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  1. I think a 'Bale week' should become the new footballing unit of currency. For example the L2 salary cap is 5 Bale weeks, and Macclesfield have just gone to the wall for the sake of 2 Bale weeks of debt (FFS). A time like this with the very existence of so many clubs on a knife-edge should be the point at which the gross disparity in income between PL and Championship and between Championship and the rest comes into sharp focus and some form of redistributive action is finally seriously considered. But we know this kind of full root-and-branch reevaluation of football finances won't happen, bec
  2. Also Brum based its complicated atm isn't it. And here's me thinking I was the only one - hello to both of you from Northfield! I admire the commitment to have a ST despite the distance. For me, given family commitments and the expense and time taken getting to VP (usually by public transport), I don't make it to many games any more, so ironically I'm going to end up watching more matches this season (assuming the streaming arrangements continue) than at any point in the last decade. Of course I really wish it wasn't the case and feel incredibly guilty that I'm gaining in such a way
  3. Evening All, long time reader, first time contributor. Want to say a big thank you firstly to all of you lot for keeping me informed, entertained and something resembling sane regarding all things Vale over the past few 'trying' years, and for all that many of you did in helping get rid of N**m. Anyway, it's so good to be able to make my first post after a game like that. Thought in all honesty that it was a fairly even game in most respects, the difference being they missed their chances whilst we had two wonderfully executed goals, but we do look like such a well-drilled, organised squ
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