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  1. As of about 5oclock, my mate got his tickets from the office who said we had sold just over 10k vale tickets and 2.2k swindon. 12.2k sold so far and 1300 left.
  2. Which bit don't you get? If your in any of the above categories you can get a ticket. It says that they will be on general sale and to season ticket holders... but you must be a season ticket holder and that they are available online but must be purchased in person? ....ha just twigged that it is any of the above not all of them. Late night last night 😂😂
  3. I don’t get the rules for the home match it says Tickets for the home leg at Vale Park will go on sale at 9am on Thursday, May 12 – to both Season Ticket holders and on general sale – via the Port Vale ticket office and online at port-vale.co.uk/tickets and then.... Home supporter tickets for this Play-Off fixture will only be sold to those fans who are: a) Season Ticket holders b) on the club’s supporter database c) have a verifiable purchase history with the club (up to May 9, 2022) d) buy in-person at the ticket office – with proof of a local address How can both be true??? ace news about the hamil end!
  4. It would put automatic promotion back in our own hands as Northampton and Exeter both can’t win their game against each other. But Exeter will win tonight... Barrow fan tonight though!!! Gwarn Robbie Gotts!!
  5. Barrelking can have it if he wants - checked and me owd man cant make it now. Might see you both there! Hoping its a good away day, love the old terraced grounds!
  6. You still got a spare Ticket? Might be interested as my old man would like to come to the game with me - if you've still got it Ill check that he can definitely make it along.
  7. Got my tickets - hoping for a sunny, happy day out on the Cumbrian coast! All seating tickets are sold out.
  8. Yes - mad isnt it. He didnt start early days against Northampton or Tranmere, then was ever present until his first hernia mid Oct. Came back at the end of Nov as a sub against Walsall, got injured again and then didn't start until Rochdale away (end of Feb). He then missed the Harrogate game and was benched for Colchester away. Started Stevenage, Crawley and Mansfield recently - all of which we have won. In fact - the only league games that we have lost when he has started have been Rochdale (H) - he scored 2 and Sutton (A) he scored. I think he's pretty fundamental to our success!
  9. Just one on Jamie Proctor - In the 14 games he has started for us this season, we have scored 30 goals (av. more than 2 per game) and overall this season he has the highest goals / assists ratio (per 90 mins) of the whole squad. His G/A ratio is actually fourth highest in the league. Dom Telford outright first place, then Mckirdy / Stevens / Proctor closely matched - Appiah / Matt some way behind. We need him to stay fit!!!!
  10. I'm a bit weird but having been to a lot of the bigger modern stadiums, I love grounds like Burnley and Oldham - I just like grounds that are in amongst it and a bit Old school. Molineux is a good one too. Vale Park though obviously.
  11. I'm not too far away and gut feel is that it'll be on - the main weather issues today are wind rather than significant rain, Tranmeres pitch is a good one and weather doesn't look dangerous enough tommorrow to warrant calling it off. Its good that you can pay at the Turnstiles though because it makes the risk balance a lot easier to get right -I'll look out of the window before setting off tomorrow!
  12. My view of our transfer business so far... Legge out, Hall in <- Great bit of business, Hall always seemed to be one of Harrogates best players to me and he has looked good so far for us too, big, imposing and steady on the deck. Legge was a great servant but it was time for him to move on and his 'head it away in any direction at all costs' style of play doesn't fit with our system now. Johnson out, Hussey in <- Good to get money for Johnno, and getting a player of Husseys experience and quality is a good move. Glad we've got him now Gibbo is injured but we will definitely miss Gibbos drive and tenacity. Amos, Burgess, Whitehead out <- Not really fussed here other than a bit disappointed we didnt get Burgess to kick on a bit. Think he'll do well for Grimsby. Politic out, Cooper in <- Jury is out, Politic was capable of changing a match in an instant but could also be anonymous, I really wanted to keep him but we couldn't compete with what was on offer. Cooper looks to be a good replacement on paper, good goal scoring record, can use both feet and play anywhere across the front - question is, why hasnt he had a bigger chance at Oxford? Lloyd out, Harratt in <- Massive upgrade for me, Harratt looks to be a natural finisher and puts a good shift in. Proctor injured - Edmonson in <- Wish we had a fully fit JP, having him JW and DR means it was always unlikely we would bring in a big money forward - jury is out on Edmondson for me, he was highly rated when younger - looks like he'll run himself into the ground every game but not really seen much quality (which other loan teams fans have said too) need to give him a chance though. Holy in <- this cant hurt, we need 3 keepers if our youth product isnt good enough. Who will be no 1 now though - honestly not sure! We need a midfielder to come in given Conlon and Taylor being out - but I think we needed another body in there anyway to offer a bit more physicality and attacking threat. Overall its a lot of upheaval though - not helped by our horrendous injury list and I reckon the business would have been different if everyone was fit and we hadn't lost Dennis. ...have I missed anyone!?
  13. about to announce one - confirmed on Twitter......
  14. Flitters has said we are signing a keeper a striker and a midfielder.
  15. Anyway.... enough of the nonsense about budgets (ours is sensible and appropriate.) We are about to sign three new players. Any ideas who they might be. Guesses based on rumors that have circulated recently..... Keeper - Tomas Holy?? Midfielder - Dean Campbell?? Forward - Brad Young?? Anyone else been mentioned?
  16. It's possible but nobody has come in whilst he was deregistered. Although January is silly season. Really hope he gets fixed up. Reckon it will be York City. Askey loves him. We are seriously short of CM cover now (given that we play 3) so this is either a sign that we are going 442 or that someone else is on their way in pretty soon. Good news re Dennis too. Wonder if we will try and get him on a permanent now or wait until the end of the season.
