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  1. It is doable by bus but if there’s two or three or more of you (or even if you’re on your own and can’t be bothered with faff) it’s a no brainer to get a taxi.
    If you do get the bus there are a few different numbers but the 97 and 98 seem to be the most common. They start off at Shudehill bus station but spend a good five or ten minutes buggering about round the roads near Victoria Station, the Arena and the cathedral. You’re better off picking up the bus from near the viaduct on Blackfriars Road. Basically go to the bottom of Market Street and keep walking past the big M&S, over the bridge and past the Travelodge. 
    Taxi up sounds good, and then see how full the buses are back down, cheers
  2. Salford certainly rode their luck last night, but also I'd say there was some stoic defending at times. We need to be more clinical, definitely, but I'm not going along with everyone who's saying they were a poor outfit. We just made them look poor, especially first half by dominating them in midfield. Second half you could actually see our confidence draining through the nervous energy and grumbling from the stands. A bad performance second half no doubt, but the season isn't over far from it. Just one more point before I get dogs abuse for being a happy Clapper, whoever said earlier in this thread that Hussey was garbage, was watching a different game to me last night, he's a quality addition to the squad.

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  3. I'm hoping this transfer window can deliver a center back who can actually control and pass a football, and a midfielder who can drive us forward. Little bit of luck first half and we would of comfortably won tonight second half reeked of desperation. The worst part of tonight was the performance of a section of our so called supporters. The negativity in the stands transfers itself to the pitch. This is why I prefer away days, we seem to get behind the players more and lift them when we're on the road. Bad day at the office, everyone's frustrated, put it behind us and get behind the team. We need a 12th man on the terraces, not a load of whinging voices.

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  4. I'm going to avoid this forum after a defeat in future. Usual absolute tripe being spouted. We hammered them first half. They took their 1 chance in the second, gifted to them by an avalanche of errors, then offered bugger all else. We huffed and puffed but couldn't break them down. Our clear lack of confidence didn't help, particularly when our 'fans' started booing and yelling at our defence to 'get it forward' , when there was clearly nothing on. What happened? Panicked lump forward then which came straight back. I swear we have some of the thickest fans in the country
    Well said Phil, booing and moaning at players doesn't help at all. Moronic.
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  5. Completely out played from start to finish. Their midfield completely bossed the game. If we would have gone in at half time level maybe we could of changed it up. Covolan made a simple catch into a sending off and a penalty, what an absolute clown. We look miles away from a team chasing promotion, created nothing, deserved what we got.

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  6. I'd be "pleasantly suprised" if anyone on here manages to guess who we are trying to sign this January. We were miles off on the summer signings, Mal Benning apart. No doubt there will be howls of derision about players we know nothing about. Another Proctor or Garrity will do for me, oh and a Bob Hazel type centre half if I'm being greedy.

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  7. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Rick Parry(EFL) says the criteria for teams expected  to play is having 14 available players.
    Just seen the Villa game get pulled. A combination of covid, injuries and illness was the criteria. So they aren't just cancelling games due to covid cases. So not actually sure if we have covid sweeping the camp or it's injuries and illness. Either way I hope they bin off the next three fixtures to give us an opportunity to get some players back.
    It will make for a boring festive period, but it gives us a better opportunity to play these fixtures at full strength.
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  8. Terrible draw imo. Certain loss, not a big club so won’t be a big gate, and a club we’ve played a lot in recent years.
    It's definitely not a certain loss, it's the FA cup, cup shocks happen every year. Crawley bombed Leeds out last year 3-0. They are definitely favourites, but favourites don't always win, my betting account will testify to this. We've got a punchers chance, you never know.
  9. Could have been a lot worse, could have been a lot better. We need Rudgey to call the fire brigade again and get that pitch proper moist..let's pack the park, these premier league Nancy boys won't fancy a cold day out in the potteries...we can win this

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  10. Garrity was fantastic today, proving he can perform at home games. A very scrappy and cold day, we deserved the points without setting the world on fire. We need to dig in for a few weeks until we get our strikers back. Biggest problem we have, is not being able to hold the ball up upfront, we desperately need Proctor and Wilson back ASAP.
    A good 3 points, thought walker gave us some much needed power In front of the defence.

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  11. A bland Tuesday night fixture seems to be getting a bit spicy. Some of the Twitter threads from walsall fans, sound like they want to hang Clarke. Which is peculiar, because they were saying at the time, they were over the moon he'd left. I can see it trouble coming on and off the pitch. Just hope our Knuckle dragging element don't drag the clubs name through the mud again. They seem to be treating this as their biggest game of the season, hope were up for it tonight.

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