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  1. The_godfather


    As an aside, the Mark ne-Francois Pas parody Twitter account is genuinely one of the best things on the whole internet, capturing through biting satire perfectly the combination of his small-man syndrome, and the daily epic stupidity of the current situation, and roping in a motley crew of characters to boot, with pictures. It's laugh out loud funny.
  2. Might as well, given the economic damage it will do - it would be appropriate. Just remember to tell people to breathe in deep lungfuls of that freedom. Taste it, savour it, enjoy it, feel it for that one day, so they have misty memories to be wistful about, like the Blitz, when they are back to their everyday lives.
  3. There is not a deal with Australia, it has just started negotiations, which are under the purview of Liz Truss, someone that shouldn't be trusted to run a cake stall at a jumble sale. Just to be clear, Australia is a country of 25 million people, who's biggest exports are mining and agriculture to Asia, and biggest imports appear to be petrol and cars. How many trade deals like that do you think it will take, just to replace what was in place previously (without even taking supposed 'growth' into account)?
  4. Send a few tins over with the TimTams and Vegemite Barry, there's a good lad.
  5. The_godfather


    I can't see Cummings resigning, it's just not in his nature. He's not a Conservative in the party sense, they're just a vehicle for him. 50 odd Tory MP's have called for his removal - probably another 50 would be needed before it would be sizeable enough for it to be an untenable position for Johnson not to act. Maybe he will get 'furloughed' to be quietly brought back into the fold at a later date. Something else will be along shortly, the ongoing tragedy of the pandemic notwithstanding, to remove it from the front page. It's the nature of the news cycle.
  6. The_godfather


    It's many things, but it's not stupidity Sage. (that can be found in an abundance elsewhere). It is no coincidence that it was Gove sent out this morning, and not an utter novice like Williamson (see, yesterday). Big guns were needed - there is no-one that can lie as convincingly and consistently as Gove. Truly, the man for the moment.
  7. The_godfather


    You're right. It was the unelected bureaucrats all along that we were warned about!
  8. Already ramping up for 2024 Jean, governing itself is a boring distraction. Slogan ideas - "England - erm, trying to , erm, well, be voluminously, world-beatingly Great again". Mascot ideas - Tony the Tiger, St. George the very, very, English knight.
  9. This says literally everything that could be said. Honestly can't tell if it's parody or not, but either way...
  10. The_godfather


