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  1. We've not been beholden to the Pope since 1537. I'm not sure at what point it will be time to move on?
  2. I think that's a bit harsh, Toyah. He isn't perfect but he is likely to comfortably get double figures for us this season which for a free transfer from Carlisle United isn't bad at all. I've seen little from Cullen to suggest he is the answer, however I'm hopeful that he will improve with a run of games, similar to how Leitch Smith did.
  3. It's a shame the game is midweek to be honest. I think quite a lot would have traveled if it was on a Sat and paid up front. Obviously, it's a bit less attractive midweek with work/traffic/no trains back etc, particularly when you can watch it for £10 in the comfort of your own home. I'm sure the same will happen when we play you at Vale in the new year.
  4. Howjy, that isn't strictly true. 1/7 includes the possibilities of Article 50 being extended beyond the end of the year or revoked. Basically all options other than "no deal" on October 31st.
  5. The problem is it isn't over the odds for the standard of football. It is more than the value of fourth division football sure and I wouldn't be sad to see the price dropped by a couple of quid. However, other clubs with similar facilities, ie a seat, are charging similar amounts and as far as I'm aware we aren't able to revert back to terracing under the rules of the Taylor Report.
  6. Additional 320 tickets on sale now. I guess that relates to that bit on the left hand side of the away end?
  7. I'm not sure we are going to find a striker in the fourth division who doesn't miss chances? He misses fewer than most, hence why he has more career goals than most.
  8. I'm glad we aren't relying on a 34 year old to score all our goals now. I'm also glad the 2 chances he had on Saturday fell to him.
  9. Quite a few were winning matches unless my memory has completely failed. There was one on Saturday for instance if you are struggling to remember 2 seasons ago or his first full spell here.
  10. I'll be amazed if anyone seriously thinks we are doing worse than they expected. Given the tough start fixtures wise and the injuries we've had, I think we have done very well to get the results we have, as well as creating the number of chances in particular that we are doing.
  11. I think the best reply on there is the herbert suggesting that they should use this against us if we want a loan player off them. About 2 of their first team would get in our side currently, why on earth would we want a loan player from them? Did he/she/it not check the score when their reserves came to the Vale last year?
  12. They are being given back to the Stoke City Community Trust, which I suppose is the right move. After all, it's up to them to find anyone who is daft enough to want one, rather than us.
  13. Gibbons>Clark. No question in my eyes. I don't remember there being any talk about Clark being one of our players of the season last year, even discounting the fact Brown walked away with everything. If he was as good as some of our fans/Clark/Clark's agent thought he was, he would have stood out more in one of the worst teams in the Football League.
  14. More people should come sit in the Bycars where you can't hear it!
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