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  1. Yes, as long as they are playing the majority of games (which our best players will be), assured that they are vital players in the squad, and reassured that a key reason for there being quality back-up/rotation is for their welfare, allowing them to recuperate when needed rather than feeling like they have to play on through injuries (which would be a much greater threat to their career than a couple of games on the bench).
  2. Went to Solihull v Grimsby a couple of months back, was fun playing 'who had links to the Vale' during the match! Crooks looked decidedly average at LB for Grimsby, Boot was MotM, quietly efficient with a couple of good stops, Sbarra came on with half an hour left and scored the crucial goal when Grimsby were on top. Looked a class above, only on the bench because managing a slight knock. I mentioned to my mate that he'd been talked about on here when Burton released him, reckon he could be a decent squad player.
  3. We've got 25 games left. Let's say we play 15 of them in our standard 3-5-2, with 5 each of 3-4-3 and 4-2-3-1. When we don't play 3-5-2, all 3 of Hussey, Gibbo and Woz will likely play. When we do play 3-5-2, one of them is on the bench, which means on average each still plays 20/25. That's 5 games each for rest, recovery from knocks and Gibbo's inevitable suspension, which sounds about right to me.
  4. He is, Harrogate play 4 at the back. I think that's an explicit reason for his signing, as we don't have a natural LCB in a back 4 otherwise (Smith/Martin both prefer RCB, Jones best on left of back 3 or LB in back 4) Defence with 4 at back: Gibbo Smith Hall Hussey Cover for back 4: Cass Martin Jones Benning Back 5 (my personal first choice first, but so many options!): Gibbo/Woz/Cass Cass/Smith/Martin Smith/Martin/Hall Jones/Hall/Hussey Hussey/Gibbo/Benning That's some pretty decent squad depth at the back, even if technically we're one DF down compared to start of the window.
  5. Which as has been said above is another reason why Hussey is such a good signing, given Woz and Gibbo's recent histories with injury/recovery. Given the business we've done so far, it would be a pretty much perfect window for me if we could add Hall, get Gibbo's contract extended, sign Politic permanently and keep Conlon 🤞 Optimistic I know, but either way, so far so very good.
  6. Nice. And proximity of the Railway turnstile area to the club shop might minimise the difficulty of doing this. Probably still not cheap in terms of initial outlay, and the measures mentioned in the club's reply are probably sufficient in the short-term, but this seems ideal as a long-term solution. Any idea of cost?
  7. If Hall is brought in, it may be a sign that DC's looking to alternate more between back 4 and back 3, (or at least have that as more of a feasible option), as Hall is used to playing in a back 4 for Harrogate and, as a big left-footer, would complement Smith well there. I really like both Cass and Jones, but in a back 4 I'd be more confident with either at FB than at CB, Legge showed last year he didn't have the legs for a back 4 anymore, and both Smith and Martin prefer to play on the right of a two. As such, playing with a back 4 right now feels a little leaky; Hall plugs the gap. That would free us up to either start with or more readily (and securely) switch to 4-2-3-1, with Gibbo and Hussey at FB, and Woz, Garrity and Politic in the 3, thus fitting in all of them. Although then you have Cass and Jones on the bench, as well as all but one striker... 🤔 Yikes.
  8. Big, commanding, left-footed, good age, would definitely make sense, although wouldn't come cheap if 2½ years left on contract
  9. Your Mrs can't be too happy about that: "I can't believe you're choosing some 33 year old Hussey over me..."
  10. We certainly would have had more than 1,500, i.e. a quarter of our usual gate, that's for sure.
  11. Well I thoroughly enjoyed that. Was less frustrated with the first half than most, thought we blatantly set out to be compact and restrict their chances, (which we generally did effectively), stay in the game and then have a real go in the second half, which again we did by hitting them with Politic and Harratt (who looks a boss player). So can't argue with DC's tactics, think it maximised our slim chance to get something out of it. The first goal was admittedly poor, but I think more down to communication than any individual I'd say; looked like both defenders dropped, and then both went to ball at same time, kind of thing that happens with an unfamiliar back 3. We missed Jones, having Smith instead of a left footer there made a big difference, especially to our build up play. Thought Cass was generally excellent though, drove us forward and combined brilliantly with the indefatigable Woz all game. Lots of positives, especially Harratt's goal, and the 10 minutes before and after the goal were fantastic. Thought Garrity drove that, and they really struggled to cope with us running at them, we were getting behind them at will, which considering they're a prem team is a massive testament to the quality we have now. Good minutes in the legs for everyone, especially Wilson and Amoo who both looked rusty, and if we play like that against anyone in our division we will roll them. UTV!
  12. Maybe looking at 343 for now to play Politic and Worrall either side of a striker until players are back? After that, I have no idea but can't see Hussey starting in 352 when Worrall and Gibbons are available, like you I was a big advocate of 3-4-3 for this squad, especially when we don't have Proctor and Wilson in tandem, but then Garrity came along and hit form and now I'm not sure if we should go 3-4-3, as we lose our star man from the last few games. So maybe with Jones out we go 4-2-3-1, with Politic Garrity and Woz behind the striker? I dunno. Whatever formation we play, I think we end up having to leave out one top player, which is a nice problem to have and says a lot for our squad depth.
  13. True re league minutes, fair point. I was thinking upgrade in terms of Harratt being on fringes of a Champ squad, as opposed to Lloyd on edge of a L1 squad. Either way I quite liked Lloyd, thought it was a very sensible signing, complemented the other strikers well, and that touch round the corner for the 4th v Accy was sublime, so clearly has talent. Problem was we suddenly needed replacements for - not complements to - our main strikers, which wasn't him and then the injury did for his spell here. Either way, very strong, aggressive start to this window. Roll on tomorrow!
  14. Harratt an upgrade on Lloyd, Edmondson as temp replacement and then cover for Proctor as mobile target man, two excellent bits of recruitment. Shame to see Johnson go, especially given the timing since he would probably have covered for Jones, and felt he had potential, but guess we couldn't turn down the cash, and seem to be using the money raised (and assumedly a bit more besides) already if Hussey does happen, which would be a proper coup. Not a bad first week. And with less than 24 hours to go, we still look like we might have an actual game to watch tomorrow. Winner!
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