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  1. Rodder's is short of confidence and needs a goal to start his confidence going again.  He had a quiet game and not mentioned much by the commentators either and they said when he came off he had a quiet game as well.  This could be down to being marked out of the game due to his speed and being dangerous.

    He held the line well , was a good outlet to relieve pressure and acted as a good deputy ,with proctor out injured.
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  2. Pity I missed that one. It’s fairly obvious that when we do well that certain people disappear from the forum and reappear when we lose. Quite sad really. 

    I genuinely think when you look at the this and other forums ie Twitter etc , some people genuinely enjoy just being negative .

    I have some sympathy, as I’d imagine they are just quite unhappy people in general. Having a system (or club) in this case to pull apart is probably a bit of relief from what ever issues they have

    So I tend to not bite back if I can.

    I love a reasonable debate , but some people want to see the world burn unfortunately..

    However not today ! 3 points for the mighty vale . A good day in a poor yet maybe transformational season; if we are able to look ahead and not just the next 9 games.

    Keep the faith , up the vale
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