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  1. I genuinely don't think it is implied in the interview, rather I think you have inferred it from the interview given your clear (and admitted) negative feeling about DC, hence your use of words like 'patronising' and 'belittling' re how DC will conduct himself in these conversations.
  2. This is so lovely to read. 'Legend' is a massively overused word these days, but for Sir John it is most certainly apt. So glad you got this richly deserved chance to speak to the man himself, and hope all well again in the Fielding house soon.
  3. What a bizarre argument to make: "If they were going to have promotion then they should have had relegation but they can't have relegation because the leagues beneath them ceased". Well quite. That's a pretty accurate summary of the situation, but it's not an argument against relegation from L2! Relegation and promotion should happen; where it can, it will, where it can't, it won't. Sorry, but bye bye.
  4. Fairly poor performance overall, but bottle job? Really? If we'd been second best against the team bottom of the league fair enough, but in reality based on balance of play and chances created we shouldn't have lost that. One mistake rightly punished, but several opportunities to equalise; just an absence of composure, luck and decent refereeing.
  5. What the? How were either of those yellows? One the attacker plays the pass then jumps, the second is just a nonsense decision.
  6. Unlucky Woz. Good save that, and great touch through from Robinson
  7. Felt a bit sorry for Whitehead on that one, ground clearly just crumbled beneath his foot as he went to shoot. Pitch looks in need of a good watering and the heavy roller, been some horrible bobbles for Worrall as he's gone to cross too, which might explain some of the reluctance to shoot first time. Awful error from Joyce, thought he'd been decent apart from that though, only rally him and Conlon prepared to put their foot on the ball and try to play. Monty's looked decent too, some good runs and that cracking effort on the turn. Other than that, all a bit meh, very end-of-season, needs
  8. That would be so odd if, after all those games and goals, Pope's last appearance for us ends up being between the sticks!
  9. Congratulations to David Worrall and Sir John, both richly deserved accolades, but mostly congratulations and all our thanks to Carol, Kevin, the Foundation and everyone else at Vale Park for making the Vale what every EFL member should aspire to be; a proper football club at the absolute heart of its community. 👏
  10. Morecambe have got (on paper) the easiest fixtures left, so can see them holding on to 4th, with Tranmere 5th, Salford nicking 6th and Newport limping into 7th. Got a horrible feeling Salford are going to do it, which would lead to unbearable levels of smugness, but at least gets the whole circus away from us next year (and figures crossed they'd get spanked in L1)
  11. Agreed, looks decent, (if a little ill-disciplined, 11 yellows this season as well as last night's red). Apparently Fleetwood have option of another year, which you'd imagine they'd exercise, but no harm in asking as Grayson might not rate him as much as Barton did. Replacement for Manny this summer is massive for me, almost as much as a new DM (to replace Joyce in a 20-man squad, or compete/share load with Joyce in squad of 22-25, depending on the outcome of all that nonsense).
  12. Don't really remember my first as was only about 3 at the time, the owd mon started taking me in '84/'85 if mum was out/at work on a Saturday and he wanted to watch the game. Spent most games in the first couple of years kicking a tennis ball/plastic bottle along the bottom of the Bycars with the other littl'uns, bobbing our head over the hoardings if there was a big roar. From the early years it's the games around my birthday I remember - big win on my 4th (turns out it was 4-0 v Wrexham), Man U in the Milk Cup on my 5th, mascot for my 6th (1-0 v Bury) - plus the obvious memorable ones s
  13. If we're playing 3 CBs week in, week out in this system that can flex from a back 5 to a back 4 depending on whether we're in or out of possession, or how the game's going, I'd be tempted to say we need 5 CBs in the main squad, with Olagunju and Lennon in a 'development' squad, to be recalled as additional back-up in case of injury crisis/suspensions. It's been mentioned before about the difference in style between L2 and L1, and I think Olagunju, given he's a ball-playing CB who apparently started as an attacking midfielder, might be better suited eventually to L1, so worth a punt for th
  14. Tom Conlon, that is absolute filth 🍑
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