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  1. I have stayed calm up until now but a new goalkeeper and center forward really are important for us to compete at this level With the spirit within the team I still think we will be OK v Fleetwood as well as the promotion buzz its a marathon not a sprint and if you look at our poor start last season When the new signings do come we can only improve
  2. Tend to agree with most of the above BPV I still would not rule out Ben v Garcia just surprised to read he was actuallyl considering the Eubank fight
  3. Connor Benn v Chris Eubank Jr now also looks like more than just a possibility Would dearly love to see that one
  4. As Tony Belew said Del Boy is a good fighter but not boxer Pleased he got the win but not my sort of fight Wilder should prove to much for him
  5. Claressa Shields v Savannah Marshall: Undisputed middleweight fight announced for 10 September in London - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Looking forward to both of these fights i,ll tip Marshall and Mayer to both win ?
  6. Cam Norrie the new Andy Murrey.....3 Straight set win against Paul Fantastic Dare we belive ? One things for sure he wont go out without A fight
  7. Agree with most of the above posts, Thought she played well in her first game at Wimbledon but the 2nd game as stated above she did not seem to be fit enough once again. Pleased to see Heather Watson doing so well,Also Cameron Norrie but think both have thir hands full if they wish to continue?
  8. Surprised that Hammer had the early success also But the body shots in the 4th specially the last one were were awsome
  9. See that big Bro has put down a massive wager against Paul on Tommy winning Makes it interesting Dont rate either.
  10. Portsmouth is just a small treck for me that i am very much looking forward too...But it is a very tough game? Shrewsbury being the other game i will certainly go to as the Mother in Law lives in Oswestry...We just have to beat the Shrews.
  11. Looks likely its Yarde, Wish him all the best if so but can only see it ending in the same manor as Beterbiev,s previous fights.
  12. All wins by KO Very lmpresive against Smith Looks unbeatable at the moment
  13. I have always fondly remembered the clock above the players entrance as a being iconic, a bit like the clock end at the old Highbury. Just wondered if it still existed or somehow died a death,would love to see it reinstated if at all possible
  14. Would like to have been excited by Riakpohre and Dubious victorys But thought Bryan was very poor, and for all Riakpohre,s reknowned power he dose not not really impress me totally. Should he encounter anyone of real quality it will be interesting.what he does as he tends to use his reach to hold people off before landing. Lauren Price did a tidy job on her debut But the G man getting out gunned by Chelli was the fight of th night for me.
  15. Since winning the US open she has had a real hard time of things of late, now injury I hope this lass has the bottle to stay strong before the trolls get on her back as this country often seems to do As I think she could turn into to being something really special in a sport British women have not done well in the past. All the best in hoping you are fit for Wimbledon Emma, as I,m sure the Nation will be totally behind you.
  16. Was expecting more from Kambosos Jr, Well beaten in the end tbh Speed ,movement and Jab just too much for him in the end, just had no answer. Thanks BPV for the highlights of the Cordina win...Some KO First time i,d seen that and was quite shocked/pleased by the result
  17. Just like to Praise all at PVFC on possibly the best Vale performance i can remember for some time since supporting them in the early 60,s With what proved to be a quite comprehensive win in the end. and really made my day. it was written in the stars the Vale would win 3 0 after the sending of as I was at The WBA match where although the same result it was far from simiilar but vey different circumstances we were very much still in that game despite the numerical disadvantage that eventually did for us Swan was a massive loss
  18. Remember that season well living in Aldershot it was hard to take when we got battered 4 0 at home to Reading But went to the return fixture with a few Reading fans which we won i think 2 1 {Kent & Foyle} Bumped into Musslewhite outside the ground who gave me the thums up. The last 4 wins to end the season where something else.
  19. Cant help but wonder what people would like for our kit colours to be next season. Was very unsure of the all white kit due to superstitions from our past, but admit to quite liking it with the gold trim. I bought the away kit for this very reason ,but at wembley on Saturday felt i missed a trick Personally i would prefer Black & White Home, Amber & Black away.....in what ever form it comes (Even took to Robbies diamond/check eventually)
  20. Looking at the more recent results between us I,d like to think we have the upper hand Momentum plays a big part when the belief also spurs on the determination to pull off the right result We are on an upward curve just now ? Love to play then again...You never know?
  21. Apart from a bit of a dodgy start thought we settled down well and completely dominated the game. overall. Well happy with the all round performance and think for once we actually turned out in front of a large media TV coverage thank god Thing now is are we good enough for League 1 Personally I think so We have a good sound backroom staff and solid leadership from top too bottom Get our main players fit for next season and a bit of canny recruitment....Who Knows whats ahead UTV
  22. As soon as the sending off happened I said to the person sat opposite put a bet on 3 0 Vale After attending our game against WBA when Swan was sent off It just had to happen
  23. I was sat directly above the sky podium where the presenters were ,so was unable to se the Vale climb the stairs. Decided to leave the ground at the final whistle in order to get home in time to watch it all again Bonus
  24. Sat on the tube back to Waterloo from Wembley Park with quite a few Mansfield fans. Although feeling down they were quite chatty. Goalkeepers being the main topic, they thought Bishop had been poor for them while they felt Stone got lucky for us and still don.t rate him. Whilst dissapointed with there own performance praised the Vale and wished us well. As an aside i was impressed with the noise they made 3/4 way through the game when the drumming and singing must have gone on for 15 mins non stop to try and spur them on. Enjoyable day out ,quite impressed by Wembley Stadium facilities if not prices
  25. Looking forward to seeing the winner of the GGG Canelo triology But again pushing the ladies bouts to the forefront, M Mayer and Baumgartner should be interesting
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