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  1. Swan on for Rodney please for last 10, this is there for the taking, just needs one good piece of forward play.
  2. And for the one Brown sliced. Crookes did really well covering Legge there as well, benefit of the 3 at the back.
  3. Decent enough half for the most part, need to make more of the set pieces (we'll let Conlon off his tame effort, he can't score every time!) as well as any obvious chances, but encouraging. Is it my imagination, or did Monty swap over with Taylor on a couple of occasions to try and get him in down the channel? Looked like a deliberate ploy (as opposed to improvised), to exploit Monty's ability further forward, without being over-exposed if/when we lost it. Either way, we've obviously been working in training on interplay between the 3 in MF, the wingbacks and forwards, some good little pa
  4. Obviously Guthrie should score it, very poor effort, he's clearly lacking confidence after a torrid time at Bradford, but him and Rodney up top is working ok, caused them issues. Also good hassling from MF and wing backs, works when we've got it into Taylor's feet, problem comes when they beat the press because we don't have a proper holding midfielder. Wessi doesn't get that much space to shoot if Joyce is playing.
  5. Completely agree with this. The formation is not the issue, back 3 played well (Crookes especially, bar those couple of ridiculously overhit passes early 2nd half), and that should give us the required platform to leave Gibbo and Monty free to get forward, which they did early on. Unfortunately it's very reliant on the ball-playing midfielders and Rodney to do their bit, all of whom were sadly a bit out of sorts. Gibbo started well, couple of good runs early doors, but ran out of steam quite quickly. Liked the look of Swan early on, their big CB Cuthbert looked scared to death of him, if
  6. Surely the last thing we want is to drag this crappy season out any longer! 😆 But no, I agree that it would be great to get the fans back for the end of the season. Main problem is the roadmap dates aren't fixed, it's just 'no earlier than', which means it may end up being much later when stadia actually reopen. You'd also have to have two weekends with fans after reopening, so it's fair and all clubs get a home game, but that pushes back the regular season end date and the play-offs even further. Sadly, as amazing as it would be to be back at VP this season, I just can't see it
  7. Yes. I love the idea of a roaming Rodney just randomly running around terrifying their defenders. Think the 3-4-1-2 suits us too, especially if Monty is fit and Woz out. Without Woz all our midfield strength is in the centre, plus we want to deploy Monty and Gibbo as far up the pitch as possible. Crookes looks best suited to play left of a back 3, and it allows us to play 2 up top without weakening midfield, so all adds up for me. Only changes for me are that the choice in the back 3 is between Mustapha and Legge in the middle, depends on if Mussy can handle two intense mens' games in 3 d
  8. Given his penchant for tinkering, maybe he's gone for Crookes to provide the flexibility, so we can switch between back 3 or 4 without personnel changes? Then comes down to Hurst or Monty. Interesting stuff either way. And plenty of options off the bench at least. Gives the likes of Hurst, Conlon and Dave (all of whom can tend to tire after an hour or so) licence to go hell for leather and press on first 45, knowing we have Taylor, Monty, Manny and Swan to come on as our 'finishers'.
  9. This. 846% this. I would also say that I'm a little more sanguine than some people about us not having someone in already, (even without having a bet on Pugh getting 10 games!), a month after Askey left. Carol and co are absolutely right in taking time to make sure it's the right person and that we're not being held to ransom as a result of any desperation (haste) to appoint. At the start of the season we had a long-term plan and believed that Askey was the man to implement it, so wouldn't have planned to part with him until our disastrous Christmas/New Year games. As such, we weren'
  10. Well, we do need a good kick up the arse.
  11. Apologies if this point has been made elsewhere, but didn't we only sign Whitehead because we couldn't get Jake over the summer? Now Jake is here, that makes Whitehead superfluous, plus he's injured as well as having been generally disappointing, so why is he still taking a place in the 22? Since it looks like Theo is staying, whatever we might think of his performance thus far, the fact is that the manager who coached/coaxed him into double figures last year is second favourite (just 6/4 now) to be our next manager, so should we not be changing our squad selection right now? Just in term
  12. Sounds like just what we need, looks good on the highlights too, fingers crossed he can cope with the step up from academy to L2. Assume confirmation of Swan is delayed as we need permission from the Queen first?
  13. OK, thinking back through various posts on this forum, both in this thread and over the last few months, I think I've worked out why our players often lack confidence in their decision making, look unsure of themselves and possibly even why they frequently get injured. It's because they're tied up in mental and physical knots due to the quantum state in which they are playing. Today our woeful, stealing a wage (November) piss-the-league (September) quality non-scoring 6th-highest-scoring players came up against a tinpot, well-funded, rank average, top of the table side with the kind of backroo
  14. Yep, just edited, didn't realise it was team sheet time already! This could be a long afternoon....
  15. I like the idea of 3 at the back against their 2 up front to have a spare man, but if we're going to do that we need balance of Crookes, Brisley, Smith. We've said since before we signed him his best position is probably left of a 3, so if we finally try a back 3 and still leave him out, why did we buy him? (Rhetorical question, don't answer that!) Also feel it was one reason for giving Smudge some time at RB, sometimes without all RBs being injured, so he's potentially more comfortable on the right of a 3. Like the idea of Woz and Monty either side, but perhaps not today given their LW,
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