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  1. Stoke apparently. <ovf censored> weirdo whoever he supports anyway.
  2. I'm genuinely not sure if I would swap John Askey for Michael O'Neill, and I'm fairly sure JA isn't on £1.5m per year!
  3. You'd have to say the odds are O'Neill will be a shambles if it is him. No experience of anything like what he'll find at Stoke.
  4. I've not really followed much of the transfer talk yet with the cricket being on, although it seems to me that nobody has strengthened anywhere near enough to challenge City or Liverpool. I hope someone does, it isn't a great look for the PL to become less competitive. It was like the Scottish League at times last year with the top 2 head and shoulders above the rest (albeit with much higher quality).
  5. Yep, left 5 years ago along with a lot of other players we haven't subsequently replaced. Hence why we are now 91st in the Football League.
  6. That's it then. No incentive to encourage anyone to part with their money, no buzz building, just "fans will buy season tickets as that's what they do". Wonder how many will bother next season, will be surprised if it's more than 2200.
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