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  1. Garrity was fantastic today, proving he can perform at home games. A very scrappy and cold day, we deserved the points without setting the world on fire. We need to dig in for a few weeks until we get our strikers back. Biggest problem we have, is not being able to hold the ball up upfront, we desperately need Proctor and Wilson back ASAP. A good 3 points, thought walker gave us some much needed power In front of the defence.
  2. First time I've booed the team off since Bruno was here. Absolutely dismal display. Walsall wanted that, we didn't match them at all. No fight, no heart, no shots, nothing to get the crowd going at all.
  3. A bland Tuesday night fixture seems to be getting a bit spicy. Some of the Twitter threads from walsall fans, sound like they want to hang Clarke. Which is peculiar, because they were saying at the time, they were over the moon he'd left. I can see it trouble coming on and off the pitch. Just hope our Knuckle dragging element don't drag the clubs name through the mud again. They seem to be treating this as their biggest game of the season, hope were up for it tonight.
  4. Good point in the end, we weren't at our fluid best, maybe due to how hard Bradford pressed the space. The amount of possession we gave away today was scandalous, too many weak sloppy passes. A point keeps the tally going we could of easily lost that today. Would of liked to see Politic come on instead of Rodney, but hey ho DC must have his reasons. Average display, good point, off to Oldham we go.
  5. Fans can play a big part tomorrow, let's pack the park, make some noise, lift the players And influence the officials, 3-1 win incoming
  6. To the tune of allez allez allez......... He drove up on the M6 To work in Burslem Town Walsall fans were laughing Saying Clarke will take you down He ripped into the players And pulled apart the team And now we're f@!@ing flying And were going win the league........ allez allez allez
  7. Great substitution at half time bringing Garrity into the middle. We couldn't get near them for a lot of the first half. Totally bossed the second half. Previous managers would have waited until they equalised before acting on it. He's not shy about changing the system is our Darrell. I would love to hear what smudge keeps saying to these centre forwards every week to make them elbow him in the chops..Superb all round today, fingers crossed for a home tie in round 2 let's pack that park!!
  8. Perhaps we can persuade Carol to go all Delia smith in the centre circle at the next game. " let's be avin you!!!
  9. Robbed a point there. A goal from a free kick and a free kick against the bar, apart from that did we have a shot at their keeper? In fairness they played us off the park and are better than their league position suggests. Still another point keeps us ticking over.
  10. If it was the same player that threw himself on the deck it's justified
  11. Second best first half, let's hope Clarky gives them another rocket at half time.
  12. Mitch Clark ended up here didnt he? Hope he gets a good reception if he plays
  13. I know it's a game of opinions, but anybody slating Tom Pett hasn't been watching the same games as me. He's pivotal to our midfield, great touch, vision and workrate, top player
  14. You could sort of see that happening in the last 20 mins of the first half. We were struggling when they started peppering high balls into the box. But, it's another lesson, something to look at this week, something to work on. Disappointed tonight, but that's football. Important we bounce back next week, and string another unbeaten run together. We're 4th, a great position to be in, let's wait until April before we slide into the top three. Keep the faith Valiants , we've got a good squad, and a good manager, good times are coming.
  15. Sausage Cheese Brown sauce We are talking oatcake fillings right?
  16. My heart goes out to everybody who left the ground at 1-2 , never understood it myself. What a finish to the game, Jake Taylor, David Amoo and Dennis Politic brilliant substitutions, DC masterclass
  17. If we had won that game, Brighton away the year after would never of happened. Its a funny old game
  18. Initial allocation sold out, but you can pay on the day by card. Anyone know what the initial allocation was?
  19. Got replaced by somebody doubting Covolan!!! What exactly has he done wrong to justify any criticism in recent games?
  20. Looking forward to this, going to head up early and get in the fanzone. Hopefully another 6k crowd with a good atmosphere. And hopefully we won't hear that God awful Steino is a to##er song, he's been retired 20 years, do you reckon the boothen end still sing songs about Martin Foyle [emoji1787] anyway roll on tomorrow, let's get behind the lads and roar them on to 3 more points!!
  21. The club shop shop be cashing in with an 80's style, Flickers says, trust the pruhcess, t-shirts
  22. Anybody questioning why we signed George Lloyd, this is the reason, great ferreting to create the chance. As the Cockneys say, I'm going garrity over that performance. UTV
  23. Looks like 3-5-2 to me aswell, not that keen on Wozza being a wing back, think he's much more dangerous when he hasn't got to chase back as much.
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