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  1. I don't like to come on here with posts that start 'I know someone who...' but I just have done so can only apologise 😂.... Barrow are worried about playing us, at the moment they are not a particularly fit / mobile side and a large pitch + our style of football really concerns them. If we were playing at their ground they would be more confident based on what they saw against Sutton, but we are an opposition that they are really not looking forward to coming up against. Bottom line is we need to play to our strengths and expose their weaknesses on Saturday and if we do, we will get a good result.
  2. Every time we are reffed by Trevor Kettle I'm amazed that he's ever SEEN one game 😂
  3. ....Booing the ref of course is par for the course!
  4. Fair enough! You don't care if others boo, it annoys the hell out of me if it isn't extremely well justified - (because it doesn't help the players.) I agree that booing isn't new, but I've never heard as much after 3 home games before (especially when we haven't actually played that badly given the player turnaround) and it seems to have become much more readily used (which is why I started the topic really). I've attended in some very bad times and it always felt that fans wanted to get behind the team first and foremost and only booed when really let down by the players.
  5. A/ If the team starts off by doing something some fans object to it may get a reaction (taking the knee) like booing. <- As before, it is the team that is being booed for taking the action. It is still booing the team. dress it up how you like, disassociate it from the players, make the action seem something other to the humans taking the action, booing the action is still booing the team. My view is that booing isn't helpful if we want to support / help / aid their chances of winning. The team aren't taking a 'negative' action in taking the knee. Even if a supporter doesn't agree with the gesture, as someone who wants the team to win it is easy to find other ways to object to the action that doesn't instill instant negativity, immediately before kick off. B/ If people are booing the team not the action it may be residual and or accumulative, it certainly seem pre-emptive. <- Agreed I take it then that you think 'A' above is acceptable but 'B' above is not? You seem to be justifying booing of taking the knee (or at least booing of actions that people disagree with), without answering the above question, so I'm not sure what your stance is. I understand why people boo, which you keep explaining, I just don't think that it is helpful to the team and as a supporter, I always want to try and give them the encouragement in the hope that it might increase their chances of winning by even a tiny margin. As Beechy said above, everyone will moan, including me, I certainly don't sit there happy clapping for 90 minutes, but I just really dislike this pantomime booing of your own side which seems to have crept in recently.
  6. Darrell also made a big point of the fact that he is a confidence player and needs an arm around his shoulder. Hence booing isn't going to do him any good (sorry to conflate two topics I'm getting obsessed) 😂
  7. No-one has said that people don't have a right to boo. I haven't seen a single post that suggests that. I agree 100% that people have the right to boo. I keep asking, but, is it the right thing to do though in the current circumstances at the club? You can enjoy the right to do something, but choose not to do it because it isn't the right thing to do. Understand that not everyone lives and bleeds the Vale, but 99% of those who pay to watch and sit in the home end want the team to do well and win. Not sure why this changes whether booing is the right thing to do or not. 100% agree with this too. Also agree the the lower league clubs live and die based on support and is integral to the game. Also agree that showing Ire is something that fans can and should do when the circumstances are right for it.... but 3 home games in. Come on.
  8. I agree, he does work hard, I think its a change in the aggression levels in 1v1s that is needed, press hard, chase down, harry, battle. And the booing / wailing is just daft.
  9. I know where you are coming from, it is frustrating because we all know what he is capable of. He is a unit, he is fast and he has the ability to change the game in an instant. Sometimes when it isn't going for a player, they are better off running their socks off, chasing every ball down and firing the crowd up - I would love to see Rodders do this more, he would frighten the opposition to death and I think that DC would like him to do that too as he has effectively said so much before. I don't think that he is going into the matches with a 'cant be bothered' attitude, I think he just has a languid / laid back style - but if he could change that (Iearn from Proctor who is everywhere chasing down and harrying defenders) he could be absolute dynamite.
  10. Bear in mind that these are alternative meanings for the same word. Its the same with the word Left. The left hand side of the stand were booing loudly -or- they left their sense at the turnstiles. Most would argue that the initial definition of encourage and approve is closest to what a football supporter does. Although the other definitions could be applied in some sense. However.... Encourage and approve, bear weight and hold up, assist (esp financially) and enable to function or act. Does Booing the team fit with any of them? ALL of the definitions are defining a way of getting behind, aiding to progress, helping to achieve, taking the strain. The original question was, particularly at this stage of the season and given the current circumstances at the club, does booing the team have any merit? I think we all know the answer.
  11. Supporting is in its very definition, providing encouragement and wanting the team to succeed. We are the supporters and we all want the team to win on the pitch. We want the players to give everything for us. Booing the team is not encouragement. Do you think that the booing, immediately before kick off, has a positive effect on the team when they are about to play?
  12. Politics or merits of taking the knee aside, it is the team taking the action, so it is booing the team. A 'boo' isn't supportive in my opinion, doesn't mean that people cant do it, I just don't think they are helping the team (at all) when they do.
  13. Yeah - there were loads of people booing, I could hear them and see them (It wasn't the majority but it was loud enough for the players to hear.)
  14. Agreed. On the second bit, if we were 4 nil down at home to Oldham, in the relegation places after 3/4 of a season and they have all downed tools then yes. But three home games in?
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