Photo Essay: Anthony Grant and Remie Streete walk off the pitch

Pictured in 2016 are two former Port Vale players midfielder Anthony Grant and defender Remie Streete.


This photograph shows former Port Vale players Anthony Grant and Remie Streete walking off the pitch after a friendly game against Newcastle Town in 2016.

The match finished 4-0 in Vale’s favour and was one of the first of the Bruno Ribeiro regime and featured a string of new Vale signings such as Kjell Knops, Rigino Cicilia, Paulo Tavares and Calvin Mac-Intosch.

Grant was to last until the January transfer window when after a string of requests, he was sold to Peterborough United on January 31st 2017. Streete, out of contract, was released in the summer as the club could not afford to offer him a new contract. At time of writing, he is training again with the club.