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  1. The main issue to 'panic' over is the club's oiwnership/stewardship...another day, same owner, not likely to get a new one any time soon, club looking less attractive, price dropping which should be a god thing but makes the owner less likely to sell IMO.........maybe not panic but ..despair maybe??
  2. At some point in the not too distant past all of them were a lot better off than they are now...you have to be at the top of a slide at some point in order to get to the bottom of it..feels like we are half way down
  3. I don't know NS and I don't know if he's like this but..... I have known plenty who would simply laugh in the face of protesters, who will do anything and take any hit to show that they are in control, who will see any result as a win for them as long as it's what they have instigated irrespective of damage done to the parties involved, who will take the attitude "look what I've managed to do to the little people, they think this will bother me"......sometimes you are not dealing with people that think like the vast majority of us. Do protest and good luck with it cos it might work but don't be surprised if it doesn't achieve anything positive and be prepared for it to achieve only the negative as NS just digs in and PVFC is dragged thru the mud Personally and very sadly possibly the only way out is an offer from someone to buy the club that results in NS feeling he's got what he wanted from his time at VP. I hope that I am wrong about all of the above
  4. With all due respect, REP has consistently blamed him on here for failed managerial appointments. He's my newest best bud don't you know.
  5. You're my bezza you are...I didn't know that. How you doing me old mucker? Hugs..mwah.
  6. If he offers a decent enough contract most if not all out of work managers who need the work would I believe take on the job. If he doesn't offer enough or a potential manager doesn't need the job then why join lowly PVFC anyway. His reputation may put come off but if a potential manager hasn't got the courage to take on NS then I'm not sure I'd want him anyway.
  7. I dare say they have had some ropey attendances in recent years but the average holds up 2016-17 27K+ 2015-16 21K+ 2014-15 24K+ 2013-14 25K+ http://www.wafll.com/leeds-statistics/leeds-2013-14.html
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steel_City_derby Only had a quick glance but whilst attendances at Hillsborough for the derby are well down on the early 90s (and obviously earlier) they seem to have crept up in recent years..although the latest showed a significant drop...some large variations in the early 2000s I dare say cost, it being on the telly, other things to do on match day, both clubs compared to where they have been historically are in the doldrums and many other factors have played a part. .
  9. Feels like it from a distance..a good result tonight and things will feel very different. As Homer said "Be still my heart' thou has known worse than this"
  10. He's probably cheaper than many/most other options so if that's part of the reason for choosing him then it would show a lack of ambition. He might work out but if he's chosen not cos we think we've unearthed a managerial gem but cos he's cheaper than the alternatives then that's saying "let's try and do things on the cheap"..which isn't very ambitious if the alternative is investing ins someone more likely to succeed based on their track record If NS thinks he's so great then he should put his money where his mouth is and put him on a very well paid long contract...you can show ambition by backing they person you think can take a us a long way by investing in him and in doing so preventing him form being lured elsewhere.
  11. All that re MB and the culture, diet etc may be true..I've no idea But MB would have known that he still needed to achieve a certain level of results whilst going through this cultural change. Graham Souness many years ago didn't survive at Liverpool and reckoned one of the reasons was whilst the cultural changes he tried to put in place were needed he tried to do too much too quickly and performances on the field went downhill too much..the club and the fans still needed to be winning football matches. If it's all true then MB will I hope have learned a lot of lessons from this experience
  12. Cos over a couple of matches you could get results more by fluke than design? Don't get me wrong in not keeping on the current temp mgmt. we could in theory be getting rid of people who might have won the next 10 matches after their dismissal or who might go on to achieve great success elsewhere..that's a chance taken when letting anyone go. But given the choice in our situation between a manager with a proven track record (even though it will almost inevitably include some failures) and experience and someone with no track record beyond a couple of wins and no experience which looks the most likely to do a good job? I know that's an argument for the inexperienced never getting a chance at this level, but there is plenty of opportunity for them to get experience and success under their belts at a lower level and to then look to for a position in the league.
  13. You're not missing much... The only TV programme I've watched in the past month or so that wasn't sport related was the new Sky drama "Tin Star"..which for me had some good elements to it. Not like the good old days when we had the likes of........"The Good Old Days" :)
  14. Are they still allowed things like "It means more when there’s money on it"? I always thought that one went too far
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41394267 Interesting idea and worth pursuing if it helps those with problems....Gambleaware does a lot of good work but it is voluntary. I dare say any levy on their activity would get passed on to customers/staff in some way rather than the shareholders and senior people taking the hit. Where does it end though.. a levy on pubs, off licences, supermarkets,football clubs re alcohol...chip shops cos of obesity etc, takeaways, restaurants, donut makers, Wright's pies, Boots cos of painkiller addiction, Vale cos it doesn't sell much in the way of 'healthy' food etc etc
  16. He's not the messiah he's......apparently an expert psychologist able to judge that someone is paranoid. Let's face it part of Keown's job now is to get himself heard on radio and TV and read in the press..he has to have things to say so will find something to say. At least no one on TV working with him need to be paranoid about him replacing them
  17. Does have an impact on the 'casual' fan who 20+ years ago would not have had any chance to see the match other than attending the stadium....would be interesting to have some idea generally of how many these days decide not to go but to watch it the telly instead.....it can be a much cheaper option and if you're paying for Sky anyway.
  18. I genuinely thought the luddites had 'died out' a long time ago but seems they are alive and well..why aren't; they clamouring for the return of the original Hackney carriage..they are a lot more environmentally friendly than black cabs, small time operations rather than big business, more horses would be alive and well looked after cos of strict regulation, the knowledge would be critical, cheap for the consumer, lots of them offering employment cos of the long journey times ect etc..it's a sure fire winner
  19. The new CEO is an interesting character....massive success at Expedia, big player in their charity/giving programs and very anti Trump Will be interesting watching him trying to transform Uber..off to a good start
  20. There are benefits to using black cabs just as there are benefits to using the likes of Uber...drawbacks to both too. If Uber isn't meeting the regulations then it should not be allowed to trade until it does....but the model it follows should not prevent it from trading just cos it (for example) hurts the black cab industry..if the black cab industry is significantly better and seen as value for money it will thrive.
  21. Interesting https://medium.com/@paul_a_smith/black-cab-drivers-sexual-assault-and-why-you-should-always-read-the-data-7c71fc7c49b5 As the article says My point isn’t to defend Uber; they’ve behaved appallingly in the past and there’s no excuse for not abiding by the rules of the regulator. My point is that if public safety is truly at stake, then I expect discussion and decisions based on facts — not politics or agendas.
  22. I expect them to win on appeal or get their licence back sooner rather than later....the grounds for refusal seem very thin. The black cab industry in London is one of the most protectionist in the UK and they are well aware that with the rise of satnav technology the need for the knowledge is much diminished..if not eliminated completely. It feels like a decision made for the benefit of the service provider (black taxi cabs)...not the service user.
  23. I can't compare with previous performances this season but we looked like a team and deserved at least the point we got. It's a start on the road back. Sent from my F5121 using the onevalefan mobile app
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