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  1. Boxxer middleweights coming up on sky could be worth a viewing this W/E
  2. Did not really know a lot about D Bivol other than the fact he was undefeated. But to beat Canelo who,s only loss was against Mayweather underlines just what a good performance it was. Thought he made himself elusive in the early rounds,and went for it in the latter rounds picking Canelo off with some pressision punching
  3. Well Play Off finals it is Don,t know what to expect anymore,, Swindle are not our team of choice ..but preferable to Bristol on current form Please Vale dig in and pull this off. We are good enough,,, Let,s go out there and prove it
  4. Gutted at our current form, just don,t know what to make of it. Convinced I,m a jinx ,,,only seen us win Hartlepool &Sutton at home in 7 trips home....Keeping away now in the hope all is not lost. Evan my last trips to Wembley were Genoa & Weat Brom IWas Serving in Germany v Stockport i
  5. Claressa Shields the so called gwoat is soon to take on Savannah Marshall..... after watching the Taylor Sararnno fight They have something to live up to.....but this could be another belter on a par with the mens In honesty if the ladies went for 3 min rounds it would stop a lot the we should be on Equals argument Persnally I love the ladies fights, though no where as intensive as the mens. All died down a bit on the male front....Hoping Connor Benn is the new boy on the block....His dad was my favorite :UK fighter We need a new Hero just now Can,t beat a beat of pure forcefull agtession
  6. You have a point I beliive Stevenson only just made the weight for this fight (dropping his pants) for the weigh in But he does look pritty damb good
  7. Had us as 10 to 1 Champions 5 to one Promotion pre season 40 each way
  8. Get the unfinished Lorne St up and running after the Robbie concert were on too a winner Financially promotion would also have huge implicaions financial wise as well as prosession as club
  9. Would have been home for this game,but as I appear to have jinxed the last 2 games {I really am that supersticious) Happy to get a few beers and watch on sky Exeter is easier to get to for me for the final game////but hay ho UTV
  10. Assuming we beat Newport...(.Which if we don,t then we don,t deserve to go up) god forbid It,s all down to Exeter away, If we want promotion with the experience in the team that we have we just have to go for it With half of Staffordshre.....if not more most of us want this to become reallity Give it your all Vale for the owners & supporters
  11. Well now it is in our own hands ...I,m really on edge as i had a bet pre season for us to go up.....which i have previously made a point never to do? Just watched the Quest coverage of league 2, really suprised that one of the pundits tipped us for his team to go up....having said that the other 2 we nt for Mansfield & Bristol Rovers Come on Vale....2 Games for promotion..you CAN do it
  12. Enjoyed both fights. Stevenson was able to bully his opponent better than i expected, would have been nice if Valdez could have landed a good sold shot close in.....comfortable win in the end Katie Taylor....What a brawl, a lot of people had Seranno as the woman to beat her pre fight But a typiclal Taylor fight for me Thought she had gone in the 5th but wow what resiliance Last 3 rounds won me for Katie, that surprised me as i expected Amanda to fiinish the stronger of the 2
  13. Think that may well have been Fury,s last fight before retiring? Fought a clever fight keeping White at distance behind his jab,befoe finishing him off with a peach of an uppercut ,Dillian appeared very one dimentional to me unable to get anywhere near enough to Fury and resorting to the odd roundhuose haymaker If the possibility of an AJ fight arose I,m sure he would thake that But the likelyhood I ffeel is unlikely,As I think that Usyk wil again do a job on AJ Meaning a Unification fight would be against Usyk who I dont think would be over keen to fight Fury Of course there is also the little matter of purse % and venue to haggle over
  14. Just thought i,d like to mention the ladies, Savannah Marshall V Claressa Shields, in my opinion is as big a watch as a lot of the mens bouts? Also Micheala Mayer V Katie Taylor if it happens, what a match that would be
  15. I am very old school when it comes to new Kits and the all white has not been traditionally kind to us in the past Although i do like the latest kit my superstitions would prefer we stick to tradition Opinion
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