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  1. All the midfielders and strikers released, transfer listed or sold had a combined 229 league appearances last season and returned a combined 15 league goals. We already have Wilson, Walker and Garrity, plus a full season of Taylor, who are likely to match that total (at least) between them. Therefore any other striker we sign, whilst it would be nice to have someone who will notch 20, only needs to contribute half that to leave us already significantly in credit. Add on a 4th striker, another winger and another midfielder who can all chip in, plus any improvement from Rodney, and you
  2. Would be a decent signing, especially since we said we want goals from all over the pitch - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/29026/12194518/tom-king-newport-keepers-goal-lands-guinness-world-record
  3. I'm not sure about that, as I think DC will want someone genuinely left-sided on the left of the 3, as he did with Crookes (ahead of Briz) when he was fit. That would mean Johnson (if he does sign) or Jones on the left, with Martin or Legge in the middle and Smith on the right. Either way we're in good shape, and I agree about the flexibility to switch between back 3 and 4, think we'll be a lot more agile (in all senses of the word) this season.
  4. Strange, I emailed one morning a week or so ago (couldn't get through on phone) and had a call back that day, couldn't have been easier. Looking forward to giving it a go this Sunday.
  5. Not exactly. "I feel Theo, Danny and Scott are great lads but I want to change it around a little bit, I want to look at different things," Clarke told the club website. "It's best to be honest with players that their future lies elsewhere early enough, so they can get themselves fixed up at other clubs. "They're all decent lads but they're probably not the right fit for myself at the minute." So yes, not in DC's plans, but that isn't exactly 'eff off and don't let the door hit your fat ass on the way out', so if they can't find other clubs, who knows? Don't
  6. Would be great, but unlikely as he's been linked with a few in L1, including Oxford I think. Always a chance that interest doesn't lead to a firm bid though.
  7. To be honest (and possibly controversial), whilst I think it would be better for all concerned if another L2 club came along and picked up his wages, I'm actually not that fussed if Theo ends up staying as back up. However he may have performed individually, our record with Theo in the team last season was much better than without him. I know, correlation isn't the same as causality, I'm not for one minute suggesting that the better results were because of Theo, but at the very least his presence didn't prevent us winning games, and with him out of the squad/deregistered we did far worse
  8. "Caucasian male, 6-foot tall or maybe slightly taller, probably mid-20s, athletic professional footballer's build, short hair, about a week's beard growth, plain round-necked t-shirt." "Thank you for that Mr Flitcroft, we know of quite a few people fitting that description." "Excellent. Give me all of them." "All of them Mr Flitcroft?" "ALL. OF. THEM. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  9. Another day, another solid signing, another piece in the puzzle. I'd really like to see a right-footed version of Jones come in now, to provide cover/competition for Gibbo if playing 4 at the back, and cover/competition for Smith on the right of a back 3. Other than that, we need a left-footed centre-back (Johnson), and an attacking LB, and for me that's the defence sorted, with all options covered - Back 4 - Gibbo/New R(C)B Smith/Martin Martin/Johnson Jones/New L(W)B Back 3/5 - Gibbo Smith/New R(C)B Martin/Legge Johnson/Jones New L(W)B We
  10. Well said 👏 It's disconcerting isn't it?! I need to keep reminding myself that I felt similarly optimistic back in early October, temper my expectations a bit, although this feels like something is really building, on proper foundations this time. Such a great start to the summer.
  11. I reckon so, Legge staying also hinted that 3 at the back would at least be an option, since last year he was struggling in a back 4, but looked good when we switched to the back 3. If DC was wedded to 4 at the back, I thought Legge may have been transfer-listed too. I reckon that means we're two defenders and a keeper short of our First XI (which I shall fill in with the benefit of scurrilous rumours/wishlist!) Vig Smith Martin Johnson/Jones Gibbo Walker
  12. I quite like that. Can just imagine DC laying down the law 'no paying fines in pennies', and subsequently receiving a jar of 2p pieces... Either way, if decision-making was his main weakness, that's definitely something that can only improve with experience, so sign him up if we can.
  13. Yes, an AdValiant calendar! "On the first day of AdValiant, my Flitters gave to me, a new role for Andy Crosby..."
  14. Can see the logic, but they conceded ½ a goal more per game on average with him in the team than in the season as a whole, which isn't a great advert. Since viewing a couple of Leicester articles around the time of the cup final, I keep getting their news pop up in my fb feed, and they've just released a young gk called Oli Bosworth, only 18, was academy player of the year for two years running in 2019 and 2020. Could be worth a trial for the back-up/development keeper berth?
  15. I can definitely see the logic, but for the reasons above it's probably a non-starter. Definitely sensible to stay relatively local for loan signings though - obviously we have a good existing relationship with Forest, and Derby U23s are up with the best in the country (finished 6th in Prem 2, 2pts behind Spurs in 3rd), so definitely should be looking at them. Villa won the youth cup, with West Brom getting to the semis, plus Brum have had some good youngsters through in recent years and tend to bring them through quicker (so could be players on the fringes of their squad, rather than U23
  16. Might be ideal at LWB tho if we go 3 at the back. Legge staying (not transfer listed) suggests we may play that way at least some of the time, as no way Leon has the legs to play in back 4 anymore (certainly not as first choice).
  17. Players from mid-table L2 teams aren't necessarily mid-table L2 players. We're mid-table L2, but Smith, Gibbo, Conlon, Woz and Rodney are top-end for L2 (and could do a job in L1). The trick is bringing in those kind of players from other mid-table L2 sides (Benning, Clarke, the 19/20 version of Gordon and a few others mentioned here would fit that bill), alongside a few others (L1 releases, a couple of young chancers) to replace those we released, who genuinely were mid-table L2 (or worse in several cases).
  18. At least he's Keen. And Coppell favourite to be next manager? Out of work for 2 years and hasn't managed in England for a decade, would be an 'interesting' choice.
  19. Largely agree, clearout definitely required, but my concern with releasing Monty and Brown is not so much finding a player in each position to replace them as first choice as it is now having to recruit two players for each position, which you'd assume is harder for an individual position (GK, LB, RB) than for areas where you're likely to be starting more than one in a game (CB, CM, CF). Finding the first should be doable, but once you sign a first choice LB or Keeper, it's surely harder to convince a second to come when they know they're less likely to be a starter. As such is there more
  20. Middling L2 club, Vale?! The cheek of some people! I mean, admittedly we did just finish slap bang in the middle of league two, but still...
  21. I genuinely don't think it is implied in the interview, rather I think you have inferred it from the interview given your clear (and admitted) negative feeling about DC, hence your use of words like 'patronising' and 'belittling' re how DC will conduct himself in these conversations.
  22. This is so lovely to read. 'Legend' is a massively overused word these days, but for Sir John it is most certainly apt. So glad you got this richly deserved chance to speak to the man himself, and hope all well again in the Fielding house soon.
  23. What a bizarre argument to make: "If they were going to have promotion then they should have had relegation but they can't have relegation because the leagues beneath them ceased". Well quite. That's a pretty accurate summary of the situation, but it's not an argument against relegation from L2! Relegation and promotion should happen; where it can, it will, where it can't, it won't. Sorry, but bye bye.
  24. Fairly poor performance overall, but bottle job? Really? If we'd been second best against the team bottom of the league fair enough, but in reality based on balance of play and chances created we shouldn't have lost that. One mistake rightly punished, but several opportunities to equalise; just an absence of composure, luck and decent refereeing.
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