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  1. Clearly it does take 2 weeks to conduct an investigation into a tweet.
  2. I'd hazard a guess they have completed their investigation and decided he's been stupid but not (deliberately) anti-Semitic. Much like the conclusion we've mostly drawn on here. It shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to conduct an investigation into a tweet.
  3. I suppose on the flip side of that is we've had 200 games out of him for a relatively low weekly wage. If you suggest he should sign a 1 year extension out of loyalty, then surely we will be in the same boat again next year? I'd like to think a decent League 1 club will take a punt on him (not sure he's quick enough to play Championship regularly).
  4. Not sure. My guess, based on nothing in particular, is Robbie will be funding much of the improvements himself.
  5. I think this close season will be better than last. The club's reputation seems to be being restored after being dragged through the mud by the previous owner. We have the money from City/Robbie (I'm not advocating we blow it all on players by the way). We will, hopefully, have a top 10 finish to convince prospective players that we could challenge next year.
  6. Fair points. Our problems this year hasn't been creating chances, it's been finishing them regardless of whoever we have up front. No stats to back that up, just the impression I've had from watching the games.
  7. Pedant alert, but he used to take penalties a long time before he was 32. He was just crap at them before he turned 32! I remember him missing one at Tranmere in the first season back in League 1 (Lines free kick game). Other than that, I agree with your point.
  8. I'm not sure it will be much harder next year, Cav, unless somehow Plymouth, Exeter, Swindon, Bradford all miss out. Southend will be lucky not to fall straight through, Bolton seem to have resorted to being battered every week again and I suspect we would beat any of MK, Wimbledon and Tranmere currently. In terms of the teams currently in the top 7 of the Conference, only 2 have any recent league experience. It's a missed opportunity this season (as things stand) in terms of our inability to beat teams at the bottom, but I'm not expecting us to suddenly plummet down the league next year.
  9. Hopefully his work has laid the foundations for someone else to join and run with it. I wish him the best in his new role, he seemed to "get" the club and the area which I guess not everyone does.
  10. One of whom is Jordan Slew, who we should be grateful did not sign for us this month.
  11. I went to that one too. Also got as far as the turnstile at Exeter earlier that season only to find that had also been called off. Decided against going tonight. iFollow has a lot to answer for...
  12. We've signed quite a few recently in fairness, although not all have turned out to be any good for us. Most of our current starting XI with the exception of Gibbo, Smith and Burgess have all had success elsewhere in the league before they joined us.
  13. Such is life. In the cold light of day, it was always a long shot Forest effectively releasing a bloke with 7 goals in his first half season of pro football for a pittance. It does prove these players are still out there though.
  14. Jacko, City fans have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to attendances, hence the "we're not really here" song they sing. It is an excuse to make things up. Aside from that, most are sound in my experience and remember where they have come from, just not how many watched them when they were there!
  15. Whilst I wouldn't doubt Max's commitment to his job, I suspect he had quite a busy day on Saturday and probably didn't want to be woken by Pope at 3 30am to run through a tweet! Other than that, I agree. I suspect it wasn't meant as anti-Semitic but it certainly can be construed as being so.
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