), fielding, leadership. Someone that can win the game by himself in a session. You can't possibly replace that. I'd like to find a place for Curran - he offers something a bit different with left arm, and some punchy batting, although I can understand why he can't get in. He is just the kind of cricketer that 'makes things happen'. While I don't advocate chopping and changing, I don't yet feel comfortable with the opening partnership. Left/right hand combo is good, but with both not fluent scorers, the pressure i
  11. Howe has done a great job overall at Bournemouth but it's probably the right time for him to leave. They have spent a lot of money for a club of their size, and apparently are looking at potential financial difficulties. They will need to massively cut the wage bill and reshape the squad, and it makes sense to do it under a different manager/coach. It's not like Farke at Norwich who has only been there 3 years - Howe has been in place for 8 years, and this year they've gone stale. They've still got Cook, Francis, Smith, and Daniels there from years ago! Something that British coaches don'
  12. I'm sorry to have to say this, but having looked at the documents that Jacko linked to (and to which she made a very generous assessment), he doesn't have a leg to stand on. The commission DID NOT say that it accepted there was no anti-semitic intent. It said that it didn't need to demonstrate that there was, in order for an appropriate threshold to be reached. The fact that Pope argued against it, didn't acknowledge he was in the wrong, didn't apologise, and continues to deny that he said something inappropriate, is inexcusable. He's effectively saying, I didn't know it was racist,
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