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  1. Finbar & Eddie Furey Music teacher played them to me/us years ago in a discussion about their unusual phrasing; forgot about them until this week when I stumbled across some of their stuff
  2. To be fair to Macgregor he did a lot of boxing when he was younger. However, I cannot see him laying a glove on Mayweather if the latter is fully prepared and on his game.Mayweather has never been a knock em down boxer so it could go a long way Stopped around the sixth as Macgregor is too knackered to continue..so Mayweather on points But it should not be classed as à pro boxing match...its a fight
  3. John Ogdon - absolutely anything played by him. Wow!!!!
  4. He's taking on Pulis? If it's that Pulev chap he really will have to put more effort into avoiding being hit...he gets hit too often for my liking,
  5. [h=1]Django Reinhardt - amazing guitar player and an amazing story[/h] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Django_Reinhardt
  6. Hate to say it (cos I think he's a twonkl) but I'm also liking what I have heard.
  7. Rush ..spent a fair bit of time this week learning to play The Spirit of Radio. Still not mastered and I doubt that I ever will but did sort out how to play La Villa Strangiato. Geniuses
  8. Ortiz is indeed a big lad with power and reach but not mobile enough to beat Joshua. Although with the power of these guys one punch can win it.
  9. Ah..that sort of duo Actually I remember years ago a band called Sky (serious musicians) doing a single based on it..it is awesome as were Sky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_(band) n 1980, Sky recorded and released their second album, Sky 2 - a double album that built upon its predecessor's success (becoming the tenth highest selling album in Britain that year). The album included Monkman's side-long rock suite "FIFO" (a piece inspired by computer processing, stands for "First In, First Out") and four classical pieces including three established chamber music pieces (played
  10. Not a duo I have heard of..what have they done?
  11. Are you saying all directors are employees? But that's not really the issue here anyway
  12. Maybe he wasn't on an actual full time employee contract so technically he can call himself a consultant? I don't know the answer to that. I do believe that if he was an employee then referring to his role at PVFC as a consultant role is at best inaccurate and at worst deliberately misleading. Should he be allowed to work again? That's up to those considering employing him..the point is their decision should be made on accurate and complete information. No doubt they would scrutinise him regarding his "various consultancy" roles and it's up to them to do any background checks.....I'm sur
  13. Always gave his all..always Best wishes to him and his family at this time
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