    My 94 year old Nan has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in a care home in Kidsgrove. There are several other cases in the home. Currently, she appears to be ok, very mild symptoms. As far as I'm aware, there are no current plans to test again upcoming. I don't know if that is reflection of the home, local NHS policy, availability, or what. The only response to that can be; WTAF??
  11. It's utterly incredible really that someone could say with a straight face that it "shocked the room" and that it is also part of a pattern. These people still don't get it; they see the position, and not the person, and still think that Trump will somehow live up to that position, which he obviously never will. He's incapable, and even if he was he simply doesn't care and genuinely believes and can do or say whatever he wants so acts with impunity.
  12. Regal, I completely disagree with most of what you say, but I will continue to debate when I can. I will also continue to try and be reasonably civil, but will undoubtedly be snarky about a lot of things. I'm happy to agree that statements should be qualified. None of this debate is binary even though it gets presented that way, and often there is both a multitude of influences and nuance which is lost in the polarization of opinion. I get that and I'm often as guilty as anyone else, although I do try to be as specific as I can be deliberately - I do believe words have meaning. I'm going to split my posts, as it will get too large. I'll post something on migration in a bit. I not trying to gotcha anyone, just debate points - I asked for you to point out where I equated govt with Brexiteers in general, which is what it appears you assumed I did. If you can't, that's ok. You said that people were smearing Brexiteers. I was talking deliberately, and specifically about the government, (who are perfectly capable of smearing themselves) and not Brexit voters at large. Do you equate the two? I can distinguish a difference between Brexit voters and the government. Regarding nurses and Brexit, I genuinely don't understand your point - you seem to be confusing 2 separate points I raised, which are: 1) nurses of all nationalities left the NHS in increasing numbers since 2010, which can be linked to a lack of funding from the Conservative government resulting in increasing pressure. That's what the Telegraph article says. I did not link that to Brexit in any way, but I am quite content to link it to the Tories. How could it not be? 2) since 2016, there was a big jump in specifically EU nurses leaving the NHS. This can directly be seen as relevant to Brexit. Again, how could it not? It goes without saying, particularly on the evidence of the past 3 months, that nurses are, and should be regarded as critical. Where they are from is irrelevant. The UK can't generate and maintain enough to manage demand. The fact that the government has to make them an exception to their arbitrary new immigration rules, which are supposedly beneficial to the country, just shows a) how useless the rules are, and b) how they value nurses. In claps mainly.
  13. It's revealing how you interpret responses. But since you have, let's drill into them a bit: Firstly, can you pinpoint for me where I mentioned Brexiteers anywhere in my post please? That seems to be your biggest issue. A reference to the Brexit referendum is there, but not Brexiteers. The government is clearly referenced - am I clear in understanding that you are suggesting that the government should be regarded as Brexiteers, rather than simply the government? I thought Boris was bringing the whole country together and ruling for everyone including the red wall now? The fact that you extrapolate what I said indicates the fragility upon which you know your point rests. Secondly, your "evidence" from the Telegraph is: a) not relevant to my point - unsurprisingly, and b) undermining of other of your points. Have you actually read that article? It says 200,000 nurses have left since 2010 because the NHS is understaffed and under-resourced which impacted on their own health and wellbeing. Hmm, could we pinpoint something that happened since 2010 that might be a contributory factor to that? In the same way that could we say, for example, could we pinpoint something in 2016 that might be a contributory factor to the number of specifically EU nurses leaving jumping up afterwards? Thirdly, as regards your point about fruit pickers/low paid workers, are you actually listening to yourself?? Your argument is: Look, we want them to come here, we've expanded the positions available. Also, they can get an exemption, because it's a shortage so we need them. Do you understand why they are needed? Because there is a shortage of workers, because not enough are coming and not enough British people want or are trained for those jobs. You just posted me an article that told me 200,000 nurses have left since 2010. How the f*ck is there an uncontrolled immigration problem AND a shortage of required/low paid workers in industries where immigrants often work, at the same time? What are 200,000 former nurses doing? Here's how I imagine our conversation sounds to many people: You - foreigners will think they are not wanted if they listen to Remainers. That's a lie. Me - here is evidence the government wants to restrict foreigners from coming to our country in an elitist way, in their own words. (There are examples from different government ministers spouting anti-immigrant rhetoric, but I'll just add a quick additional Boris Johnson quote on freedom of movement, Dec 2019: “You’ve seen quite a large number of people coming in from the whole of the EU – 580 million population – able to treat the UK as though it’s basically part of their own country, and the problem with that is there has been no control at all". Apart from the fact his party had been in charge for a decade, that EU net migration rose substantially from 2012, and that it peaked at c. 190k in 2016 (a whopping 0.03% of the population Boris mentioned above) before dropping sharply - (surprise!), it may be that prospective immigrants themselves may have looked at that, and thought, "that doesn't suggest enormously to me that we are valued." Then again, it's possible that I might be wrong, maybe they have looked at the 10,000 seasonal work visas and thought - "blimey, they want loads of us on 6 month low paid contracts that clearly don't merit longer term visas because they can't fill the positions, that sounds ace." I stand to be corrected. You - that's a smear and a lie.
  14. There are too many utterly hysterical points to address in this post alone, but: As recently as Feb(?) this government introduced a new points-based system starting January 2021 with language, financial and a job offer from an "approved sponsor" as requirements. The scheme "will give top priority to those with the highest skills and the greatest talents, including scientists, engineers and academics,” the Home Office said. The same Home Office that has rejected academic A clear message to fruit pickers, health workers and social carers - 3 of the jobs in focus currently - how valued their work is. You focus on the NHS. Numbers of EU health professionals - doctors and nurses - have dropped by somewhere between 15-25,000 (full numbers seem hard to come by) since the 2016 Brexit referendum. So while people might still be coming, they're also definitively leaving in much larger numbers than they were before, hardly a clear indication of people "desperate to stay". As if they would be desperate to stay only for the work anyway, and not the life, the friends, the family that people build and grow. There's no need to listen to a "Remainer" argument. You just look at the facts.
  15. What's your point? That I'm a racist? That there are supposed double standards? I can very clearly point to examples to indicate all of the above. "Things like that" is a suitably vague phrase. I don't know or remember what people said at the time. I usually choose my words carefully as I believe that they actually have meaning. If you're incompetent, you're incompetent, regardless of political leaning, age, race, sexual orientation. There are plenty of muppets in Labour too if that makes you feel better?
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