  17. Sorry but this is nonsense. Failed by not finishing top 3? Clarke has worked wonders so far, taking us from relegation battlers to pushing for automatic promotion in 12 months, conducting a full squad overhaul, changing the playing philosophy and dressing room mantra to turn is into an all round more professional outfit. Yes he has had the backing of the board but given what he started with it has been a phenomenal transformation and this doesnt give him anywhere near the credit he should get. Progress was the aim at the start of the season, given how difficult it is to turn a club around in a short space of time we have certainly made that already. Lets not get ahead of ourselves, I really hope that we finish top 3 - I think if we don't get promoted next season we can then start to talk about DC's performance in more negative terms. Since the 16 March we have won 57% of our matches and had a positive result in 75%.
  18. Its all happening... Former Sheffield United and Coventry City full-back set to join Port Vale from Cheltenham Town - Gloucestershire Live WWW.GLOUCESTERSHIRELIVE.CO.UK
  19. Interesting signing this one - Huddersfield fans have been clamoring for him to start for them for a while now and think he deserves a chance at their level. His goal record is unreal and he is bang in form, depends how he adapts to the hustle bustle of league two I suppose... but we do create a decent amount of chances and he knows where the onion bag is!
  20. I agree entirely with Regal Begal that facts can be presented in lots of different ways that can lead to different conclusions. Take this sentence above. In July at the peak of the mini wave, the number of people testing positive per test was 11.7%. It is now 10.2%. So overall there are less testing positive per test than then. The above is a fact. But, in September 6.8% of people were testing positive, so since then there has been a 44.4% increase in the percentage of people who have been tested who have gone on to get a positive test result. So the percentage of people testing positive has fallen and risen again since July. It hasn't been a constant as could be inferred from the above fact. (There has been a relatively steady rise since September. Worth noting that between the 10th and 13th of December, the number of tests in the uk increased by 9%. The Number of cases increased by 55% (and the number of cases data is still incomplete suggesting that this increase may be slightly higher) It can be inferred from this fact that the number of Covid cases is increasing, as this corrects for the increase in tests being done, and the cases ares currently increasing rapidly in a short period of time. The fact about test cycles is also correct, that after 30 cycles very small traces can be picked up - this may or may not be Covid - but this is also constant and hence the number of positive cases, relative to the number of tests would stay constant if Covid wasn't increasing in the community. No-one knows if Omicron is going to impact the NHS heavily and cause a significant number of deaths - it is conjecture even considering the facts in hand. The guidance and rules given out by Civil Servants and Politicians is always going to be based on their view of the risk. Is it a reasonable assumption given the above to say that there is a risk that Omicron could cause some serious issues for the NHS (in terms of capacity) and impact on the number of deaths if no mitigation measures are taken? We wont know a until another week or so has passed and the impact on hospitalisation's and deaths is seen. Are the other sacrifices worth mitigating this risk?
  21. Its all about opinions and I'm with Joe on this one. He played up front 32 times for a team that won the league. He was signed as support for Rodders / Wilson / Proctor. His workrate is great and he has proven that he can do a job in a promotion season. It was a signing that made sense all ends up. It wasn't 'wasting the space' on another clubs assets rather than Bailey. Bailey has always been at Vale and its up to him to prove that he is good enough to get in to the first team whether Lloyd is here or not. It didn't work out for LLoyd, but he did make a small impact in winning a couple of key free kicks that ended up in goals. It will be interesting to see what type of striker we go for in Jan though... do we push out for a player who will be 'first choice' and possibly keep Wilson / Proctor out when they are back or do we go for a stop gap. Budget and other transfer targets will dictate.... Lets get through the next few games with as many points as possible an hope we are still there or therabouts!!
  22. What is wrong with Lloyd at the moment anyway? He's not been on the bench for the last two games. Have the club said something that I've missed?
  23. Defining racism. Lets look at it a different way - re taking the knee.... We know that players reps have come out and stated that the knee taking is a gesture to protest about racism in the game of football - so all of the BLM stuff is an irrelevance, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that any Vale players are kneeling as a purely 'political' gesture. The gesture is very likely to be this - 'I don't want racism in my sport, I am kneeling to show this because I want things to change' We know that we have players who, on the balance of probabilities might have suffered racism in the past, or may have had family members who have suffered racism. Their will certainly be players who kneel on the pitch at Vale park this season who have suffered racial abuse or have been treated unfairly due to the colour of their skin at some point in their lives. We know that our players kneel. On the balance of probabilities, it is likely, that we have players who will therefore be upset (at the very least) at hearing booing when they are making a gesture that might mean something to them personally. Based on all of the above is it racist to boo the gesture? Hard to say with certainty - I am pretty certain that at least some of the people who Boo are racist, but it isn't the only reason to Boo and some may be doing it for other reasons. Is it moronic to Boo players when they are trying to make a personal and positive gesture - YES. People who Boo see the political undertones of the gesture, don't see that they are not showing solidarity (supporting?) their own players, show no empathy with individuals who have / may have been racially abused and seem to ignore the messages that come direct from the players about why they are taking the knee.
  24. I think Joe is saying Legend in the 'he's a bit of a ledge' sense, rather than the 'he's our all time best keeper' sense. I am certain that the first Brazilian goalkeeper that we have ever had, who is an expert in the dark arts of football (in the best possible way) will be long remembered by the Vale faithful. Cult hero for me already. We need to back our own against fans who come to get on their backs (Hartlepool fans HATE him.) Lets back the team in full force tomorrow and hope we can get back to winning ways!
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