In this memoir Barry tells us about the time his mum, sanguine about most things in life, took exception to his second eldest brother’s foray into the world of fresco art. Well, pencil artwork that is 🙂Read More →

This story was first published on onevalefan in 2003 – just before we changed to a new hosting facility. Unfortunately, and for reasons Rob and yours truly cannot explain, Chris’ story was not archived for future reference.Read More →

In Barry’s latest memoir there are post card views of Kings Park, Perth Western Australia, plus stories about an athletic coach with unconventional training regimes, a visit form the local plod, and a lady who lost her dog. Yes, it’s all here.Read More →

Over time there have been many stories of the loss of a canine, feline or feathered friend in our respective families. This one is from our regular columnist Barry Edge in Western Australia.Read More →

With Rob and Jo traipsing in and around Yorkshire over the next few days Barry thought it an opportune time to tell us a story or two about his mum. Today’s story is about a washing mangle.Read More →

Barry finishes off the year with a low-key review of the topics and themes that were hot on the Forum in the last twelve months plus how the record for most users on-line at any one time was broken five times.Read More →

Can the games and dares of children temporarily stir and reveal the spirit of someone long dead? If they could would they see a spirit pale, dim and shadowy in form? Would they be greeted in a friendly manner as a thank you for giving the spirit a moment awayRead More →