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  1. I'm not sure what the point of a Labour Party is if it is not supported by the working class.
  2. Corbyn is actually delusional. Any other leader would be on their horse now if they'd suffered the losses Labour have done.
  3. Sinn Fein's abstention isn't anything to do with the Conservatives/Labour/any other party. It stems from a fundamental belief that the island of Ireland shouldn't be governed from London. They are elected not to take their seats in Westminster. Therefore, we can probably safely say that they would have nothing to do with a Corbyn administration, or any other administration for that matter.
  4. What use would Sinn Fein be to Corbyn (or any government for that matter) when they don't take their seats in Parliament?
  5. I made the mistake of taking my headphones out on the bus from Congleton to Vale on Saturday for a split second. This apparently gave carte blanche to a Crewe fan to come and sit next to me and not shut up for 50 minutes about how unfair all this was and how they are the best team in the division etc... They really are an odd fanbase. In many ways, I think they are odder than Stoke. At least many Stokies acknowledge they are <ovf censored>.
  6. The Vale could well end up playing more games than Crewe this year if we progress in the Trophy (it would be the greatest shock in FA Cup history if we play more than 1 more game in the FA Cup). You have to play everyone in the league twice to retain the integrity of the competition. This bleating about needing 3 points strikes me as being borne out of worry that other teams have started to suss them out and they will need all the points they can muster to scrape into the top 7...
  7. I imagine it will all be irrelevant if Macc cannot finish the season anyway, as presumably their results will be expunged.
  8. That as may be. However, suggesting that an interview with Schofield and Willoughby when most people are at work is on a par with a prime time interview with Andrew Neal is, in my view at least, a bit daft. As I've mentioned on the thread elsewhere, I'm also no fan of Corbyn.
  9. It's hardly a serious interview though, having a cup of tea with the presenters of Dancing on Ice!
  10. He could talk about the time he was the only one to run out on the Vale too. Rat.
  11. I wouldn't change too much to be honest in January, beyond keeping hold of Taylor. Bear in mind we have Oyeleke to come back in, who many would say is our best player. People talk about the need for another left back, but we haven't had a consistently good one since Tankard. Montano/Crookes are serviceable there until the summer in my view.
  12. Hopefully Phil S can help Jake reach the conclusion that what is best for Jake is the same as what is best for the Vale.
  13. His track record wasn't fantastic when she was in office either. See Al-Yamamah arms deal, amongst others.
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