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  1. I'm never sure when the right time to question the government of the day is?
  2. EFL statement basically saying no football in April but will carry on into the summer to complete the season if they are able.
  3. Any country that isn't signed up to the Schengen Agreement can do that surely, RB?
  4. We'd be in an even worse position if it was played behind closed doors. At least the money will come in at some point in the future when the games are actually played. If it gets as far as July, I think the season will be declared void and we'll start again in August. No promotions/relegations/championships etc...
  5. Joined Stockport for an "undisclosed fee". Bit surprised, I know Cullen has got the goals recently, but he's been a pretty solid squad player this season. Good luck to him anyway.
  6. Isn't that just in Scotland for now, JohnJames? Can't see that anything has been mentioned about UK wide yet?
  7. Manny won't be match fit. I'm not sure he's touched the ball since he came back from injury yet.
  8. I think they may postpone the Euros and just push the season back a month, rather than play behind closed doors over here.
  9. He's done well and has surprised me. Keep it up Mitch!
  10. Players contracts run out on 30 June I believe.
  11. Tough one. We should be guided by the experts on it. On a more general point, I feel we are now at the point where the lack of trust in the media and politicians (on all sides) will come back to bite us/them. On a more lighthearted point, why couldn't this have turned up when we were <ovf censored>?
  12. Also on the verge of agreeing a new contract it seems. More good news.
  13. Are we still using the same accountants that we used under NS? I suppose it will depend on their policies unless the Shanahans specifically ask for more detail. Then again, it is a free hit for them as they can say that very little of the year end 30 June 2019 occurred on their watch. I suspect Southend are starting to pay Sainsburys back for the advances on the land at Roots Hall over several years. I can't see Sainsburys continuing to fund SUFC to play at Roots Hall when they have effectively already bought it off them. Ron Martin (Southend chairman) is a pea from the same pod as Smurt
  14. I think we may take a decent number to Carlisle. I know a lot who have already booked trains etc for a day on the pop, whereas I hardly know anyone going Saturday.
  15. Many will be saving their pennies for Oldham I reckon.
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